Friday, October 10, 2008

the week six predictions

A buddy of mine bought 6 tickets to next week's Titans / Chiefs sh*tfest on StubHub today. Total cost? $127. $127 for 6 tickets! And its only mid October!!! I figured it would be at least New Orleans before it got this bad. Your 2008 Kansas City ... CHIEFS!!! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to vomit over how far and how fast this team has fallen ... and the fact that I've already paid to witness six more quit jobs by these guys ...

Last Week SU: 3-11-0
Season to Date SU: 38-36-0

Last Week ATS: 4-10-0
Season to Date ATS: 39-34-1

Last Week Upset / Week: (steve bashing head on desk in frustration)
Season to Date Upset / Week: 1-4-0
This Week's Upset / Week: Browns (+7 1/2) over Giants.

As always, all lines from today's USA Today.

The picks:

* at Saints (-7 1/2) 44, raiders 3. As close to a "must win" as a 2-3 team can play. Saints need this one badly.
* at Colts 13, Ravens (+4 1/2) 10. If the Ravens had any semblance of an offense, they'd be unbeaten right now.
* at Jets 48 (-6), Bengals 0. Favre might throw for 500 with 8 touches before this game is done.
* at Bucs (-1 1/2) 20, Panthers 10. Tampa needs this one. They get Galloway back. That should help.
* at Vikings 2, Lions (+13) 2. Yes, I am predicting a tie on safeties. Both coaches are this inept.
* at Falcons (+2 1/2) 30, Bears 24. Taking Kyle Orton on the road? Uuh, don't think so.
* at Texans (-3) 27, Dolphins 17. My sleeper's last stand. Its win this one or tank the season, fellas.
* at Redskins (-14) 48, Rams 10. All Hail the Redskins! Hail Victory! Sons of Washington! Fight for Old DC!
* Jaguars (+3) 24, at broncos 14. Coin flip game according to the line. When in doubt, go with the better team.
* at 49ers (+5) 17, Eagles 14. No Westbrook means McNabb has to win this. I don't think he can.
* Cowboys (-5) 28, at Cardinals 20. I miss the days when this was a divisional matchup.
* Patriots (+6) 24, at Chargers 20. This line made zero sense to me. Wrong team is favored here. This line is insane.
* at Browns (+7 1/2) 31, Giants 20. I love desperate teams, playing at home in prime time, with their season on the line ...

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