Thursday, October 16, 2008

the week seven predictions

"Turn my mic up louder, I got to say somethin',
Lightweight step it aside when we comin'.
Feel it in your chest, the syllables get pumpin',
People on the street, they panic and start runnin'.

Words on loose leaf sheet complete comin',
I jump on my mind, I summon the rhyme I'm dumpin',
Healin' the blind, I promise to let the sun in,
Sick of the dark ways, we march to the drummin'.

Jump when they tell us they want to see jumpin'?
F*ck that! I wanna see some fists pumpin'!
Risk somethin'! Take back what's yours!
Say somethin' that you know they might attack you for!

'Cause I'm sick of bein' treated like I have before!
Like I'm stupid standin' for what I'm standin' for!
Like this war's really just a different brand of war!
Like it doesn't cater to rich and abandon poor!

Like they understand you in the back of the jet!
When you can't put gas in your tank --
These f*ckers are laughin' their way to the bank and cashin' the check!
Askin' you to have compassion, to have some respect?!?!

For a leader so nervous in an obvious way,
Stutterin' and mumblin' for nightly news to replay;
And the rest of the world watchin' at the end of the day,
In their livin' room laughin' like "What did he say?"

Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen ..."

"Hands Held High", by Linkin Park


Last Week SU: 8-5-0
Season to Date SU: 46-41-0

Last Week ATS: 6-7-0
Season to Date ATS: 45-41-1

Last Week Upset / Week: winner!
Season to Date Upset / Week: 2-4-0
This Week's Upset / Week: Browns (+7 1/2) over Redskins.

The Non-Chiefs Prognostications:

* at Bills (+1) 24, Chargers 21.
* Steelers (-10) 45, at Bengals 10.
* at Dolphins (-2 1/2) 13, Ravens 10.
* Cowboys 24, at Rams (+7) 20.
* Vikings (+3 1/2) 27, at Bears 20.
* at Panthers (+3) 24, Saints 20.
* at Giants (-11) 61, 49ers 3.
* at Texans (-9 1/2) 41, Lions 10.
* J E T S Jets Jets Jets! (-3) 41, at raiders 10.
* Browns (+7 1/2) 31, at Redskins 20.
* at Packers (+1 1/2) 24, Colts 23.
* at Bucs (-11) 17, Seahawks 3.
* broncos (+3) 24, at Patriots 7.

The Chiefs Prediction:

I chose that song by Linkin Park as this week's theme ... because I got to say somethin'.

Even the most cynical, skeptical, ask-questions-first person that knows me ... knows my feelings, my passion, for the Red and Gold.

I'm there an hour and a half before the gates open ... and usually still there an hour and a half after the game is over.

I wear my emotions for this team, our team, on my sleeve. I tend to view the Chiefs through Kool-Aid laced glasses, rather than reality. I almost always can find a way to envision a Red and Gold victory. I've only picked us to lose once so far, at New England, a no brainer. I can always summon the positive when it comes to these guys.

Until this week.

Enough is enough.

Sunday is Alumni Weekend. Curley Culp enters the Ring of Honor. Emmitt Thomas receives his Hall of Fame ring. Tony Gonzalez is honored for setting every conceivable record a tight end can set (including whiny b*tchfests when he puts himself ahead of the team, nice job 88!)

Sunday might be the last chance we, as Arrowhead Nation, have to let Carl Peterson know what we think of the piss poor job he has done as our general manager since Marty left town.

More importantly, its a chance we have, as Arrowhead Nation, to let Clark Hunt know what we think of the job Carl Peterson has done as a general manager since Marty left town.

Be loud. Be vocal. Don't be violent, don't chuck bottles and stuff on the field, that's not cool. But be LOUD. Be VOCAL. Let Carl effing Peterson, the man who puts pride ahead of on-field results, who puts ticket sales ahead of rebuilding, let him know exactly what we, the whizzed on fans who are the sole reason for his meaningless existance, let him know what we think.

Raise two middle fingers. Boo the hell out of him. Send an undeniable, unhidden message to the craptacular, pathetic owner of this franchise that enough is enough.

Matt Millen only got 7 non-postseason victory season with the Lions. Carl's had 15 and counting. Let Clark Hunt hear what you think of that.

The Arizona Cardinals have won a playoff game in the last 15 years. On the road, in Dallas, to boot! We haven't won a playoff game since January 16, 1994. I was a junior in high school. A lot of my loyal fanbase was younger. Let Clark Hunt know what you think of that.

When Carl joined the Chiefs in late 1988, our division was comprised of the broncos, raiders, Chargers, Seahawks, and us, the Chiefs. In the 20 years since his hire ... (steve sighing in disgust at stating the obvious ...) every single one of those teams has reached the Super Bowl! We have yet to get there. Let Clark Hunt know what you think of that.

Enough is enough. The only reason to show up Sunday is to demand regime change come to One Arrowhead Drive. Its finally coming to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 96 days. Make it come to Arrowhead in 74.

Titans (-8) 31, at Chiefs 7, in what should be the final game in the sole reason to justify Carl's existance, his precious sellout streak ...

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