Mr. Limbaugh:

I actually write you as a PUMA Democrat that is scratching his head that we're considering dumping Biden for Hillary ... as opposed to doing what any person with 2/1000ths of common sense would do, and dump Obama for Hillary*.

(*: I am not wrong about this.  Why in the hell is a man who currently has 88 million full time employable Americans (out of about 200 million) not working actually atop the ticket?  Say what you want about President Clinton -- he left us with a budget surplus, a booming economy, and unengaged in any long-term military conflict.  God forbid we go back to that.  Because it's better than any of his two successors can say.)

Having said that, I have listened to you since I was 15 (found you in the 1992 campaign) ... and while a fan of yours, sir, we disagree on a lot of social issues, but (I hope) not on this one issue:

(speaking like a brain dead liberal now ...)

You should change your "Rush Babes for America" Facebook page, or perhaps start a second page, with a more "gender neutral" acronym like "NORMAL"  The "National Organization of Rush (fans) Male And Female".  As a 35 year old male living in a bastion of Liberalville (the alt universe to the "Literalville" of which you are the Mayor of), I am offended* that I cannot join the Rush Babes because I was "born this way", as in "not a babe".  So I think you should make a male equiavlent Facebook page, or at least a  "non gendeded biased" version of a Facebook page, to satisfy those of you who love you, but cannot join your ongoing fight to right the wrong that 2008 was, because, uum, well, we lack the female genitalia.

(*: not really.)

I may disagree with you on a lot of social issues, but you are right far closer to the 99 plus percent figure you tout, than Barack Hussein Obama (uum!  uum!  uum!) will ever dream of becoming.

Love the show, keep up the fun.  You make work not even seem like work three hours at a time sir.

Good day, and God bless,