Wednesday, March 7, 2012

smash episode five: lets be bad. uuh, yes please?

Not as much to love about Smash’s fifth episode, “Let’s Be Bad”, but there was still more positive than negative.

And oh yeah, the best performance number to date.

Watching the staging of “Let’s Be Bad”, the performance number, was … well, to be honest?  It was introspective.  Seeing someone flail around on-stage while clearly struggling from chemical addiction, was a little bit like looking in the mirror.  And I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

On the other hand … I have never cheated on a significant other, I have never quit a job without notice, and I have never been arrested for toking up in Central Park.  So I’m a step ahead of Julia, Eileen’s (former) assistant Scott, and Leo at this point.  I think.

Other plot developments this week: Derek and Ivy’s relationship was up and down; Karen got to be sneaky and stealth for once, rather than the naïve idiot; and oh yeah, Leo had to look at his mom and Will making out on the front porch of her brownstone at five in the morning, after Will and Ivy and Sam got smashed at some local bar drowning their sorrows away.

(And Sam?  As a Knicks fan?  I’m drowning ‘em right with you champ.)

The best scene, other than either the “Let’s Be Bad” choreograph or Tom and his date both laughing over the worst sex either of them had ever had … had to be Tom improving a song on Leo’s troubles.  It was pretty funny.

Overall, not “Smash”’s best effort.  The adoption subplot reared its hideous head again (seriously, a sixteen year old getting a fine for smoking pot in public is going to derail an adoption that’s still two years away from occurring?  Even in the incredibly logic-strained land known as “Steve’s Brain”, that seems implausible), I don’t care at all for what they’re doing with Ivy (if she’s not a bitch four hours in, it kinds of strains plausibility to turn her into one in hour five), and since I’m apparently the only fan of this show who cares for Ellis, really writers?  One throw-away scene in Eileen’s office where he types in her password, and that’s it?  In the words of Keyshawn Johnson, “Come On Man!”  He’s not the scheming little guy that could by being a throw-away character in a minor, throw-away scene!

Still, the good outweighed the bad, with the best being “Let’s Be Bad”.  My God, what a great scene,with incredible staging.  I would absolutely pay to watch this musical at this point, and I’ve seen exactly one musical in my life, and I didn’t pay to see it.  Overall, I’m still well on board with this show (as is America – “Smash” posted its best ratings to date in overall and 18-49 demos on Monday, and seems a certainty at this point to at least make it through season one.)

And as long as the good outweighs the bad, I’m still on board.  And by "good", I mean let's be really, really bad.  Oh Ms. McPhee!  Who knew you had it in you!

And coming tomorrow ... in the words of legendary WWE wrestler "The Godfather", "its time to get on board the HOOOOOOOOO train!"  No wait, I mean, it's time to climb back on board the ratings express known as "American Idol".  We're in Top 13 territory.  And pimpin' ain't easy ...

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