Sunday, May 13, 2012

idol's best moment of season 11

If you’re a frequent reader / visitor of this site, you might have noticed that I haven’t recapped “American Idol” in a couple weeks.

The reason for this is three fold:

1. My two favorite contestants this year (Colton and Skylar) are no longer on the show.
2. I hate Joshua Ledet with a passion, the likes of which I haven’t felt since john elway was under center.  As much as I hated Katherine McPhee (and yet shocking love her in “Smash”), as much as I despised David “Asshat” Archuleta, as much as I was chucking empty beer cans towards the television in the “year of Fantasia” … I’ve never hated an “Idol” contestant more than this guy.  And
3. There hasn’t been a performance yet that made me go “sweet Jesus!  Download (on iTunes!)!  Like, yesterday, download!!!”

Until Wednesday night.  (That I finally got around to watching this morning.)

When (your presumptive?) favorite, Phillip Phillips, NAILED Damien Rice’s “Volcano”.

Yes, granted, this is the type of music I dig, the Damien Rice / Ben Harper / DMB / (occasionally) MGMT wheelhouse of greatness. 

But damn if the kid didn’t nail this one.

Enjoy!  (properly, with a tobacco-like substance to “enhance the listening experience” … good God, am I gonna be one helluva drug and alcohol rehab case study someday soon …)

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