Thursday, February 28, 2013

(greatest political ad ever voice) it's morning in arrowhead nation again ...

"Every day's so caffeinated,
I wish they were Golden Gated --
Fillmore couldn't feel more miles away.

So wrap me up return to sender;
Let's forget this five year bender --
Take me to my city by the Bay!

I never knew all that I had;
Now Alcatraz don't sound so bad --
At least they'd have a hella fine merlot!

If I could wish upon a star?
I would hitch a cable car
To the one place that I'll always call my home ...

Cause I've been high!  And I've been low!
I've been yes, and I've been oh hell no!
I've been rock and roll and disco --
Won't you save me, San Francisco?

I've been up, and I've been down!
I've been so damned lost with you not around!
I've been reggae and calypso --
Won't you save me, San Francisco?"

-- "Save Me, San Francisco" by Train, a song that I love more every time I hear it, and will never, and I mean never, be bumped from the Mixologist's Playlist for any tailgate I'm programming the music for.  Which is pretty much all of them ...


Steve DeBerg.  Joe Montana.  Steve Bono.  Elvis Grbac.  And now, Alex Smith.

For the fifth time in twenty five years, the Chiefs are turning to that City by the Bay to solve their long-term problem at the quarterback position.

And this time folks -- it's going to work.

I love this trade.

Wait -- scratch that. 

I absolutely LOVE this trade!

I admit, when I first heard about it, via a text from my buddy Damien, my reaction was "whoa!  We gave up way too much!"  I believe I even mentioned that "best thing about this deal is Chiefs not repeating Cassel mistake and giving (Smith) new contract right away."  

And then ... I started to look into it, and after researching Mr. Smith all day long (slow day at work for once), after watching the video highlights of his last four years, watching countless pivotal moments he faced over the last year and a half ... this is my gut honest reaction -- in three points:

* Alex Smith is the fifth 49ers quarterback in twenty five years, to try to take the Chiefs to the promised land.  Each of the previous four, at least got us to the divisional round of the playoffs.  Each of the four mentioned above started at least one playoff game at Arrowhead.  That's a good thing, really.

* I believe Alex Smith will carry on that tradition, possibly as soon as January 2014, definitely by January 2015.

Yesterday, Kevin Keitzman said on his show that "this is a historic deal!  We are going to remember this (day) for the rest of our lives!"  For possibly the thirteenth time in my life, I concur with Kevin Keitzman ...

* Because I believe he will achieve what the four prior 49ers quarterbacks who landed here failed to do, and that is bring Mr. Hunt's Trophy home where it belongs, every year -- at One Arrowhead Drive.

(cue collective gasp from the audience)

Allow me to explain why.

To Chiefs fans who argue that he is merely a league-average quarterback, my response is "so?"  A league average dude just won the damned Lombardi Trophy!  Would you rather pay Joe Flacco $50 some odd million dollars over the next two years, or Alex Smith $16 million*?

(*: my initial reaction, and I got into it a bit with Dusty last night over this was "Flacco, $50 million, no brainer!"  But as I mentioned a moment ago -- then I looked at the numbers ... and (Joe Biden voice) Folks!  I believe the Chiefs just took a huge third step into building something (the great Mr. Hugh M. Hefner voice) really special with this move.  I was wr ... wr ... wr ... had my words taken out of context, in my initial response.)

And frankly, I reject that Alex Smith is destined to be a league average quarterback.  Let's look at his stats over the last four years, with appropriate notes accompanying them.  (Source for stats:

2009: 11 starts.  225/372 (60.5%); 2,350 yards; 18 TD / 12 INT; 33 plays 20+ yards; 5 plays 40+ yards; 81.5 rating.

* Look at the next to last stat folks -- 5 plays of over 40 yards (the largest being a 73 yard touchdown).  Care to guess how many 40+ yard plays the Chiefs managed by throwing the ball last year? 

