Tuesday, July 10, 2012

three quick all star thoughts

I couldn’t go the entire All Star weekend without weighing in … so allow me to say three things before kicking back to enjoy the game.

1. There are those who argue that the fans booing Robinson Can0 last night was “classless”, “lacked taste”, and was “a shameful reflection upon Kansas City”.  Those people who feel that way, are mother f*cking idiots.

Because last night, and maybe I’m the only one who felt this way, and if I am, so be it, but I felt pride.  Seriously, when was the last time this community stood AS ONE, united with one goal, and accomplished it?  The last time I can honestly recall the entire metro area rallying to a cause, and achieving it, was Bistate I to save Union Station.  And that was 20 years ago.

We couldn’t even come together on Bistate II to renovate the stadiums – ultimately it fell upon those of us who live in Jackson County to go it alone (which we did).

Last night, seeing that stadium stand as one and boo Robinson Can0 into utter defeat?  Was awesome.  It was absolutely awesome.

(And please, any Yankee fans reading this, remember before you criticize, that the ONLY reason Cliff Lee said “thanks but no thanks” to your $120 million dollar offer last offseason … was because your fans spent an entire game SPITTING ON HIS WIFE.  Only in Yankeedom does spitting on someone equal “good fans”, and booing someone equal “classless”.)

2. Kudos to Robinson Can0 for having fun with the fans displeasure.  His tweets last night and today have been hysterical.  He’s playing right along with the fans.  That guy can play for my team anyday of the week, and twice if that day is today.

Finally …

3. How awesome has this weekend been?  Everywhere you go in this city, the pride of the greatest city on earth is shining through.  I think KC has answered its critics who contended we were too small to pull this off. 

Here’s to believing this week is the beginning of a gigantic step forward for this community, the beginning of a true sense of community not split by a state line, not hurt by conference realignment and the breaking up of 200 year old rivalries, not fueled by hatred of a school or a state, not hampered by (legitimate) disregard for KCMO’s civic leadership … but that the sense of community, the KCOne idea hatched a few years ago that truly took over this town this week, is a lasting sense. 

If this weekend is any indication, we can do this …

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