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2011 chiefs in (p)review part cinco: the offseason moves

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And now, the final installment (for now) of the 2011 Chiefs Season in (P)review! (kazoo voice) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I should probably note up front, a few of my ideal moves, ain't gonna happen. (Much like Bill Callahan as offensive coordinator -- that went out the window earlier today when the Cowboys hired him as offensive line / assistant head coach.) But read through the ten pages, my ideas make (some) sense, and would result in a much stronger team entering 2012 than we closed (or entered) 2011 with ...


Yesterday, the Chiefs hired their head coach. But the bottom line is that the head coach doesn't matter worth a hill of beans if he doesn't have talented players to preside over.

The good news for Chiefs fans, is that the core of this team is pretty solid. Hell, it was solid enough to overcome season ending injuries to five of the eight most valuable, important players on the roster, and be a missed field goal away from winning the division. Brandon Siler, Eric Berry, Tony Moeaki, Jamaal Charles, and Matt Cassel all missed at least half the season. You get those five guys back out on the field? The Chiefs find a way to get to win number eight and host a playoff game.

But just getting those five guys back isn't enough. There are definite areas the Chiefs need to upgrade (I'm looking at you, right tackle), and areas they definintely need to improve their depth at (hello, safety position). So let's go position by position. See what the Chiefs currently have, and what (if any) changes we can expect or hope to see at said position.

* Quarterback.
Current Depth Chart: Cassel, Orton, Palko, Stanzi.
Likely to Return: Cassel.
Free Agent(s): Orton.
Unlikely to Return: Palko.

Thoughts: I've talked myself into year four of the Matt Cassel experiment, simply because what alternative is there? Trading for Luck or Griffin is too costly. That, and there's value in the later rounds this year at the position that makes sitting a justified move. To say nothing of the fact that the QB at the collegiate level I like the most, is still a year away from declaring for the draft (Aaron Murray at Georgia).

Free agency? Sweet Jesus, have you SEEN the free agent crop at quarterback? If (like me) you believe the Saints will lock up Drew Brees before March 4th, and if (like me) you believe there's no way Peyton Manning hits the market, this is your depth chart of availability:

* Matt Flynn. Uum, no thanks? We've been down the "backup to a superstar turns in a quality game or three in relief of said superstar, so let's sign him!" road before. (See Grbac, Elvis).

* Alex Smith. The whole point of utilizing free agency is to IMPROVE the position. Alex Smith is not an improvement over Matt Cassel. And for the record, neither is

* Kyle Orton. If the Chiefs opt for Orton over Cassel, I might cancel my tickets. I am fully aware Kyle Orton went 2-1 under center. I also attended two of those three games, and watched the third one. The offense got WORSE every week, going from 5 scoring drives, to 3, to 1 in the finale. In addition, Orton was a turnover machine against the raiders, directly helping cost the Chiefs the division. Orton is NOT an upgrade on Cassel. Not even close.

* Jason Campbell. I have to admit, this one intrigues me ... but I'd still rather have Cassel.

* Chad Henne. Uuh, no. Ditto to Donovan McNabb, Vince Young, David Garrard, Rex Grossman, and Brady Quinn, all unrestricted free agents.

Help at the position, an upgrade at the position, isn't coming via free agency.

But it can come via the draft. What frustrates me with all the Luck vs Griffin talk, and Barkley and Landry Jones before that ... is that there's another ready-to-start-now prospect in this draft, who unlike Andrew Luck, has won meaningful games at the collegiate level, and who unlike Robert Griffin III, has won a BCS bowl game -- twice.