Three -- and one of them (a 41 yard bomb to Dwayne Bowe against San Diego) was called back via penalty.  (Brady Quinn had both 40+ yard plays that counted.)

Nearly 10 percent of his throws that year, went for 20+ yards.  Care to guess what the Chiefs percentage was this year, of passing plays for over 20 yards?

7.5%.  That's atrocious.

* Furthermore, 18 TD / 12 INT ratio isn't great ... but given that Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn combined for 8 TD / 20 INT last year, it's an upgrade.

* Also, this was Smith's WORST season, of the last four years, at least via QB Rating.  A sensible person would factor in the coaching staff he was laboring under, and conclude he had one helluva season.  (The 49ers coach for '09 and '10 was Mike Singletary, in case you've forgotten.)  Now, you can argue 2010 was slightly worse, based on overall stats ... so let's look at them!  Wow, I'm sneaky good like that!

2010: 11 starts.  204/342 (59.6%); 2,370 yards; 14 TD / 10 INT; 30 plays 20+ yards; 7 plays 40+ yards; 82.1 rating.

* Same number of starts, nearly the same completion percentage, nearly the same yardage, fewer INTs (and fewer TDs).  The 49ers (justifiably) fired Mike Singletary with one game left in the season.  Alex Smith is not the reason he was fired.  (If anything, I'd suggest benching Alex Smith for Troy Smith, was a contributing factor.)

2011: 16 starts.  273/445 (61.3%); 3,144 yards; 17 TD / 5 INT; 41 plays 20+ yards; 6 plays 40+ yards; 90.7 rating.

* Basically, Matt Cassel's 2010 season (15 starts, 262/450 (59%), 3,114 yards, 27 TD / 7 INT, 93.0 rating), which resulted in a division championship for the Chiefs.  I ask you -- is there any Chiefs fan with an IQ above the current outdoor temperature (which is 33 degrees according to who would turn that down at this point?

If you would, please -- if you don't get help at Charter, seek help somewhere.

* But to be honest?  I hate comparing Alex Smith's 2011 season to Matt Cassel's 2010, because Cassel's was an aberration.  He never before, nor since, approached that season statistically.  Look at Smith's last three years of stats, and certain things will stand out, such as --

Notice how his completion percentage keeps rising, his interception total keeps plummeting, his rating keeps rising, and most importantly, he's still gaining yards in chunks -- once again, 10% of his throws went for 20+ yards. 

* The 49ers won the NFC West in 2011 -- here are his playoff stats that year too, since playoff success is how Alex Smith will ultimately be judged in the City of Fountains:

vs Saints (W 36-32): 24/42, 299 yards, 3 TD / 0 INT ... and "The Catch III", as he led the 49ers on a last second touchdown drive, moving them 89 yards in barely two minutes, hitting Vernon Davis perfectly in the end zone with 0:09 remaining to give the 49ers their first playoff win since "The Botch", when the Giants screwed up the snap on a field goal attempt in the 2002 wildcard game.  Ironically enough, his other playoff start in 2011 was against ... (Norm MacDonald voice) You guessed it -- Frank Stallone!  Oh no, wait.  You guessed it -- the Giants.

vs Giants (L 17-20 OT): 12/26, 196 yards, 2 TD / 0 INT.  Untold in simple statistics, however, is that (a) Smith led the 49ers on another 4th quarter drive, this time to tie the game at 17 with a little under four minutes to play, and (b) he didn't lose this game in overtime -- Kyle Williams fumbling a punt at his ten yard line, leading to a gimme Giants field goal on the next play, did.

Which means Smith's stats for the 2011 postseason were:

36/68 (53%); 495 yards; 5 TD / 0 INT; 2 game winning / game tying drives, in two games.

Uuh ... yes, please?

2012: 10 starts.  153/218 (70.2%); 1,737 yards; 13 TD / 5 INT; 22 plays 20+ yards; 4 plays 40+ yards; 104.1 rating.

