Saturday, November 23, 2013

week twelve: when the worst of your memory ...

“I found a box of memories.
Read a letter; dropped a tear where you signed your name.
And turning the page?
Smearing the ink into “love always”.

Girl?  I always start this way –
And then I end up in a bottle, screaming out your name!
I’m punching the walls,
Carrying on like I’ve gone insane.

But in the mirror?
I can see the man who just shook his head with no remorse.
Watching an angel crying tears,
Stepping over my beers, as you walked out the door.

There ain’t nothing like a memory,
When it’s coming on strong like a hurricane.
How can love like that,
Just up and walk away?

(You’re killing me baby!)

You’ve got me pouring up another drink;
Bourbon’s hitting me harder, like a freight train.
With my back against the wall, or on my knees?
The worst of your memory?
Gets the best of me …”

-- “The Best of Me” by Brantley Gilbert.  Gun to my head?  As much as I love “Back In The Day”, crave “Freshman Year”, and totally dig “My Kind of Crazy” and “Halfway to Heaven”?  This, is my favorite song, by Mr. Gilbert.  This song gets to me in ways no song probably should get to a human being …


Last Week ATS: 8-4-3.  No, that is NOT a typo – the Colts (-3), Bears (-3), and 49ers (+3) all pushed.  God, I love this sport.
Season to Date ATS: 73-83-5.

Last Week SU: 11-4-0.  (joey lawrence voice) whoa!
Season to Date SU: 94-67-0.

“The Voice of Reason” Last Week: 5-8-2.
“The Voice of Reason” Season to Date: 62-81-5.

(Note Uno: Mr. Reason does not pick heads-up winners.)
(Note Dos: Mr. Reason took the Chiefs bye week off from prognosticating.)

The “Screw You Pete King” Upset O’ The Week Last Week: whoops.
The “Screw You Pete King” Upset O’ The Week Season to Date: 5-9.
This Week’s “Screw You Pete King” Upset O’ The Week: a two-fer this week: Steelers (+1) over Browns, and Jets (+3 1/2) over Ravens.  (Pause).  What?  (Pause).  Well of course, if I lose both of these, I'm gonna start picking three or four a week!  I gotta reach .500, dammit!


Last week, I knew the theme I was going with pretty much as soon as the bye week began.  Last week’s post wrote itself.  (There’s a reason why it was posted before the Thursday nighter kicked off.) 

This week?  I start typing this at 6:55pm on a Friday night … and I have no idea what I’m going to say.  I’m counting on something inspiring me.

Let’s see what happens …


The Non-Chiefs, Non-Jets, "Holy Crap!  Thirteen -- THIRTEEN! -- AFC Squads Are Within One Game of a Playoff Berth!" Best Guesses:

(Note Tres: all lines supplied by Danny Sheridan via USA Today.  Danny Sheridan: the Stevo’s Site Numero Dos Official Oddsmaker Since 2008!)

* Saints (-9) 41, at Falcons 13.  My God.  This is one sh*ttacular matchup.  And yet?  Folks?  Hang on, let's do this right.  Ladies and gentlemen, the Vice President of the United States, Mr. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.!!!!!

(vice president biden voice) Folks!  This game is going to do a three letter word -- suck.  S U C K, suck!

Thank you sir.  And on behalf of Stevo's Site Numero Dos, allow me to extend a warm heartfelt "Happy Birthday Joe!" to you a day late.  And a dollar short, thanks to your boss' socialist beliefs.  

In honor of the Vice President's 71st birthday ... sorry, I have to.  If only because this clip has yet to fail to make me laugh out loud, and it's only been ... my God, we're in year six!  It's been five plus years since the Vice President told a quadrapalegic to "stand up"!  

(In case you wonder why I mock Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. as much as I do, it's two fold.  (1) I actually like the guy.  No, really -- I actually like the guy, tremendously.  But (2) come on.  If the Republicans nominated a guy who tells a dude with no legs to stand up?  That guy would be under the bus by the time Chris Hayes takes the airwaves to open MSNBC's prime time lineup, and we all know it.  I HATE bias and bigotry of all kinds.  I DESPISE people who do not treat others fairly, and do not hold others to the standards they hold themselves to.)

* at Lions (-9 1/2) 38, Bucs 13.  Whew!  I can smell the stench from here!

