Thursday, March 15, 2012

a few random thoughts on this fine thursday

1. Congrats to Team Headpin!  I have one overriding philosophy in sports gambling, and yeah, it's usually proven wrong (and usually cost me money), but I believe whole-heartedly in it, and it is this:

NEVER bet against a veteran team, at home, with its season on the line.

Last night, Team Headpin, losers of 11 of their last 12 games, trailing the first place Hoxsie's by six games, needing a sweep or else to keep hope alive heading into next week's showdown with third place Team Maybe Next Week ... swept the night.  We nearly took game one scratch (we were getting 136 pins).  Game two, we whizzed away those 136 pins early, treaded water entering the eighth, and then magic struck in the ninth.

I led off with a strike (a huge rarity for me.  I can convert spares at a decent race, but my first ball usually isn't good enough to strike).  "The Ex" follows up with a strike.  "The Kid" follows that up with a strike.  Suddenly, instead of being down 50 and drawing dead entering the tenth, we're only down 20, and when the opponent's first bowler splits on her first ball ... in the words of Lloyd Christmas: "so you're saying there's a chance".

We rolled game three, to sweep all four, and pull within two with 16 to go.  Two back with sixteen to play.  Dear God, what I wouldn't give to say those EXACT six words about the Royals come mid-September.

2. Another Stevo Theory being put to the test: I firmly believe a true friend is someone who, at the end of the day, stands behind you.  But sometimes, to be a true friend?  You have to kick the ass of the person you're standing behind.  Maybe I'm wrong about that.  According to people I trust and respect, I am wrong about that.  But ... I don't think I am.

Look it, Lord knows I've f*cked up my life eight ways from Sunday.  (Cue the "no sh*t, Sherlock!" peanut gallery response).  But if you see a mistake unfolding in front of you, you're not being a true friend unless you stand your ground, right?  Or is it better to just bite your tongue, eat your opinion, and go along with the mistake?

I need a drink or two to think about this.  Because after all, if somebody's thinking ... somebody's drinking.  And I KNOW that's a Stevo Theory that is a given.

3. Hate the Chiefs signing Peyton Hillis.  Love the Chiefs signing Kevin Boss.  Both are low cost, low risk, high potential reward deals ... but I'm sorry.  Cheering for Peyton Hillis for me, is going to be the equivalent of "The Voice of Reason" having to swallow hard and "root" for "Cut" Glen Cadrez in 2002.  I HATE Mr. Hillis, as I do most former (and especially current) denver donkeys.

4. No "Smash" review this week, because that was just about the worst 43 minutes I've spent this year.  (I've spent a worse 43 minute stretch ... but not by much.)  The only two redeemable scenes were Eileen getting her buck-shooter on at the dive bar video game.  If you missed this week's episode, you're a lucky person.  If you watched this week's disaster, I feel your pain.

5. Two of my three huge first-round upsets crapped out -- Baylor held on against South Dakota State, and Wisconsin tragically won big to ensure a sh*tfest against Vandy in round two.  (Still undecided: Belmont over Georgetown).

What stuns me though ... is that somehow, all four of my Final Four picks have survived Day One!  This almost NEVER happens!  The second year I was ever in a tourney pool, I picked the 2 seed in the West, the Arizona Wildcats, to win it all.  The Wildcats went on a 25-0 run at one point in their opener ... and LOST to Steve Nash' Santa Clara whatevers on opening night.  (The lesson?  Even at the age of 16, I should have avoided gambling.)  Vanderbilt was my only Final Four team to play today, and they made it through.  Tomorrow, Mizzou / UNC / Duke get underway.  As much as it pains me to root for Mizzou (and UNC) ... as long as a potential UNC / Duke title game showdown (my prediction), or a KU / Mizzou title game showdown (everyone in KC's wet dream) remains a viable prospect, I'm rooting for those teams.  Well, at least until KU and UNC would meet in St. Louis a week from Sunday.

6. Doubt there'll be an "Idol" recap this week, although I'm glad Stevo's Site Numero Dos honorary "rubber chicken" Colton Dixon has survived to the Top Ten.  And we're REALLY glad the "judges save" is in play over the next six weeks.  I'm guessing, like Matt Giraud three years ago, Mr. Dixon might need it about three weeks from now.  Finally ...

7. One of my five favorite shows of all time is "The West Wing".  (Stunner, I know, given my love of politics, my left leaning politics, and love for quality television drama.)  My favorite episode of the series, is the season finale to season six, "2162 Votes".  The episode is basically a brokered DNC.  I hoped for one in 2008, as a supporter of Secretary of State Clinton (and voter for Senator McCain).  It appears I may get my wish this August with the Republicans.  The last brokered convention?  Occurred when I was a fetus ... in 1976 ... in Kansas City.  I love how things come full circle sometimes ...

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