* My God -- 70% of his passes were completed!  (The Chiefs QBs were 273/475, for 2,713 yards in 2012.  In the words of Jim Mora Sr., "the fans were vomiting in the stands!" watching these guys play.  I swear -- I scoured Youtube! for the clip, because it's my favorite Mora meltdown ever ... but it ain't out there as a stand alone clip.  Someone get on that, stat.) 

* His average completion gained a first down (11.4 yards / catch).  

* And remember -- he wasn't benched for ineffective play.  He suffered a concussion against the Rams, and when Colin Kaepernick led them to a huge win in New Orleans to close out November, Jim Harbaugh made the decision to stick with him.

* Finally, here's one more fun stat for y'all to chew on:

Lost fumbles:
2009: 0
2010: 0
2011: 1
2012: 2 (including the play he was concussed on).

* Dude doesn't throw interceptions, has outstanding ball control, completes 60% of his passes at his worst, averages a first down on every completion ... why in the hell are Chiefs fans upset about this trade?

Yes, number 34 overall is a heavy price to pay (plus a conditional second or third rounder next year, contingent on the Chiefs on-field success) ... but is there ANYONE in the draft, or available in free agency, that you trust next year to match what Alex Smith has proven he can do over the last four years?

* And unless he really rises rapidly, my favorite QB in this year's rookie class, Syracuse's Ryan Nassib, will still be there when round three begins around 10pm on Day 2.  And if he's not?  I stated back in December that the player I wanted the Chiefs to draft was Aaron Murray of Georgia, and he returned for his senior year, to try to get the Bulldogs that one final win they didn't get last year.  (Ask Landry Jones and Matt Barkley how well that works out, dude.)  

* This ISN'T a repeat of the Cassel debacle.  (Ironically, the Chiefs traded the 34th pick in the 2009 draft, for Cassel (and Mike Vrabel).)  Cassel was a one year mirage, and he didn't even make the damned playoffs once before he came here (one of only three years under Belichick the Pats have failed to do so).

I mean, (Keyshawn Johnson voice) come on man!  Yesterday, we traded a pick we likely would have used on an unproven young quarterback ... to acquire a proven young quarterback.  (Smith is only 28 years old guys.  To put this in perspective, Trent Green was 31 when he made his first start for the Chiefs, was coming off major knee reconstruction ... and he didn't miss a start until he was knocked unconscious 82 games later, to open the 2006 season.)

* Furthermore, if ANYONE is equipped to run the type of offense that is taking over the NFL -- the Pistol / modernized West Coast offense that Reid and offensive coordinator Doug Peterson will employ -- why wouldn't it be Smith?  Anyone remember where he went to college?  Anyone remember who his coach was?  Anyone remember what style of offense he runs to this day?

(The answers: Utah, Urban Meyer, and the modernized West Coast offense that he ripped off from Chris Ault.  Also, a fun little trivia question for you, even though it technically no longer applies: Utah is the only non-AQ school to win a men's basketball national championship (1944), and a BCS bowl (2004, Smith's final season).  You're welcome for that golden nugget of knowledge.)

Jim Harbaugh has a perfect guy in Colin Kaepernick to run this type of offense ... but he also had a perfect guy in Alex Smith to do it to, and I'd say two division titles in two years is proof of that.  (To say nothing of the statistics.  Stats don't lie folks.  Ask Nate Silver.  Unfortunately.)

* Having laid out the logical reasons for wanting Alex Smith under center (best QB available; better than any college prospect this year; proven winner; proven competent option, familiarity with the offense) ... can we deal with the true reason why every Chiefs fan should be nutting* themselves right now in anticipation of what we just got?

(*: it'll be a cold day in hell before I pass up the opportunity to get in a gratuitous and unnecessary sexual innuendo.  You're welcome?)

* Fellow Chiefs fans?  Random stoned dude who accidentally clicked on this?