* at Texans 3, Jaguars (+10) 2.  Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on.  My mommy may have dropped me on my head a time or six as a child, but are you sh*tting me?  A team whose head coach damned near died on the field three weeks ago, hasn't won a game since week two, has needed two miracle finishes to get the two wins it has, that has no credible option under center, is missing its' star running back for the season, whose star wide receiver is threatening to quit, and whose defense is coached by "Son O' Bum", is FAVORED by ten points?

Mr. Reason might have to bring back his patented GLOW*, this one is so out of whack with reality.

(*: GLOW: Gregg's Lock Of (The) Week.  Also, it mocks the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, because ... (linda richman voice) hang on.  I'm getting a little verklempt.  Talk amongst yourselves.  I'll give you a topic -- any organization that stars the late, great Fabulous Moolah and the late, great Mae Young, is neither gorgeous, nor composed of ladies.  Discuss.)

Let's see, what's the next game on the board.  Let's see -- (Pause).  What?  (Pause).  No!  Are you serious?  Mae Young is still alive?!?!?!  (stevo spitting his Coors Light out.)  Are you serious?

Hang on, let me side step to Wikipedia here.  Hang on, I'm typing in Mae Young, and hitting the search button and ... (peter griffin seeing ernie the giant fighting chicken voice) HOLY CRAP!  She is alive!

Well God bless it, now I'm drug in.  So, it's "Guess Which One Of These Is Not Factually True" Time!  I'm going to give you seven facts about Mae Young.  Only six of them are true.  You identify the one that isn't.  (Answer coming up later).

(1) Her first professional match occurred BEFORE Adolf Hitler's forces crossed the Polish border, to launch World War II.
(2) Her real name is Johnnie Mae Young.  (Fine, this one is true ... and my God, does it explain a lot.)
(3) After fifty two years in the business, she retired to become an evangelical preacher.
(4) She has wrestled in multiple -- multiple -- bra and panties matches after her 80th birthday.
(5) She went topless during the 2000 Royal Rumble, at age 76, exposing her upper body for every person to see.
(6) A significant storyline in the early 2000s was that Mae Young was pregnant.
(7) She is the only professional wrestler, to win a match in seven different decades.

Stay tuned.

* at Packers (-4 1/2) 13, Vikings 6.  Your "Gordon Shumway Game O' The Week"!!!!!  And since I have nothing else to say about this, allow me to extend a heartfelt, sincere Stevo's Site Numero Dos expression of sympathy and support to the family of famous (pick one: fraud / phony / con artist / scammer / world renowned psychic) Sylvia Browne, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 77.  Apparently, she is from our fine metropolitan area. 

I'm not saying I'm not gullible -- after all, I did purchase a Chi Chi Rodriguez Energy Bracelet off a late night infomercial fifteen years ago.  (Note: the answers are "yes" and "don't really remember, but probably", to the two obvious questions, that purchase raises**.)  But not even I've ever paid a psychic for her advice.  If I wanted to listen to some blowhard that has no damned clue what's really going to happen next, and pay for the privilege of doing so, I'd send in a check to that Joel Osteen dude and tune in to one of the fifty five broadcasts he airs every Sunday morning.

(**: this story is absolutely true, and "The Voice of Reason" can confirm it, since it was either he or Jasson who talked me into it at 1:30 in the morning after some random Tuesday night bender.  I can confirm three things about the Chi Chi Rodriguez Energy Bracelet: (1) it was NOT made of 24 karat gold; the cheap gold spraypaint was flaking off by day three.  (2) it did NOT make me feel better, or have more energy, and it sure as all hell, did not look good.  And (3) you remember that classic "Saved By The Bell" episode, where Zack buys the cheap class rings off that shady ring dealer, and it turns everyone's finger green?

My wrist was green for THREE (BLANKING) WEEKS, after wearing that thing.

The lesson?  Infomercials offer nothing of meaningful value.

(But if Jim Feist or "Big" Al McMordie posts their "Five Star Play of the Year" for only $19.95, you're dialing, right?)  Hell yes I am ...)

* at Dolphins (+4 1/2) 26, Panthers 10.  Panthers are due to lay a stinker at some point.  And this is one gigantic trap game for them -- the Saints roll into B of A next Sunday afternoon for the first of two huge NFC South showdowns in the final five weeks of the season.

* Steelers (+1) 28, at Browns 20.  In the history of the NFL -- and I will remind you, the league will be celebrating it's NINETY FIFTH SEASON next year -- only one team has ever started 0-4 (or worse) and made the playoffs: your 1992 San Diego "Super" Chargers, who started 0-4, yet won 11 of their last 12 to win the AFC West by a game over the Chiefs.

