Monday, October 13, 2008

my only goal for the next three weeks ...

is for this to happen to me. (and yes, I know ... go figure, I'm 31, single, and outside of an ethically questionable situation part of me hopes never develops, have no immediate prospects. God love me. What am I talking about? Oh yeah, this:)


No, I haven't thrown in the towel; far from it. I'm still voting for McCain.

But I have a friggin man crush on Joe Biden.

I friggin love the guy.

How can you not? First, he's one of the few people in my party that you can honestly say has integrity. But also ... the man's just hysterical. This is the kind of guy you want as a pal. This is the kind of guy you know is there to open the gates of Arrowhead with you at 8:30 in the morning, a six pack in. Because he's us. He's America.

God love ya Joey. God knows I do. And pal ... all I want in these last 22 days, is to run into you at a campaign event, and have the following occur:

(steve) Senator! Senator!
(senator biden) hey! how's it going pal?
(senator biden) (extends hand in warm greeting)
(steve) (shakes hands with the awesome senator from delaware)
(steve) wow.
(senator biden) hang in there champ! Vote on November 4th!

This kid in the photo has no idea how much some folks would give for the privilege he got ...

God, I love Joe Biden ... (joe biden voice) thanks pal!

(note: the story itself is pretty cool. I would love to have the opportunity this dude got. the link:

(note2: for an even awesomer (if that's a word) look into the guy I am jonesing ... awesome look back at Biden's lowest moment, and the sheer class and dignity he showed in his darkest hour: For once, someone I admire, is worth admiring. Refreshing ...)

(note3: unstated in the article in note2 ... is what while McCain / Palin can, and should, criticize and attack Obama's shady associations ... there's nothing there to attack with Joey. He's rock solid. He's a man of courage, of integrity, who puts family and country first. Too bad we can't combine the best of both tickets ...)

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