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fellow dems? here's our only shot to win 153 days from now ...

To: My Fellow Democrats (and any Republicans who happen to read this)
From: Stevo (hey, that’s me!)
Re: Stop Acting Like a Bunch of Dumb Asses

Fellow progressives, last night we were handed a setback that should be setting off three alarm fire bells with anyone who has a D on their voter card, up to and including the current occupant of the White House.  It’s one thing if a recall driven by unions fails in Kansas.  It’s quite another to fail in Wisconsin, the birthplace of collective bargaining, long a blue-collar, union-dominated state.

It’s quite another thing all together to have the man who is being recalled, in this case Governor Scott Walker, win the rematch by a LARGER margin than he won with a mere 18 months ago.

Let that sink in – after passing the union-busting regulations (and, to be fair, the completely reasonable budget requests asking union members to pay their fair share towards their medical and retirement packages), Governor Walker got MORE votes, and won by a LARGER margin, than he did while campaigning on this plan.

That tells me one thing: the people of Wisconsin like what he’s selling.

And if Wisconsin is buying it, you can be damned certain most of America will.

It was my hope, in the aftermath, that maybe at least some in the media would get it, that this wasn’t an isolated election, but rather a full-on warning of what is to come in November if things don’t change in a hurry.  Instead, I flip to MSNBC … and there’s Ed Schultz and some loony State Senator from Wisconsin talking about some “John Doe” indictment against Scott Walker possibly occurring due to some alleged shenanigans that nobody has even an ounce of proof over.  Then, the State Senator says that Walker only won because of a couple alleged instances of vote fraud that suppressed the vote.

Chica, I mean this as politely as I can say it: SHUT.  THE.  F*CK.  UP.  You’re a goddamned idiot if you think for even one second that “voter intimidation” by robo-calls led to Governor Walker winning by over 150,000 votes.  And chica?  To put it mildly, the Democrat Party has NO ROOM to talk about voter fraud to win elections.  Ever hear of a dude named John F. Kennedy?  The only reason he won the election was because every person in a coffin in Cook County cast a vote for him.  Come Election Night this fall, you can guarantee that there will be lawsuits filed in St. Louis by noon, that some daffy congressperson with a D behind their name will be reporting on scared seniors denied a ballot, you name it as a vote fraud tactic sweetheart?  We’ve done it.  I mean Christ, Tammany Hall?  The Daley’s?  Here in KC, Pendergast?  All Democrats.  So SHUT UP about voter fraud.  Especially when there isn’t any.

Mr. Schultz sir, I love your show.  I strongly agree with your support for labor, and applaud you for the stand you’ve taken over the last 18 months on behalf of the workers of Wisconsin.  But sir, SHUT UP about Citizens United buying this election.  You and I both know, as strong proponents of unions, where the dues go, and it ain’t back into improving working conditions.  You and I know damned well every cent of those dues that isn’t stolen by a union boss goes to the Democrat National Committee as campaign financing.  Citizens United leveled the playing field.  Deal with it.

Now is not the time to sit back and attempt to rationalize what happened last night, because we all know what happened – the conservative tide building in this nation is cresting, and it’s about to swamp Washington in 153 days if we don’t take drastic immediate steps to stop it.  We can’t change what happened in Wisconsin, and frankly, a lot of what happened I don’t want to change, I want to expand on.  So stop looking back, and start thinking of ideas to at least salvage the Senate in the fall.

Because right now, fellow progressives?  Salvaging the Senate, maybe eeking out a 51-49 edge, is our best hope in November.  Wisconsin is NOT an outlier, any more than Scott Brown winning the Kennedy seat in Massachusetts last February was an “outlier”.  It’s a sign of things to come.

And what’s coming is a 45 states and the District landslide the likes of which would make Walter Mondale embarrassed to be a part of.  And keep in mind – Mr. Mondale actually carried the District in 1984 (along with Minnesota and … uum … nothing else.)

153 days from today, America will elect it’s President for the next four years, and if you think Barack Obama has even a Grey Goose in my liquor cabinet’s shot in hell of winning at this point, please, pull your head out of your ass and take stock of reality.

Don’t look at the President’s personal approval number.  It’s a meaningless number.  The previous President’s personal approval number rarely topped 40%.  He won re-election with relative ease (although it took a few hours to confirm Ohio). 

The reason Barry’s personal approval numbers are nearly 20% higher than his approval numbers?  Is simple.  It’s the so-called “Wilder Effect”, the former former Virginia governor Douglas Wilder, who led in the polls leading into the voting … and got his ass whipped in the election.  What is Douglas Wilder’s skin color?  Black.  Same as President Obama’s.  No sane person is going to say “yeah, I hate Obama”, lest they be tagged as a racist.  (In the interest of full disclosure, I HATE Barack Obama, not for who he is, but for what he believes.  And if anyone ever accuses me of being a racist, that person isn’t leaving the ensuing brawl in an upright, ambulatory position.  If you ever accuse me of being a racist based upon who I like and dislike based upon their world view, I will cold-cock you with a force so powerful you’ll wish to God you were meeting Him instead of Satan when you “wake” up.)

