Thursday, March 13, 2014

a site preview for the next week

(scott hall voice) Hey ... yo.

(this is where he'd choke on his toothpick ...)

I apologize for the lack of posting so far this year.  I offer no defense, other than, you know, I am the entire (bleeping) accounting department in "company I work for".  It's me, only me, and nobody else than me (for another ten days.  And then, finally, help is on its way!  (Pause).  And those of you who know me best, know I do not believe coincidence.  Of COURSE the person hired to help me is named Dusty.  Dios con mio.)

So here's what coming in the next 6-7 days, since (gasp!) I actually am taking some legitimate PTO next week!  No, not a "burn the day and log in three times just because" PTO day -- a legitimate, credible, "I'm leaving the laptop at work for a week" PTO day!  Yay me!  I haven't had one of those since June 2012, sadly enough.  I'm gonna embrace this next week like it was the greatest thing since wine in a box!

* a fake mailbag four weeks in the making.  In the interest of full disclosure, a few (allegedly) legitimate questions and (allegedly) legitimate answers have yet to fail to make me laugh out loud, when proofing where it's at so far.

* my "cd review" of Eric Church's new album, "The Outsiders".  (In the interest of full disclosure, Mr. Church is one of my four favorite artists at this current time, along with Brantley Gilbert, Gavin DeGraw, and MGMT.  (And to think people actually ask why I'm in charge of the playlist for tailgating.  Really?)  The last time I saw Mr. Church in concert, this happened.  I'll just simply say, nothing on his latest effort, approaches the greatness from that hot as hell August night at Sandstone three years ago.

* "The World's Longest NCAA Tournament Prediction Post", which should check in at about 22 pages when it's all said and done ... at least 2 of which will be devoted to mocking Duke University.

* and if anything else strikes me, I might post a quick comment or fifty on it.

My last two weeks have been damned close to unbearable, and I have one more day from hell to endure tomorrow at the job.  Then I get a couple weeks to breathe, before the annual audit kicks into high gear and steals me away for another two months.

Until then, I give you ... my single favorite and funniest moment of all time.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Vice President Joseph Robinette Biden Junior:

There's comedy, there's high comedy ... and then there's the Vice President of the United States telling a quadrapalegic to "stand up".

Enjoy the second funnest weekend of March, everyone -- conference tourney weekend.  Because the best weekend of March -- hell, the best weekend of the year until Indy 500 time -- starts in less than a week ...

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