It's not only possible, but if results break the two teams way this week, it starts becoming probable, that TWO teams from 2013 who started 0-4 or worse, will reach the playoffs: the Steelers (who opened 0-4), and the Giants (who opened 0-6).

* Bears (NL) 27, at Rams 16.  No line due to Jay Cutler's uncertain status.

* at raiders (NL) 24, Titans 13.  Not sure why there is no line.  But I am sure this is your "Good Times Game O' The Week"!!!!!

* at Cardinals (-2 1/2) 20, Colts 14.  I'm going to go out on a limb here, and guess there won't be a dry eye in the conversation, when Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, and Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, warmly greet each other at midfield during warmups, and after the conclusion of the day's festivities.  It's always good to see good people succeed.  Mr.'s Pagano and Arians, are amongst the finest in the League.

* Cowboys (+2 1/2) 34, at Giants 21.  It was fun while it lasted.  But now it's time for the grown-ups, to take back control of the romper room.  Sorry Giants fans.  Better luck next year.

* at Patriots (+2 1/2) 41, broncos 24.  The dirty little secret noone in "my little pony land" is talking about ... is that there's still a damned decent probability, denver leaves Arrowhead next week two back, with four to play.

* 49ers (-6) 45, at Redskins 13.  Does Shanarat get the boot in the postgame presser?  Does he show up for work Tuesday, and discover Gunther Cunningham-style* from the team's website that he's been terminated for cause?  Or does Dan Snyder wait until after next Sunday night's embarrassing home defeat against the Giants, to pull the plug?  Believe it or not, I'm worried about this.  The Chiefs go to Washington in three weeks.  We don't need a "win one for the interim / outgoing coach" game at this point.

(*: this urban legend is also true.  Gunther really did find out he had been relieved of his duties as Chiefs head coach, by reading the Kansas City Star's site in his office the morning after the 2000 season began.  Which raises one very interesting question, at least to me, and it is this: how p*ss poor was Chiefs security back then?  Did they not require an ID badge to get in the door?  Did noone think to deactivate Gun's?  Could anyone have just come and gone willy-nilly through the facilities at One Arrowhead Drive?  Was there even a security guard there to monitor visitor traffic?  Even we have that where I work -- two of them to boot! 

I mean, think back to 2000.  That's about when the tape began to be used, to try to force cars forward in Lot G when they arrived.  Which means that despite how pathetic using two police line markings was, it still was more safety and security conscious, than anything used at the actual front doors to the stadium.  I trust somebody's fixed that lil' hole in the security firewall.)

The “Klassy” Kevin Keitzman Tweet O’ The Week:

Sadly, the Klassy One has been pretty calm as of late.  It makes this portion of the prepared remarks, uuh, unremarkable.

Let’s just all hope that a fun, holiday meal at the Keitzman household will conjure up some juicy comments for next week.  Or at least lead to a liquor-fueled diatribe or three on Twitter.

“The Voice of Reason”’s Reason:

(Note: Mr. Reason’s picks and/or commentary appears unedited, save for font and size formatting.)

(To be posted when received.  For the record, Mr. Reason took Falcons +9 in Thursday’s contest.)

The Poem:

(To be posted when / if finished.)

The Tailgating Plans:

We are utilizing the early-in pass again, to ensure that we can get the damned tent and propane headers up ASAFP on Sunday morning. 

As always, if you need a ride out, we leave by 6:30am from the Bus Barn.  We’d love to accommodate ya.  As always, if you need  a place to tailgate, park, and enjoy the day, just let me know, and I’ll plant a chair to mark your territory. 

The menu Sunday?  Ron’s crew from Springfield is handling main course duty, and we’re doing a country breakfast theme.  Fresh pancakes off the grill, some sausage, bacon, and other fried delights, some egg and cheezy hashbrown casseroles, and if someone is feeling a lil’ frisky, perhaps some biscuits and gravy.

In addition, we’ll have some white chicken chili for those of you not into breakfast, and the ability to grill any dogs, brats, or burgers you want, if you’re not into breakfast.  Which, to be fair, my typical breakfast is a Snickers ice cream bar and a 52oz Gold Peak Iced Tea, so I guess I’ll be hitting the chili line early and often.

