Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a couple site previews (possibly)

Well, how is everyone out there in Readerland doing? Hopefully good. I’m personally on cloud nine right now, amazingly enough not due to (a) alcohol, (b) a controlled substance, (c) a promotion, raise, and/or other professionally related reason, or (d) anything I have initiated on my own. Read into that what you want.

Just wanted to drop a “what I’m thinking of posting”, uuh, post.

*I’m working on a “Stevo Style” rebuttal to Seth Davis’ pathetic column at SI.com today defending the gutless, ballless, childish decision by KU to “end” the rivalry with Mizzou. (Guess you can figure out how I feel about it.) Mr. Davis’ column is good for one thing, and one thing only: print it out, and use it as a backup in case the stall is out of toilet paper. Or better yet, use it as toilet paper whether said paper is available or not. It’s a disgraceful effort out of one of the better college basketball writers.

* Started this awhile ago, let it sit, and now I’m revisiting it: Stevo Looks Back at the 2000s. There’s a lot in this one, probably a multi-parter over a drawn out period of time (I started typing in November 2009 … and I’m only up to midway through 2007 … and I’m already at 63 typed pages in Word). Not all of it is positive – I’m willing to deal with my personal issues from the early part of the decade (hello DUI! Hello gambling addiction! Wait, that one still exists, never mind), as well as the fun moments (“Oh yeah? Well you majored in Asshole 101!” God, I miss that man often …), and the “only in Stevo’s Universe does this happen” moments (Memorial Day Weekend 2000. Let’s just say, “The Voice of Reason” owes me one for the sacrifice I made as a result of that debacle. So the owe board moves to what, +35,493 in favor of G? Or +35,492? Tough call.)

* Did I mention that a bowling team named “Have You Seen My Headpin” currently has a 6 ½ game lead (with 40 to play, 36 of which count) in the “longest running bowling league in Johnson County”? I didn’t? Well, we do have that lead … and as confirmed by our commish last week, this is JoCo’s longest consecutively running bowling league, since 1961. That means this league is SIXTEEN YEARS OLDER than your current leader’s oldest member. (Oh, wait, that’s me. SONOFA!!! …) We play a doormat tomorrow, albeit a decent doormat – they somehow keep finding ways to lose by 2 pins every game. ( We took 3 of 4 in our first matchup with them, and have one more to go after this one tomorrow. To our great Commish’s credit, we have the PERFECT number of teams – you face every other team three times in games that count, then the final night it’s a “what the f*ck, let’s have fun” get-together that ends in the fifth frame of game one, as everyone heads for the bar.)

* So in honor of Team Headpin actually being the odds-on favorite to win this league, somehow, someway, with (a) zero bowlers having a 180 plus average, (b) two bowlers (sadly) barely speaking to each other, and (c) the most cocky, arrogant, self-absorbed team captain ever (and hey, that ain’t me … although we love DJ for his “I won’t let us lose” attitude, because, well, he doesn’t let us lose! Hey!) … here’s my favorite clip from the “Smash” premiere.

I LOVED the original score, I LOVED the dueling vocalists, and like Ellis (the Hispanic looking dude at the end of the table), I simply sat and enjoyed the HELL out of this “duel”. If THIS is what “Smash” is going to deliver every week? MORE! MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!

(Again: I NEVER pimp shows with a “tune in if you know what’s good for you” plotline, save for “Friday Night Lights”, and again, as “The Voice of Reason” can confirm, I NAILED “Friday Night Lights”. I know rock star TV when I see it. Smash? Is Rock Star TV of the HIGHEST quality. Next Monday, 9PM CT. Get caught up on Hulu. Let “Smash” Be Your Star!!! Sweet JESUS, did this scene kill …)

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