Friday, October 3, 2008

closing thought on the debate

I apologize for the shortened chat and live blog last night. Those of you who know me well, know I have serious allergy issues, and another attack hit me about an hour in last night. (Think "Steve leaving KU game two weeks ago"). Hence, the shortened blog and chat.

My reaction to last night is simple.

Election. Freaking. On.

I thought Biden was effective last night. Sure, he pulled some numbers out of thin air, and at times he came across as a modern day Stanley Roper ... but I thought he had the unquestioned best moment of the night in reflecting on being a single parent. I love it when Republicans try to attack those of us who lean left's commitment to family and values. Sure, we have some sleaze on the left, no question ... but our candidate isn't the one who cheated on his wife. Our VP nominee is the one who endured incredible personal tragedy (losing a wife and child) ... and not only held his family together, but as witnessed by his son's introduction at the DNC, raised two incredible kids.

My point being: you can be liberal, yet ethical. You can be progressive, yet sane.

But Palin ... I thought she was shaky early on. She looked over-prepared. But once she hit her stride, man it was on. I loved the opening "call I call you Joe?" Once she got over what I thought were initial nerves, she just knocked it out of the park.

The best recap I've read so far is Peggy Noonan's take in the Journal today. She summed it up far better than I could, so go give it a look.

Election. Freaking. On.

(Thank God. Go McCain / Palin!)

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