Who traded FOR Alex Smith?  Was it a couple of dunces like Pioli and Crennel?  Was it a washed up GM in Carl Peterson, who somehow held onto his job for 20 years despite never having a QB he drafted win a game?  Who exactly traded FOR Alex Smith?

(That would be "Fat" Andy Reid, and John Dorsey.)

I ask you, fellow Chiefs fans and Bob Marley wanna-bes, do you trust a coach and GM who has coached and developed, or acquired ... (get ready) Steve Young, Brett Favre, Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbach, Donovan McNabb, Jeff Garcia (far better than you think at first glance) and Aaron Rodgers?

Do you trust in a tandem that fleeced the Redskins for multiple draft picks for a washed up McNabb, stole Rodgers-Cromartie and a second rounder from Arizona for the useless Kevin Kolb*, turned Brett Favre (through a flurry of draft day deals) into Clay Matthews, stole a second rounder from Miami for AJ Feeley ...

AND had the common sense to draft Aaron Rodgers when there was no obvious need at the position**, as well as grab Mark Brunell and Matt Hasselbeck with Day Three selections?

Cause I sure as all hell do!

(*: sign number one Kevin Kolb is useless as a starter -- the Cardinals are the favorites to sign Matt Cassel, and have him replace Kolb.  My God, I feel sorry for Cardinals fans, all fourteen of them that exist.)

(**: passing on Aaron Rodgers at 15 will go down as the worst decision of Carl Peterson's professional career.  Derrick Johnson has been good.  Aaron Rodgers is great.  You never pass on an opportunity at greatness.  Especially at the QB position.  This, in my opinion, is what the Chiefs did yesterday -- take a chance on potential greatness, rather than take the easy way out.  I love this new administration already.)

* Seriously, name one -- just one! -- quarterback decision "Fat" Andy Reid or John Dorsey have EVER made, that was wrong.  Just one.  It's ok -- I've got all day.  And all night.  And all of eternity -- because there isn't one!  These guys have NEVER screwed the pooch at the QB position.  Never!

* And look at the trades they made.  You all reading this do realize that for teams to give up high draft picks and Pro Bowlers to get these quarterbacks, that clearly they played well enough under "Fat" Andy Reid to justify the deal, right?  My God, Reid turned Kevin Kolb into a Pro Bowler!  What do you think he is capable of with Alex Smith?  Get excited folks.  Get excited!  Hell, I'm feeling generous -- Go crazy folks!  Go crazy!

At some point, you have to state the obvious ... and isn't the obvious that these guys know the quarterback position as well as, if not better, than ANYONE else in the league over the last fifteen to twenty years?

* And I haven't even gotten into the one thing EVERY Chiefs fan should love this guy for -- 49ers 23, donkeys 20 (OT), week 17, 2006.  Anyone remember who started for the 49ers that day, at fake mile high, in a game that meant everything to the My Little Ponies (win and you're in), and nothing for the 49ers (eliminated from postseason considerations)?  Anyone remember who led the 49ers on a late game-tying touchdown drive, and then marched the 49ers 60 yards in overtime, to set up Joe Nedney's heroic kick that Curt Menafee somehow thought was no good, when even Stevie Wonder could tell it was?  (Note: that's the ending of the game link above.  It's hysterical how off Menafee was.  When we get to the next bullet point, and I link to the recap of the Chiefs game that day, click on it and read why this gaffe still infuriates me ... and note: the reason won't surprise you one bit if you know me at all, or have ever sat by me at a Chiefs game.)

The guy who won that game?  Alex Smith.

True story.  And it NEVER gets old.

* Joe Montana.  Steve Bono.  Rich "Dick" Gannon.  Elvis Grbac.  Warren Moon.  Trent Green.  Damon Huard.  Brodie Croyle.  Matt Cassel.  Tyler Palko.  Kyle Orton.  Brady Quinn.