(Pause).  What?  (Pause).  Well, I was getting to that!  Good grief, give me two minutes to lay out the menu, Ms. Non-Existent Stevo’s Site Numero Dos Editor Dudette!  I swear, I’m firing you at the next idiotic interruption!

As always, we’ll have a healthy bar for you to select from: some cold beer, some champagne, some vodka, some orange juice, some bloody mary mix, some “eh, Stevo might sample this, throw it in the cooler!” unmarked bottles of only God knows what, and … what?  Ooh!  An email?  Really?  What the hell!  Let’s see what random reader … uuh … aw, hell.

“Benchwarmers?  We’re gonna need ‘em!” – Stevo, South KC.

This Stevo guy sounds like he’s on top of his stuff!  Hell yes, the Benchwarmer is making its 2013 inaugural appearance!!!  (A benchwarmer is a concoction of hot chocolate, and all the peppermint schnapps you can pour into it.  It is delicious.  It also warms you up, a key thing on a projected 36 degree day.)

Hope to see y'all there.  True, next week is the biggie ... but it's only the biggie, if we win the warm-up.

The Flashback -- Chiefs vs Chargers:

First, do you realize that Sunday's game is the first time the Chiefs have been favored over the Chargers at Arrowhead since 2003?

To be fair, the 2005 game was a pick 'em, but the Chargers have been favored in every game at Arrowhead since week two of 2003.  Yikes.

Secondly, if the Chiefs win, you have to figure it'll be memorable.  Because nearly every win over these guys at Arrowhead the last fifteen years, has been a game you don't forget.  Let's go in reverse order ...

* 2011: "The Phumble".
* 2010: The Goal Line Stand (and The Monsoon).
* 2006: Lawrence Tynes.  53 Yards.  Bango!
* 2005: ok, this one wasn't memorable.
* 2003: Dante Hall's kick return run begins.
* 2002: Trent Green 99 yard touchdown pass.
* 2001: overtime victory.
* 2000: overtime victory.
* 1999: The Brandsmart Game.

But come on gang, one stands out above them all.


"Boy did he loft that one ..."

Hold the thought(s) on that 1995 game.  I'm coming back to it, early next week.  Along with many other memorable Dan Dierdorf calls, in a post to thank the one national broadcaster who has openly and unapologetically, rooted for the Chiefs on-air, over the last 25 years.

The Jets Premonition:

Someone's season is going on life support Sunday afternoon at The Crab Cake.

For the Ravens, this truly is their last stand.  At 4-6, facing a short week (they host the Steelers in a true elimination game on Thanksgiving night), and facing two conference foes that are within a game of them for the last playoff spot, they simply have to sweep the homestand.

For the Jets, at 5-5, facing two conference foes within a game of them for the last playoff spot these next eight days (at Ravens, vs Dolphins), they absolutely have to have this, especially since three of the Jets five wins, are against the NFC.  (They beat the Saints and Bucs at home, they won at Atlanta; they still have to travel to Carolina).

2-6 with five to go in the conference, is no way to go through life.  Or something like that, according to Dean Wormer.

Sometimes, you just have to believe.

* Jets (+3 1/2) 24, at Ravens 17.

The Chiefs Prediction:

My family has a weird tradition, for Thanksgiving.

Well, weird to the outside world, but perfectly normal for us.

We do Thanksgiving on Wednesday night, at my brother and sister-in-law's house.  And we don't do turkey; we do lasagna.

Lots and lots of lasagna.  My folks, myself, my brother and his family, my sister-in-law's family, our buddy Neeck and his sister, Phill and Jenny and their family (Phill's folks live next door to my brother, and yes, it's Rich and Rare Guy), and anyone else who wants to join in.  

You don't get to pick the family you're born into.  But you do get to pick your family.  And on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, a large grouping of us that are family, meet up to share a few boxes of vino, and a few pans of lasagna, before everyone goes their designated ways the next day.

Every year, I stay at my brother's that night, and then dog sit the following day and night, before heading home on Friday, so that my brother and his family can go be with his in-laws in Wichita on Thanksgiving Day.

I will be there, Wednesday night, for the family dinner.

(And go figure, as usually happens, I got the "you're bringing the wine, right?" text and email from my mom and brother this week.  Of COURSE I'm on the hook, for the most expensive part of the evening.  (Pause).  And I'll never complain one damned bit about it ever again, given the last two months.)

I will stay there, Wednesday night, as tradition dictates.

And I will dog sit on Thursday, and Thursday night, as tradition dictates.

I'll also probably start composing "The Annual Column", on Thursday night, as I usually do.