That guy ... is Kellen Moore of Boise State. Here's the relevant stats on the guy:

* 50-3 as a starter (NCAA all time record holder for most wins).
* 2008, led Boise to a 12-0 regular season, including a win at Oregon. Boise finished ranked #9. Only loss was to #19 TCU in the Poinsettia Bowl.
* 2009, led Boise to a 13-0 season, capped by a win over #3 TCU in the Fiesta Bowl. Boise also beat Oregon again along the way to finishing ranked #4.
* 2010, led Boise to a 12-1 season, which included wins over ACC champion Virginia Tech, WAC champion Utah, and demolishing a 9 win Oregon State team, en route to finishing with the #10 ranking. Only defeat was at #19 Nevada in overtime.
* 2011, led Boise to a 12-1 season, including a road win at SEC East champion Georgia. Only defeat was by one point to #24 TCU.

Let that sink in -- 50-3 as a starter, and the three losses, were twice by one point to TCU, and by a field goal in overtime to a ranked conference foe. What does that also say? For all this bullshit about Boise being in a smaller / minor conference ... EVERY time Kellen Moore faced a BCS team, he BEAT them. All on the road, save for Oregon at home in 2009. He won at Georgia, at Oregon, at Oregon State, on a neutral field against Virginia Tech, Utah, Arizona State. The kid is a winner.

* You say "well great Stevo, he's a "winner", whatever that means, but is he any good?" Is he any good? Are you kidding me?

* 2008: 281 / 405, 3,486 yards, 25 TD / 10 INT, 157.1 rating.
* 2009: 277 / 431, 3,536 yards, 39 TD / 3 INT, 161.7 rating.
* 2010: 273 / 383, 3,845 yards, 35 TD / 6 INT, 182.6 rating.
* 2011: 326 / 439, 3,800 yards, 43 TD / 9 INT, 175.2 rating.

He got better every season he was under center ... and yet, he also was consistent. Look at the stats. He consistently completed 65 plus percent, had a tremendous TD to INT ratio, and average throwing for 275 yards / game throughout his career. Uum, if we're looking to UPGRADE the quarterback position (and Scott Pioli had better be looking to do that), why wouldn't you give this kid a look?

Kiper projects him as a fourth rounder, possibly sliding into round five. I would absolutely use the 11th pick of the 4th round on Kellen Moore, and if I had to, I'd use the 11th pick of the 3rd round on him.

Ideal Depth Chart for 2012: Cassel, Moore (draft), Stanzi or some other clipboard holder.

* Running Back.
Current Depth Chart: T Jones, Charles, Battle, McCluster; McClain (FB).
Likely to Return: Charles, McCluster, Battle.
Free Agent(s): T Jones, McClain.
Unlikely to Return: T Jones.

Thoughts: If Charles is healthy, this is a position of strength for the Chiefs. Jackie Battle isn't making a Pro Bowl anytime soon, but he's proven this season that he can deliver in a crunch. DMC isn't going to rush for 115 yards anytime soon, but he's a solid change of pace back that is epically dangerous when he gets in open space.

I would resign Le'Ron McClain if the price is right. I liked the leadership he brought to the team last year, and he's no worse than Thomas Jones is at gaining a 3rd or 4th and short.

I would not, under any circumstance or situation, or for any price, bring back Thomas Jones. Every time he touches the ball, the Chiefs are worse off because of it. TJ was a solid signing last year. He'd be a horrendous decision in 2012.

As for upgrading the position via free agency, there's a number of talented backs out there, including:

* Ray Rice, Ravens.
* Matt Forte, Bears.
* Ryan Grant, Packers.
* Peyton Hillis, Browns.
* Mike Tolbert, Chargers.
* Marshawn Lynch, Seahawks.
* Cedric Benson, Bengals.
* Arian Foster, Texans (restricted).

