Friday, October 31, 2008

believe. and friggin vote!!!

"I just closed my eyes again,
And climbed aboard the dream weaver train ...
Tried to take away my worries of today,
And leave tomorrow behind ...

Ooh, dream weaver!
I believe you can get me through the night!
Ooh, dream weaver!
I believe we can reach the morning light ...

Fly me high through the starry skies,
Maybe through an asteroid plane,
Across the highways and fantasies,
Help me to forget today's pain ...

Ooh, dream weaver!
I believe you can get me through the night!
Ooh, dream weaver!
I believe we can reach the morning light ...

Though the dawn may be coming soon ...
There may still be some time ...
To fly me away to the dark side of the moon ...
And meet me on the other side ..."

-- "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright ...


The dawn is coming soon. Tuesday morning, to be exact.

And still there may be some time.

To vote McCain / Palin!

The polls are tightening up. Big time.

Folks, its simple.

If you want to be taxed out of your ass, vote Barry. If you want common sense radio shows silenced, just like Barry kicking the Dallas Morning News off his plane today for having the audacity to endorce McCain, if you want censorship, if you want "screw you, the only thing that matters is my way" politics to come to America ... if you want us to become the 2nd coming of the USSR, vote Barry.

If you give a shit about this country (notice the unedited word ...), if you give a shit about this country, vote McCain / Palin. Do it on Tuesday. November 4th. Do you part. Mobilize. Vote. Do whatever the (another unedited word coming), do whatever the fuck it takes. Vote McCain / Palin! Do your part! Save this nation from what Barry proposes to drag us down to.

We are NOT second class citizens! Our best days are NOT behind us! And we CAN win the war in Iraq! If we stay the course!

McCain will. Barry will wave the white flag.

(And yes, I am flat out saying, to any anonymous posters, grow a pair. At least identify yourself if you disagree with a McCain victory. Simply identifying yourself, gives you a bigger pair than your candidate possesses ...)

We have a job to do folks. And that is vote McCain! However many times ACORN registration will let us! Do your part! Missouri is a key. I still believe McCain will this thing. I refuse to give in to whatever bullshit (hey, another unedited naughty word!), I refuse to give in to whatever bullshit, whatever fucking bullshit, OMSNBC, OCNN, ONBC, OCBS try to sell us.

(Although to be fair, I'm somewhat proud that the last bastion of fairness is ABC. They refused to air Barry's infomercial. Steffy is as unbiased as they come, as evidenced by his backing Hillary to the bitter end, and asking Barry about his shady associations, his shady connections, his utter unqualifications for office. Somewhere in heaven, Peter Jennings is smiling down with pride at his network being the one source for unbiased coverage ...)

This election is NOT over. Do your part. Show up Tuesday. Vote your conscience. And drive anyone, everyone, that is registered to the polls.

Look it, I want McCain to win. My wallet, my checking account, is on a 72 hour fast to will McCain to victory. But if more legitimate voters put Barry into power, good for them. The process works.

And I'll be the first one to praise Barry for a great campaign, and line up behind him come Wednesday if he wins. He'd be MY President. Unlike certain partisans on either side of the aisle, that has meaning to me.

I want McCain. I encourage every reader of this site to vote McCain, multiple times if that's necessary (because ACORN registered you). But if its Barry ... so be it. I will always support MY President.

Whoever it is.

(Because he cannot possibly be worse than what we have now ...)

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