Those are the twelve -- count 'em, TWELVE -- quarterbacks that have started a game for the Chiefs, since January 16, 1994, which quite frankly is the ONLY date that should matter at One Arrowhead Drive.  Every decision made should be made, with moving that "last playoff win" date into the second decade of the 21st century.  It was on that January nineteen plus years ago, that the Chiefs last won a playoff game.  They're 0-7* since then, a horrific 0-4* at Arrowhead. 

(* if you count "win and you're in, lose and you're out" week 17 contests, that number "improves" to 1-9, 1-5 at Arrowhead.  The nine losses?  At Buffalo (93 AFC Title Game); at Miami (94 Wildcard); vs Indy (95 Divisional); at Buffalo (96 finale); vs the broncos (97 Divisional); vs raiders (99 finale); vs Colts (03 Divisional); at Colts (06 Wildcard); vs Ravens (10 Wildcard).  Yikes. 

Oh, and the 1?  Is the Immaculate Quadfecta from 2006, when the Chiefs needed to beat the Jaguars, the Steelers had to beat the Bengals in Cincy, the Patriots had to beat the Titans in Nashville, and of course, the 49ers had to beat the broncos in denver.  Yet another reason to love this trade -- the only dude available that turned that "0" into a "1", is who we acquired!  It's like "Fat" Andy and Dorsey can read my mind -- never pass up an opportunity to rub it in the donkey's noses!)

* Yesterday, the Chiefs took a gigantic step forward, to erasing the stigma of January 16, 1994.  A gigantic step.  A step that I believe, will achieve the ultimate goal -- of bringing a championship to our fine city.

Yesterday, was a good day.  Yesterday, Chiefs fans, our perserverance, our efforts, paid off.  In the words of the late, great 2Pac: "we made a G today."  And it wasn't in a sleazy way.

* So, in closing ...




(Do I have to do like Channel 9, and stress that this closing is an editorial?  I don't?  Sweet!  Then let's begin!)

I've stated many times, that I am the worst fan of this team imaginable.  There isn't a chance in hell I'll ever not show up and support them.  I see no way, short of being six feet under, that I won't be at Arrowhead on GameDay when the gates open*.  Fans like me, the Chiefs don't have to market to, don't have to do anything for, because we'll show up no matter what. 

(*: as always, this pledge does NOT apply to preseason.  If it ain't perfect tailgate weather -- aka "there isn't a cloud in the sky, and it's hot enough that taking the shirt off seems like a sensible thing to do, while tossing the washers and chugging a couple beers" -- I ain't going.)

For the last four years, the Chiefs have taken me, and the 45,000 hard core die-hards for granted.  They've abused the public trust we have in them.  They've whizzed on our loyalty, destroyed every tradition that makes Arrowhead, uuh, Arrowhead.  They removed the TD Pack band, replacing it with the crappiest drum line I've ever heard.  Ostensibly that decision was made to use the area that Tony DiParto, Patti DiParto-Livergood, and their band had used for nearly forty years, into seats for sale.  Disgusting.  But not half as disgusting as having to look at the large hole in the east end zone that now sits vacant 24/7/365.

They took away the Ring of Honor.  The fan revolt was so swift and fierce against this, that this was rectified last year.  Hell, they even tried to charge the servicemen in 2010 who were a part of the halftime show to honor Veterans Day, the price of admission.  Are you kidding me?  (To say nothing of my favorite gaffe the Chiefs have ever committed -- at that show, claiming that "veterans from all of America's wars since World War I are with us today, and then they started listing them off ... and they skipped Korea and Desert Storm.  Stay classy guys.  Stay classy.)

This is what our team had become -- arrogant, cocky, pompous horses asses who sole concern was milking this franchise (and by extension, us) for every cent it could get its hands on.  Hire incompetent cronies as the head coach in a blatant cash grab?  Sure!  Raise ticket prices 10% across the board in the midst of the worst recession in 80 years?  Why not!  Charge $12 for a watered down beer, $8 for a hot dog, and $31 for a cap in the Team Store?  (Sarah Palin voice) You betcha!  Spend money on actual on-field talent?  Dream on -- it doesn't profit any of us!