If I was running the Chiefs, knowing I have to spend at least $20-$22 million MORE in 2012 than I did in 2011 simply to comply with the new CBA spending rules ... I'd take a page out of Carl Peterson's playbook from ten years ago, when he took a chance on an injured running back coming off a brutal knee injury, believing the guy would come back ready to prove himself. Carl signed Priest Holmes in the 2001 offseason when nobody else would even sniff at the guy. I'd say that worked out pretty well. If I was Scott Pioli, I'd be targeting Matt Forte. The knee injury he suffered (ironically, against the Chiefs) should drive his price down. He's already got a chip on his shoulder over the Bears refusal to resign him before or during the 2011 season. Offer him a 3 year deal with a decent signing bonus, and see what happens. Can you imagine a backfield with Charles, DMC, and Forte? (stevo drooling with anticipation ...)

Ideal Depth Chart for 2012: Charles, Forte (free agent), Battle, DMC; McClain (FB).

* Wide Receiver.
Current Depth Chart: D Bowe, Breaston, Baldwin, Copper, Urban, Horne.
Likely to Return: Breaston, Baldwin, Copper.
Free Agent(s): D Bowe, Urban, Horne.
Unlikely to Return: none?

Thoughts: I am fine with Dwayne Bowe returning if the price is right. I would NOT use the franchise tag on Bowe. That's too much for a receiver that consistently screws up on the field. If he wants to return for a market-value extension, great. If not? The crop of receivers in free agency and the draft is more than deep enough to at least tread water at the position.

Some free agents to look at would include:

* Reggie Wayne, Colts.
* Wes Welker, Patriots.
* Vincent Jackson, Chargers.
* DeSean Jackson, Eagles.
* Marques Colston, Saints.
* Brandon Lloyd, Rams.
* Stevie Johnson, Bills.
* Mario Manningham, Giants.
* Mike Wallace, Steelers (restricted).

Some college players to kick the tires of would include:

* Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State.
* Michael Floyd, Notre Dame.
* Kendall Wright, Baylor.
* Nick Toon, Wisconsin.

And the most intriguing player at the position, given that like Matt Forte at running back, he's coming off of injury that should deflate his value:

* Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma.

I'd love to see the Chiefs draft Broyles on day three. I'd also love to see us pursue Marques Colston, who not only is a deep threat, he's the short receiving threat / guaranteed catch we haven't had at the position since Kevin Lockett was here. To be fair, we didn't need the "3rd and 6, gets 7 every time" guy at wide receiver, because we had it for years at tight end in Tony Gonzalez. Now? We need the sure-handed catch guy who gets the extra six inches to keep the drive alive. Dwayne Bowe, despite all his talent, is not that guy. Jon Baldwin is not that guy. Steve Breaston might be ... but why force a square peg into a round hole if you don't have to? Draft Broyles, sign Colston, and keep Copper and Urban around for special teams play and depth at the position.

Ideal Depth Chart in 2012: Baldwin, Colston (free agent), Breaston, Broyles (draft), Copper, Urban.

* Tight End.
Current Depth Chart: Moeaki, Pope, O'Connell, Becht.
Free Agent(s): Becht (likely to retire).
Unlikely to Return: O'Connell, Becht.

Thoughts: a depth chart of Moeaki, Pope, and guy there for his blocking skills works for me. There's only two free agents at tight end I'd even consider making a play for, JerMichael Finley (Packers), and Visanthe Shiancoe (Vikings). Neither really fills a need though -- Moeaki is supremely talented, albeit injury-bit ... and Pope has proven he can more than handle the position when Moeaki goes down.

I'd bring back Moeaki and Pope, try to sign a veteran for power formations (Bo Scaife from the Bengals perhaps?), and basically leave this position alone for 2012. It worked in 2011. No need to screw with what ain't broke.

Ideal Depth Chart for 2012: Moeaki, Pope, veteran backup for depth.

* Offensive Line.
Current Depth Chart:
Tackle: Albert, Mims (left); Richardson, Maneri (right).
Guard: Lilja (left); Asomoah (right).
Center: Weigmann, Hudson (also backs up guard).
Free Agent(s): Weigmann, Richardson.
Unlikely to Return: Weigmann, Maneri, Richardson.

