Tuesday, December 16, 2014

chiefs! steelers! this ... is the season ...

Circle me excited, Bert.

It’s been a long, torturous journey to get here … but we are here.

The Chiefs control their own destiny.

All they have to do, is win.  And they are in (the playoffs).

I have failed miserably at so many recaps this season … but here, are the recaps so far, because they mattered enough to post.

Week One: L 10-26 vs Titans.

Week Four: W 9-8 (12) vs A's.  OK, fine -- it isn't a Chiefs recap.  But I was right about one thing -- Tomorrow (Bleeping!) Trumped Today!

Week Eight: W 34-7 vs Rams

Week Eleven: W 24-20 vs Seahawks.

Week Twelve: L 20-24 at raiders.

Week Thirteen: L 16-29 vs satan's squad.


Had you told me three months ago, that the Chiefs would simply need to win, to reach the playoffs in late December?  I'd have laughed you out of the room.

And yet, here we sit.  The Chiefs simply have to win, and they're in.

Circle me damned happy about that, Bert.


Oh, and if you had "he's posting a filler piece to get closer to 800, for The Annual Column" as the reason for why I put this up?

Circle yourself damned happy.

The recaps of the 2014 Chiefs are linked above.  

Because five days from now, the Kansas City Chiefs will play a game in which the winner will (quite probably) reach the postseason.

Five months ago, Chiefs fans?

You'd have killed, to be in this position.

Five days from now?

I can think of a few AFC squads, that would kill, to be in our position ...

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