The last four years -- and if we're being honest here, it's more like 10 -- we the fans didn't matter.  Tradition didn't matter.  Hell, winning didn't even  matter.  All that mattered was profit.  The only motivating factor at One Arrowhead Drive was greed, and the front office and coaching staff's arrogance ensured that guiding principle was pounded into every Chiefs fan on a non-stop basis.  It was ugly, it was beyond wrong, and when we reached our breaking point* earlier this season, our reaction was swift, and appropriate, and if we're being honest here, f*cking** awesome.

(*: which was Matt Cassel's concussion against the Ravens.  Everything changed in that moment.  Everything.  And I continue to offer zero apologies for booing Cassel as he was helped off the field.  It's the ultimate damnation -- the perfect symbol -- of everything this franchise had become: we cheered when our guys got their brains bashed in.)

(**: first, and only, f bomb in the post.  I'm getting better.  Baby steps, mom.  Baby steps.)

We flew banners over the stadium on GameDay, demanding the removal of the architects of this ugliness.  Not just a symbolic firing -- we want everyone out, anyone who had even 2/1000ths of 1/100th of 1 percent of an impact on the decisions that had been made, we wanted fired and/or released from their duties with the team. 

We weren't bankrolled by the Star or by a television station or a radio promotions department.  It was one guy, then two guys, then a gal, then tens, then hundreds, then thousands, who gave what they could spare via PayPal or other means, even if all they could offer was to hold up a sign protesting the current state of the team. 

We did this not because we thought we would make a difference, not even because it was the right thing to do, but because the team we loved had turned into something we couldn't love anymore, and we loved them too much to walk away.  So we made the decision that had to be made -- if the Chiefs weren't going to change back into something worth loving voluntarily?

We were gonna do it for them.

We were so disgusted, so repulsed, by what the Chiefs organization had become, that we wore black, and turned games into funeral-like wakes.  Sunday was no longer a celebration of the team we love; it was now a miserable experience, like being a kid drug to Mass every Sunday-- we didn't want to be there, but we didn't have a choice.  So starting with that raiders game, the first of three straight national TV appearances, but the only one at home, we showed up in black.  Chiefs fans, in black, at a raiders game -- that's how far we were willing to go, to get the team we love, not the team you were, back into our lives. 

And you, Chiefs organization, didn't care.  You had us by the balls, and you knew it.  All your refusal to do right by us did, was infuriate us even more.

We ramped up the pressure.  We picketed.  We took to the airwaves.  We wore bags over our heads.  (OK, I didn't; I'd never deny the world the opportunity to see as much of the sexiest guy alive as they can.  (Pause.)  Oh come on!  (John McEnroe voice) You cannot be serious!  YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!  (Pause.)  That was not a jok -- (Pause.)  (Disgusted sigh.)  Fine.  Do it.)

And through our anger, our hatred, our outright disgust at what the team we love had become ... we united.  We were willing to do damned near anything to spread the word, not just to One Arrowhead Drive, but across the nation, that we've had enough.  We want our team back.  And we weren't taking no for an answer.

For two months, we stood our ground.  We made our voices known, thanks to the good folks at Save Our Chiefs, thanks to the writing of Jason Whitlock, thanks to the writing of Sam Mellinger, thanks to the reporting and on-air support from 810 and 610, and the online support from sites like Arrowhead Pride and Arrowhead Addict.  The on-air reporting by Marv Albert and Steve Tasker during the raiders game, when our message finally started being heard for what it was -- not what Eric Winston claimed it to be.  This wasn't an act against a player who was hurt; this was an act for our team. 

We wanted our team back.  And we weren't taking no for an answer.

And then came the culmination of the ugliness, the tragedy of December 1, 2012, in which one of the "Right 53" shot his girlfriend nine -- NINE -- times, as his daughter and mother were in the house.  And as if that wasn't heinous enough, this person -- again, deemed to be one of the "Right 53" -- then took the coward's way out, and rather than atone for his sins, he pulled the plug on his life.