Thoughts: Casey Weigmann is likely to retire, and Rodney Hudson is more than ready to step into the starting center role. The Chiefs are also set at guard for at least one more season, with Ryan Lilja still likely having two productive years left, and Jon Asomoah rapidly developing into a top ten guard. And whichever side Branden Albert mans the tackle slot on, is set for the next decade. (I personally prefer him at right tackle, especially if we draft, develop, and eventually start Kellen Moore, since Moore is a lefty ... but good luck finding a competent blind-side guard in the free agent market. Like competent starting quarterbacks, they rarely if ever reach free agency because they're so difficult to find).

Which leaves three huge holes to fill. We need a backup guard, since we no longer have one. Ideally the backup guard can also back up Hudson at center, saving a roster spot. We need a backup tackle, as Mims is a project and Maneri is worthless.

And ... uum ... well, how to put this delicately.

The single biggest glaring hole on the team is at right tackle. If Barry Richardson is starting come September 10th, Scott Pioli has flunked his offseason.

Richardson is a competent quality backup. Unfortunately, he's starting as things currently stand, and as they stood all season long. Arrowhead Pride had a link a little over a month ago that just really says it all. There are 76 qualifying tackles in the NFL this year (meaning they played at least one game at the tackle position). Ol' Barry ranks 75th against the pass. 75th out of 76. But, you say, that's just against the pass, and his strength is run blocking, right? Right?

Ol' Barry ranks 76th (out of 76) against the run.

He can't pass protect. He can't run block. He's called for an ungodly amount of penalties. We're barely a year removed from him throwing down with his head coach on the sidelines. Yes, Chiefs fans, THIS is priority one in the offseason, finding someone who ranks at least 74th in a major offensive line category to replace Ol' Barry.

Before I get to potential draft picks, here are the free agent tackles I'd be kicking the tires of:

* Demetrius Bell, Bills. Probably the best tackle available, and has started on both sides.
* khalif barnes, raiders. Anytime you can improve yourself and weaken a divisional rival, it's a move worth considering.
* Mark LeVoir, Ravens. Ravens have serious cap issues, and he might be able to walk as a result.

Not much of a crowd, huh? It honestly wouldn't shock me if the Chiefs took a chance on a reclaimation project, like Cardinals T Levi Brown (former first round pick), or Robert Turner of the Jets (horrendous year). But no matter what, I will be really shocked if Barry Richardson is starting on September 10th. Shocked and infuriated.

As for drafting an offensive lineman ... I know some people think that because it's your area of highest priority, that it's ok to devote a top 12 pick to a lineman. I say, hell no! Unless you are willing to risk your entire career on that lineman developing into a 10 time Pro Bowler and a first ballot Hall of Famer, and if you're wrong on that belief, like I said, you've just risked your entire career, unless you feel that strongly about a lineman? You NEVER use a first round pick on a lineman. It's not worth the tradeoff. With your first selection (which for most teams is in the first round ... but for the raiders this year? It's round six. Ah oakland, the gift that never quits giving!), you HAVE to select a skill position player. You have to.

Offensive line is the one position you absolutely are guaranteed to find quality at on day two and (especially) day three. Don't believe me? Here's a look at some of the best linemen the Chiefs have employed recently, and how we acquired them:

* Willie Roaf: acquired for a fourth round pick.
* Will Shields: drafted in the third round.
* Casey Weigmann: acquired in free agency.
* Ryan Lilja: acquired in free agency.
* Tim Grunhard: drafted in the second round.
* Dave Szott: drafted in the seventh round.

The only three first round linemen the Chiefs have drafted that have amounted to anything? John Tait (who bolted in free agency after his fourth year), John Alt (solid 10 year career that included a couple Pro Bowls), and Branden Albert.

Are ANY of those three players worth the 11th pick in the draft?


