Thursday, October 30, 2008

a brief statement

Since some people apparently have an issue with me blogging on the NBA, allow me to state the following.

This is MY site.

And I will blog on what interests ME.

I apologize if you are not an NBA fan. Or if you aren't a basketball fan in general. But I LOVE the NBA. I freaking LOVE it.

I drop $170 on the League Pass every year, I enjoy it so much.

So, if you don't like the NBA, spare me the "dumbass" comments. Spare me the "I like the crazy Chiefs rants, but not much else" comments.

(Seriously, what is "crazy" about my Chiefs posts? I want Carl fired. I'm fine with Herm getting canned. I blame our current predicament on 6 straight failed drafts under Carl. Where is the "crazy" in my thoughts?!?!)

This is not a Chiefs-centric site. I follow more than just the local NFL team. I love politics, for example. (Vote McCain / Palin, please!!!) I love the NBA. I blog about my work life, as frustrating as it currently is. (I took a "mental health recovery day" today, if that's an indication ...)

This is "steve's site". I will blog about whatever the hell I want to blog about. So if OUR Milwaukee Bucks happen to dominate the posts for the next couple months, deal with it.

Buy a t-shirt at and support OUR team!!! ... oh, and party on for November 7th, we have 8 confirmed for the first Bucks Watching Party and counting, including 3 hot as hell chicks ... so Ash, don't be upset if I send you a "take the shirt off" text next Friday ... you're in my house now ... :)


Anonymous said...

So I have to kiss your ass in the comments section?

steve! said...

hell no! write anything you want! positive, negative, happy, sad, "steve's the best!", "steve blows!", its all good. i won't censor or delete your comments, unless language wise they're offensive to me. and there ain't much that offends me, so pretty much you're golden.

keep reading and supplying the feedback, its appreciated. who knows, maybe by the end of this season i'll have you at least tuning in for the top flight nba games ...

Anonymous said...

why are you bothering to respond to the critics? who cares, it's their opinion and just b/c it doesn't agree w/ yours isn't a bad thing. thick skin my friend, thick skin


steve! said...

i respond simply for one reason: if someone cares enough about what i write to post their thoughts, then their thoughts should be acknowledged.

look it, i don't expect everyone to love what i write, or agree with it ... or even to be entertained by it (although hopefully that happens most of the time).

but if you're moved enough in some direction to state for the record, for anyone who visits this site, to read your comments, then the least i can do is say "thanks" by acknowledging the comment.

guess i'm weird like that. and many other ways too ...

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm entertained by it, believe me. i wouldn't read it if i wasn't. i just mentioned that the NBA is on par with soccer as far as i'm concerned. keep up the good work.

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