But it'll be different this year.

There will be a dog there.

It just won't be Major.


The first time I met Major, was one of the most "what the hell do I make of this?!?!?!" days of my life -- Friday, August 20, 2004.

In the span of three hours, I went from the "well, it could have gone worse" thrill of drafting my work fantasy team in our draft party at the old place on Stubbs, to "oh Jesus no!" depression over hearing my buddy James had passed away, to "oh Jesus yes!" euphoria over being there when my brother proposed to his girlfriend (now wife) in front of assorted family and friends.

In between events (a) and (c), I had to swing by their apartment, and pick up the dog, to take him back to Gregg and I's place in western Shawnee for the weekend.  

My brother did not properly prepare me, for Major.

For starters, I asked if I needed a leash to get him to the car.  I was told "no, he'll be fine."  I took that to mean, either (a) he was a very obedient, docile dog, or (b) he was as small as Phogger, and I could carry him if I needed to.

I then asked how he thought Major would react to being around the two dogs we had at the time, Priest and Phogger.  My brother's reaction?  "Major's good with other dogs, he won't be a problem."

I got to their apartment about 7pm.  I knew where the spare key was, found it, unlocked the door ...

... and there, in front of me, was a 120 lb bloodhound, furious that he was locked up in a dog cage, because as it turned out, he had to pee like there was no tomorrow.

To say it was love at first sight ... would be the truth.


I dog sat for Major many times over the last ten years.  He stayed with me many times over the last ten years.

My favorite moment with the Mangy Dog (as we called him), had to be sometime in 2005 or 2006.  We stuck him and Priest and Phogger in the back yard, and our next door neighbors were Chris and Heather.

It didn't matter what we did, Phogger found a way to get through the fence, into their yard.  Why, I have no idea.  She just wanted to get on the other side of the fence.

We put up stakes.  We hauled in rocks.  We even erected 2x4 planks that made the back yard look so classy.  No matter what we did, Phogger could get over that fence, or under it.

One day, I was either in the main room or the kitchen, and I started hearing Priest barking, and Major doing his yelping.  (Lord, that dog had a distinctive yelp.)  So I walked out onto the deck, and saw the situation, and just lost it.  I could not stop laughing.

Somehow, the three of them had managed to turn the 2x4 plank into a ramp over the rocks that were laid down, and Phogger had gone over the ramp, into the neighbors yard, where she was laying there, just taunting poor Priest and Major.  

And poor Priest and Major, were too stupid to figure out, all they had to do to join her, was walk the ramp.

I'm not sure I've ever laughed more in my life, than at that spectacle.

Normally when the "yup, Phogger done gone out again" moment would unfold, one of us would haul ass to the neighbors yard, yell at her, pick her up, and then put her in "timeout" for a while.

This time?  I went next door, went through the back gate, and Phogger flopped onto her back, begging for a belly rub.

She got twenty minutes worth of one.  (Hey, you gotta admire genius when you see it.)  How could I get mad at that?  She somehow figured out how to maneuver a board and rocks into making a ramp, and somehow got the two big dogs to do it for her.

And they were too stupid, to simply walk the ramp, and escape to freedom.

I miss Phogger.  (She's still doing quite well, in her new home.)  I really miss Priest, my "Special Little Puppy".  

Up until a month ago, I didn't have to miss Major.

Wednesday's going to be very, very weird.


Major had to be put down, the week before Dad's issues hit the fan.

I've never seen a dog be so gentle, loving, and caring around kids, as Major.

True story: every time I dog sat for my brother and his family, Major would refuse to sleep in his bed.

He had a bed at the base of my brother and sister in law's bed.  It was comfy.  The nights I'd crash there and stay in the guest room, or on the couch, Major was always in that bed.

If it was just me?  Major slept in the hallway, sprawled between Ayden's room, and the master bedroom.

He was protecting his family.

I didn't get it the first time.  I tripped and fell over the lovable roadblock on the road to the bathroom.  I was not happy.  Hey, you trip over a 150 lb dog in the middle of the night while you (may or may not) be intoxicated, and you tell me how you'd feel.

It didn't hit me, until the walk back, when I saw him raise his head, which was firmly planted in the A-Man's room, and raise his hind legs, firmly planted in my brother and sister in law's room.  That dog wasn't marking his territory.  He was protecting his family.  Because behind the front line that was his dog body ... was the twins room door.