Ideal Depth Chart for 2012:
Tackle: Albert (left), Bell (right) (free agent); veteran backup for depth.
Guard: Lilja (left), Asomoah (right); promising rookie for depth (Lilja is the next to go).
Center: Hudson, veteran backup for depth.

* Kicking Specialists:
Place Kicker: Ryan Succup.
Punter: Dusty Colquitt.
Long Snapper: Thomas Gafford.
Returners: Javier Arenas, DMC.
Free Agent(s): none.
Unlikely to Return: none.

Thoughts: why fix what ain't broke? I'd expect to see all five specialists return in their roles in 2012.

* Defensive Line.
Current Depth Chart:
End: Dorsey (right), Jackson (left); Gilberry, Bailey, Gordon.
Tackle: Gregg; Powe.
Free Agent(s): Gregg, Gilberry.
Unlikely to Return: Gregg.

Thoughts: If left tackle is priority one, then nose tackle has to be priority two. Kelly Gregg simply did not get the job done this year, and has to be upgraded in 2012. Thankfully, the tackle I wanted the Chiefs to sign last year? Had a very disappointing season with New Orleans this fall, and is a free agent once again, and that is Abraeyo Franklin. A sensible multi-year offer should get the job done.

I'd also seek to upgrade the left defensive end position. Yes, Tyson Jackson got better as the year got along ... but he STILL isn't worth the 3rd overall pick in the draft three years later. If the Chiefs think Jackson will continue to improve, then keep him, but there's nothing wrong with upgrading the spot. If you're looking for a quick one or two year upgrade that won't damage your cap long-term, and will tremendously improve your pass rush in the short term, look at DE John Abraham of the Falcons.

Other free agents to consider:

* Robert Mathis, DE, Colts. (Likely to be resigned).
* Jason Jones, DT, Titans. (Virtual lock to be resigned).
* Cliff Avril, DE, Lions.
* Abomi Okoye, DT, Bears. (If only to have an Okoye on the roster again).

Ideal Depth Chart in 2012:
End: Dorsey (right), Abraham (left) (free agent); Bailey, Gordon, veteran backup for depth.
Tackle: Franklin (free agent); Powe, promising rookie for depth.

* Linebacker.
Current Depth Chart:
Outside: Houston (left), Hali (right); Studebaker, Sheffield.
Inside: Belcher (left), DJ (right); Siler, Williams, Greenwood.
Free Agent(s): Belcher (restricted); Greenwood (exclusive rights).
Unlikely to Return: Williams.

Thoughts: I think the Chiefs are set at all four starting positions for at least the next five years, barring injury ... or Justin Houston testing positive for weed again. DJ and Hali are Pro Bowlers on an annual basis. Justin Houston is going to be a really good one, and Jovan Belcher really impressed me this year. I expect the Chiefs to match any offer to Belcher, and they'll no doubt tender Cory Greenwood to retain him. Which means really, all you're looking for is depth to replace the worthless corpse of Demorrio Williams.

(Editors note: forgot to mention, don't underestimate how huge the return of Brandon Siler will be. If he makes it all the way back into the starting role, that's FOUR potential Pro Bowlers at linebacker. The last time a team fielded four all-pros at LB? Jim Mora's early 1990s Saints that were routinely the league's best defense -- Pat Swilling, Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills, and Vaughn Johnson.)

Because of that, if you want to go the free agent route, I'm fine with that ... but I'd really be looking to the draft. A lot can shake out between now and April 26th, but I am really impressed with Dont'a Hightower of Alabama. That kid is a freaking beast. Sportsline.com has him rated 26th overall, so he might be a reach at 11 ... but if you can trade down and pick up an extra pick or two for your considerations, and then pick Hightower in the 20-22 range? Definitely worth attempting to do.

(This is exactly what the Chiefs did last year, trading down six spots with Cleveland, and picking up a 3rd rounder, the 70th overall pick, for their troubles. That pick? Turned into Justin Houston. Come on history, don't be scared to repeat yourself!!!)

