Thursday, October 23, 2008

the week eight predictions

"You used to be the best.
You made life be life to me.
And I hope that you're still out there,
And you're like you used to be.

We'll have ourselves a time!
And we'll dance until the morning sun!
And we'll let the good times come in,
And we won't stop until we're done ...

We'll be back in the high life again!
All the doors we closed one time, will open up again!
We'll be back in the high life again!
All the eyes that watched us once,
Will smile and take us in ...

And we'll drink and dance,
With one hand free,
And have the world so easily!
Won't we be a sight to see?
Back in the high life again ...

-- "Back in the High Life Again", best version performed by the late, great Warren Zevon ... seriously, if you've never heard his version of this song, you have to check it out. Same deal as the last Johnny Cash cd, recorded as he was dying. Just incredible. In a classic rock instead of classic country kind of way ...


Last Week SU: 7-6-0
Season to Date SU: 53-47-0

Last Week ATS: 7-6-0
Season to Date ATS: 52-46-1

Last Week Upset / Week: close. But not quite from 54 for the Browns ...
Season to Date Upset / Week: 2-5-0
This Week's Upset / Week: Colts (+3 1/2) over Titans.

As always, all lines from today's USA Today.
As always, any (NL) pick counts both SU and ATS.

The Non-Chiefs Prognostications:

* at Ravens (-6 1/2) 31, raiders 3.
* Chargers (-3) 28, vs Saints 21 (London).
* Bills (-1 1/2) 20, at Dolphins 10.
* Bucs (NL) 24, at Cowboys 23.
* at Eagles (-8 1/2) 45, Falcons 3.
* at Patriots 21, Rams (+7 1/2) 20.
* at Panthers (-4 1/2) 31, Cardinals 24.
* Redskins 13, at Lions (+7 1/2) 10.
* at Jaguars 17, Browns (+ 6 1/2) 14.
* Giants (+2 1/2) 27, at Steelers 20.
* Seahawks (+5 1/2) 28, at 49ers 20.
* at Texans (-10) 48, Bengals 3.
* Colts (+3 1/2) 21, at Titans 17.

The Chiefs Pick:

68 days of misery to go folks. 68 days of abject crap-tacular, utterly unwatchable football to endure. Then we can begin to find our way back to the "high life" again. And I ain't talking about crappy Miller Beer's version of that phrase.

(Which is my way of saying ...)

Chiefs! Jets! Steve's two favorite teams thrown down in the Meadowlands for the final time! You're damned right there will be a live blog!!!

(At least for a half ...)

The NFL record for both points in a game, and margin of victory, is 73. I firmly believe, given our lack of a pass rush, lack of secondary depth, and the fact its Favre and a talented crew of WRs in a virtual must-win situation ... that number's in play.

at Jets (-13 1/2) 70, Chiefs 0. Remember: every week that passes, brings me one step closer to living out my ultimate nightmare, the boast I've been saying for years. "I can even live with 1-15 and still renew (my tickets), so long as the 1 is denver at home ..."

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