Never once, in ten years of dog sitting in that house, did Major sleep in his bed, when I was the only one there.

So allow me to say this, to two people who still read this site, even if we literally don't speak to each other anymore.  Zeus is going to be the best friend, the Little Champ or Chica, will ever have, in his or her formulative years.  Trust me guys -- Zeus is going to love that child like you wouldn't believe.  Dogs are like that.  And I can't even begin to express, how happy I am for you, that you're going to get to see it up-close and first-hand.


"What do you mean, he went to the doctor?"

That was my "special little guy", Ayden, that was his reaction when we had to tell him that dad -- his "papa" -- had suffered some serious medical issues two months ago.

Kids don't totally get life, and I think that's a good thing.  When Major had to be put down, the kids were told that he went to the doctor, and that they'd see him again someday.

The twins, that line worked for.  They're three.  Ayden, not so much.  He'll be six in a couple months, and that kid is smart.  

"What do you mean, he went to the doctor?"

Major had to be put down, on September 28.  Exactly one week, before Dad had his issues strike, and we nearly lost him -- hell, did lose him, twice, before this amazing thing we call "medicine", gave us a third chance with him.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: I do NOT believe in coincidence.

And I've had this said to me before, and I truly believe it to be, uuh, true: God always prepares you, for what you have to endure.  It may not make sense at the time ... but everything happens, for a reason.


The kids have a new dog now, Rosabelle.

She looks cute enough.  And I'm willing to wager a couple days' salary, that I'll like her.

But she won't be Major.

I suppose that's one reason, I've never gotten a dog again after Priest.  How do you top the original?  


Last week, I compared this Chiefs team, to the 1997 squad, that is the best team this franchise has fielded in my lifetime.

And the question applies to the 2013 version as well: how do you top the original?

The answer?  You just do.  You always love the original ... but you truly embrace, the version 2.0.


I happen to think Sunday is going to be laughably easy.  Everything points to a close Chiefs victory.  I think it's going to be a laugher.

I think the Chiefs are going to score early, force a key turnover in the late 1st / early 2nd, and break the game wide open with a Dexter McCluster punt return with about three minutes to go in the first half.  I think this is going to be a woodshed beating on Sunday.

And I truly believe, that when exiting the parking lots of Arrowhead Sunday afternoon, one thought will arise from every loyal and proud member of Arrowhead Nation:

"We've waited our whole lives, for this day, for this game, for this moment."

Because with a win on Sunday?

December 1, 2013, becomes a day that NOONE, exactly one year ago, could imagine would ever be affiliated with that date.

December 1, with a win on Sunday, has a chance to go down as the greatest regular season day in franchise history.

Exactly one year to the day, it unquestionably went down, as the worst.

"When the worst of your memory?  Becomes the best of me."

But we'll deal with that next week.

We still have to survive Sunday, first.


It bears stating, if only to give a foreshadowing, a preview, to next week.

February 8, 2000: Derrick Thomas passed away.  Arguably the greatest player in franchise history, died from complications of a car wreck two weeks earlier.

February 8, 1963: Lamar Hunt and Kansas City mayor H. Roe Bartle, reached initial agreement to relocate the Dallas Texans to Kansas City for the 1963 season, to be known as the Kansas City Chiefs.


We'll be there early tomorrow.  You need a place to tailgate?  We'll welcome you with open arms.  The menu is provided above.  The only invitation you need, is to give a damn about the Red and Gold -- preferably positively ... but we'll welcome the negativity, if only to mock you after the Chargers defeat.

We'll be there after the game as well.  You need a place to celebrate?  We'll welcome you with open arms, unless your name is "ceiling", and you oppose "dancing".

* at Chiefs (-4) 34, Chargers 0.  As always, I pick the score for a reason.  Savvy Chiefs fans will recognize what game against the Chargers, this one is from.

On behalf of this site, please have an amazing, epic Thanksgiving this week.  Be thankful for all you have.  Be thankful for all that is going to be, over the next weeks, months, and years to come.

I can only speak for myself, but given where I stood, and what reality was, on Sunday, October 6, at 5:20pm?  

I am going to be so f*cking thankful this holiday, I'll make the Pilgrims blush.
And no, I'm not apologizing for the gratuitous use of the f bomb, in that previous sentence.  Because the fact I'm going to hear "you know, you really shouldn't use that word as much" from not just one, but two parents, on Wednesday at our family Thanksgiving?  

Makes using the word so f*cking worth it ...

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