If you're looking at a day three, fifth / sixth round pick, I like Emmanuel Acho of Texas. Reminds me a lot of another UT linebacker from earlier this decade, some dude named Derrick Johnson.

If you go outside 'backer, Courtney Upshaw of Alabama, another solid idea. (That, or I just was so overwhelmed watching the Bama defense last night, that I'm overrating all of them as a result). Zack Brown of UNC should be there at the top of round two, ditto Lavonte David of Nebraska.

Ideal Depth Chart in 2012:
Outside: Houston (left), Hali (right); Studebaker, Sheffield.
Inside: Siler / Belcher (left), DJ (right); Belcher / Siler, Hightower (draft), Greenwood.

I can't stress this enough -- you can NEVER have enough depth at linebacker. If they can pass cover, they make up for holes in your secondary. If they can blitz? They make up for holes on your D-Line. And if you have 6-7 competent quality players all capable of starting? They'll only push each other to greater accomplishments than you imagined possible.

(Or at least give you valuable trading chips to fill the holes in your roster as training camp winds down next August ...)

* Cornerback.
Depth Chart: Flowers (left), Carr (right); Daniels, Arenas, Brown.
Free Agent(s): Carr.
Unlikely to Return: Brown, Carr (if cost goes too high).

Thoughts: the more I think about it, the more I think that Brandon Carr is going to be the most difficult decision of Scott Pioli's offseason. On the one hand, he's a solid starting corner, and those aren't all that easy to find in this league. On the other hand, how much of that is because he has a future Pro Bowler on the other side of the field? In other words, is he like Antonio Cromartie, who benefits from Darrelle Revis taking up half the field? Or is Brandon Carr a legitimate stand-alone corner? If you think he's a product of the support around him, then let some other team give him the 6 year, $70 million contract he's going to get. If you think he's every bit as good as Brandon Flowers, then overpay the man and focus on other areas.

If it was my call? I'd swallow hard and overpay, knowing full well I might have just bought myself the second coming of Eric Warfield. Because if Carr's ceiling is a Warfield-type career? I can live with that. There are positions in this league you have to overpay for talent at, and cornerback is high up on that list. And besides, a ceiling of Eric Warfield beats the hell out of a Carlton Gray or "Stevo's Most Hated Chiefs Player Ever", bill bartee, ceiling. (With billy bartee, if the floor and the ceiling are both six feet under the ground, does that count as a ceiling?)

The Chiefs also need to upgrade the depth at this position. Jalil Brown is a nice guy. He's a terrible corner. Arenas is acceptable as a nickel / dime package corner, but if he's on the field for more than about 15% of the snaps, you're in trouble. And Travis Daniels can't stay healthy. Depth is a major issue here.

Sadly, the best cornerback in college isn't eligible for the draft ... but his teammate, Morris Claiborne (LSU), is. (Ranked 4th overall on Sportsline). This is a really deep class for corners thankfully -- 17 earn day one or two grades on Sportsline, which is an extremely high number for a position this important. (It'd be like 9 quarterbacks earning day one or two grades. It never happens.)

One corner I'd say the hell away from is Janoris Jenkins, formerly of Florida, currently of North Alabama. When the "King of Sleaze", Urban Meyer, a man who had 31 separate felony arrests occur on his watch at Florida, when that guy, who routinely looks the other way and is the embodiment of the phrase "lack of institutional control", when THAT guy deems you too toxic, and kicks you off his team? Red flag! Red flag!

If you want to look the veteran route, there's not much out there. Maybe offer an incentive laden deal to Marcus Trufant (Seahawks) or Rashean Mathis (Jaguars). Seriously, Brandon Carr is the second best corner on the market (behind Brent Grimes (Falcons)). That ought to tell you how tough it is to find one acceptable long-term option at the position, let alone two like the Chiefs currently have.