And in that moment of tragedy, we the fans had your back.  We showed up the next day not in black, but in Red and Gold.  Not because we were proud of this team again.  But because the love of our (sporting) life, finally figured out that it needs us, as badly as we need it. 

Fellow Chiefs fans?  This is what we accomplished, with nothing but passion, hard work, and refusal to take no as an answer to getting what we wanted:

* We the fans of the greatest franchise in professional sports, demanded Clark Hunt fire Romeo Crennel.  He did.

* We the fans of the greatest franchise in professional sports, demanded Clark Hunt fire the coaching staff.  With two exceptions (both of whom I would have kept, in the interest of full disclosure), he did.

* We the fans of the greatest franchise in professional sports, demanded Clark Hunt fire Scott Pioli.  He did, and threw in some public humiliation of Mr. Pioli to boot.  I love it when arrogant pricks get their just desserts.  I just love it!  It makes me want to clap in joy and happiness like a train baby seal.

* We the fans of the greatest franchise in professional sports, demanded Clark Hunt hire a proven, competent head coach.  And not just a proven, competent head coach -- someone who GETS IT, someone who GETS the passion we have for this team.  He did.  Because "Fat" Andy Reid is not just proven, and not just competent, he's just spent fourteen years coaching in one of the few cities that have a passion for their NFL team like we do in Kansas City.  He gets it.

* We the fans of the greatest franchise in professional sports, demanded Clark Hunt hire a proven, competent general manager.  And not just a proven, competent general manager -- someone who GETS IT, someone who GETS the passion we have for this team.  He did.  Because John Dorsey is not just proven, and not just competent, he's spent a decade running the only team in sports owned by its fans.  Get it?  The Packers INVENTED "get it"!

* We the fans of the greatest franchise in professional sports, demanded Clark Hunt hold the line on season ticket prices, even though doing everything detailed above cost him millions -- millions! -- of dollars.  He did, and the deep discount given to season ticket holders, is beyond generous.  My seat in 336, bought as a single when they go on sale to the public, will go for about $60.  (They were $59/game last year, I believe.)  I pay $39/game ($78 total) for my two seats.  (John Davidson voice) That's incredible!

* And we the fans of the greatest franchise in professional sports, demanded Clark Hunt pay and do whatever it takes to acquire the best quarterback available, whether through free agency, trade, or the draft.


He did.

All that?  Is what WE accomplished.

Chiefs fans?  We got our team back.  We got OUR team back! 

We won!

We've endured a horrific six months with this team.  But the sun's coming up, guys.  It's morning in Arrowhead Nation again!

And the last six weeks have occurred, because of two things.  First, because we loved this team too much, to give up on it.  We got your back guys.  Now, and always.  That was a key.  But not THE key.

Because THE key, was that the Chiefs organization figured out that it needs us.  They tried, but they just couldn't quit us.

So, on behalf of myself -- thank you Mr. Hunt.  Thank you, sir.  I know there's no way you will ever read this, but this needs to be said.  Thank you.

Thank you for restoring my faith in our franchise, for giving me a reason to believe in it again.  For making me care again.  And not just making me care again -- thank you for caring enough about us, to make the changes that had to be made.  For reminding us why this is the greatest franchise in the NFL, and there ain't any other one within a wide country mile of it. 

You made us love this team again.  Let's be honest -- we HATED what our team had become.  HATED!  We were disgusted, infuriated, embarrassed, insert adjective here, at both the play on the field, and the men leading and representing the organization off of it.  In one swift six week offseason, with nearly sixteen more weeks still to go, you've proven you were as disgusted, infuriated, embarrassed, insert adjective here, at both the play on the field, and the men leading and representing your organization off of it, as we were.

Your father would be proud.

Most of all -- thank you sir, for making me proud to wear the Red and Gold again.

Your "worst" fan, now and always --

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