You have to build in, according to Rasmussin Reports, the leading pollsters in America, a 4% bounce for minority candidates.  You also, based on Dick Morris, have to build in a 4% bounce for over-sampling of Democrats (due to most exit polling being conducted in major media markets, which trend Democrat).  So 8% is the bias.

Barry currently leads Romney by 2.8% nationally in Real Clear Politics tracking poll (fueled by Rasmussen).

So in reality, its Romney plus 5.2%.  And he hasn’t even picked a running mate yet, and if there’s one thing Mitt Romney is not, is stupid.  If you think he’s going to pick a slack-jawed yokel from Alaska who wouldn’t know quality parenting or policy if Christ himself showed her how to do it?  Then I want whatever you’re smoking.

Fellow Democrats, unless we change course, we are TOAST in November, and it’s not even “D-Day 2008” yet.  Yes, I realize today is D-Day … but it wasn’t the day Hillary tossed in the towel.  That day?  Is tomorrow, June 7th, 2008, a day that someday historians will note as “the day the Democratic Party began its death march to irrelevance”.

Unless we do the unspeakable, the unthinkable … the only thing a sane, rational party run by competent grown-ups would do.

Undo the fiasco of 2008.

Bill Clinton is wrong about one thing – we don’t have “six months” to save this country.  We have a little over five, 21 weeks and 6 days to be exact.  And the salvation of this country isn’t Mitt Romney.

It’s Mr. Clinton’s wife.  Same as it was four years ago, when (and sit down conservatives reading this, and put down whatever you’re drinking and/or inhaling, because what I’m about to say is indisputable fact) the most “conservative” candidate of the major three contenders?

Was Mrs. Clinton.

The ONLY aspect of the Obama regime worth viewing with respect, is foreign policy.  Give the President credit – his team found and killed bin Ladin.  The policies of his predecessor, designed to bring democracy and revolution to the Middle East?  Worked.  And to Mr. Obama’s credit, he let Hillary and holdover Secretary Gates (now Clinton loyalist Leon Panetta) implement the correct course Mr. Bush put us on, and see it through. 

My fellow progressives, I keep coming back to the “3am” ads Hillary ran in 2008 in Texas.  They were brilliant … and frighteningly prescient.  “It’s 3am.  The phone in the President’s bedroom rings.  Who do you want answering the phone?”

For me?  I want it to be Mrs. Clinton, with the sane voice of reason of her husband there to provide running commentary.

I know who I DO NOT want it to be, and that is Mr. Obama.  I have no doubt that, unlike the Clinton’s, he is an honorable family man, a devoted father (ok, I think Bill is this at least, Chelsea turned out pretty damned solid), a man who the biggest complaint you can lodge against him is that he’s too uncaring about the job he holds.

Which is why he needs to go.

If we come to our senses and turn the clock back to when our party had a conscience, a soul, and a purpose beyond lowering everyone’s standard of life to third-world nationhood, and punt Obama and Biden for Hillary and (insert moderate centrist Senator or Governor here, and I’m looking squarely at you, Senator Casey (PA, and – get this – he’s not pro-choice, that’s at least intriguing …) or Senator Wyden (OR, who signed off on the Ryan Budget in the Senate)), you do that?

You at least put the White House in play.

If you lose the Congress, so be it.  We aren’t taking the House, no matter what.  We’ll be lucky to at least halve the Senate.

The White House is the key, especially with two more Justices, one liberal (Ginsburg), one the swing voter (Kennedy) likely to retire before 2016.

With Obama atop the ticket?  We can’t win.  Wisconsin proves it, no matter what the talking heads say.  If we can’t defeat Scott Walker, in that state, with that fired up of an electorate?  There’s no way Obama is winning re-election.

But if you take the only positive aspect of his administration, the woman who (SSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!!!!!) actually won the most votes in the 2008 primary, you put her atop the ticket with a moderate Senator who appeals to conservatives and independents, either via social issues (Casey) or fiscal issues (Wyden, who I really, really like)?

You at least put 1600 Pennsylvania in play.

Four years ago, we were told to believe in "Hope and Change".  I refused to, hence my endorsement of, and vote for, Mr. McCain.

This year?  I ask you to believe once again in the Presidency that actually began in Hope (Arkansas).  And give his better half the task of righting what ails this nation.  We know her husband can do it -- hell, he did do it.  Now it's time to give the "two" part of the "for one" equation back in 1992 her chance to show what she can do.

If it's anything like what we've seen so far?  I'm fully on board.  And you should be too.

Chairman, Boot Barry and Biden ASAFP Committee

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