Ideal Depth Chart for 2012: Carr (left), Flowers (right); Arenas, Daniels, promising rookie for depth.

* Safety.
Current Depth Chart: Lewis (strong), Berry (free); McGraw, Washington, Langford, Piscatelli.
Free Agent(s): McGraw.
Unlikely to Return: Langford, McGraw, Piscatelli (please Jesus. Please.)

Thoughts: My God, is this position a nuclear holocaust. Berry played four snaps all year. Piscatelli looked competent for about two snaps all year. McGraw has lost it, Langford never had it, and Lewis played out of position most of the year at strong safety. How the hell the Chiefs didn't get torched for 45 points and 500 yards every game, I have absolutely no idea.

I mean, look at that depth chart without Eric Berry. Christ, I could complete 21/40 for 250 and a couple touchdowns against this riff-raff. I can only think of one team all season that decided to chuck it all over the field on us, and that was the Lions in week 2. (They won 48-3 in a game that wasn't even that close).

This unit needs serious upgrading, both with veteran talent and some youth. On the free agent wire, I'd make a serious run at tyvon branch of the raiders. Another "strengthen yourself at your rivals' expense" signing.

As far as looking to the draft, uuh, well ... as deep as the cornerback pool is? The safety pool is that shallow. Not a single safety earned a first round grade on Sportsline*, and only two earned a second round grade. Yikes. So I'd probably bring in another veteran for depth at a cost-friendly contract, and wait until next year to find a youngster in the draft.

(*: I went with Sportsline for my collegiate rankings because ESPN Insider is piss poor so far in its coverage. Kiper goes 32 deep overall; McShay doesn't even have a first round mock posted yet, let alone a positional breakdown. AND I PAY ESPN FOR THAT! Sportsline charges me $0.00 for a tremendously easy to use database breakdown not just by position, but by SIDE OF THE LINE the position is on. F*ck you ESPN Insider.)

Ideal Depth Chart for 2012: Berry (free), Branch (strong) (free agent); Lewis, Washington, veteran backup for depth.

So ... if you followed me this far, in summary, what I want to see the Chiefs do this offseason:

Free Agency:
Sign Matt Forte, RB, Bears.
Sign Marques Colston, WR, Saints.
Sign Demetrius Bell, LT, Bills, or Khalif Barnes, RT, raiders.
Sign Abrayeo Franklin, NT, Saints.
Sign Tyvon Branch, SS, raiders.

Re-sign Brandon Carr, CB.
Re-sign Jovan Belcher, LB.
Re-sign Cory Greenwood, LB.
Re-sign Jerheme Urban, WR.
Re-sign Le'Ron McClain, FB.

Do NOT re-sign Kyle Orton, QB.
Do NOT re-sign Dwayne Bowe, WR.
Do NOT re-sign Barry Richardson, LT.
Do NOT re-sign Jon McGraw, SS.
Do NOT re-sign Demorrio Williams, ILB.

Oh, and
DO! NOT! RE! SIGN! sabby! piscatelli! (please Jesus. Please!)

Trade down in round one, into the mid 20s, and pick up a third rounder.
Draft Dont'a Hightower, LB, Alabama, in round one.
Draft the best guard / center on the board in round two.
Draft Ryan Broyles, WR, Oklahoma, in round three.
Draft best cornerback on the board with round three pick acquired via tradedown.
Draft Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State, in round four.
Draft best guard / center on the board in round five.
Draft corner or safety in round six.
Draft another corner or safety in round six (Orton compensatory pick).
Draft best player available in round seven.
Draft best player available in round seven (compensation for Jarrad Page).

Thoughts, opinions, hate mail? Hit me up in the comments, on email at teamtito15@yahoo.com, or on twitter @teamtito15. Although I'm still not good at this Twitter thing, so if I don't respond, don't be offended. I'm 35 now, the world flies by much faster than it used to for this now nearly officially old dude ...

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