Tuesday, October 14, 2008

(steve arriving in 132 sunday chant voice) carl must go! carl must go!

I would like to think that the non-trade of Tony Gonzalez today was my official breaking point as a fan of this team.

Sadly, I still plan to show up Sunday. So I haven't been broken yet. But I'm getting pretty damned close.

I encourage any Chiefs fan in the comments section to explain to me why Tony Gonzalez is still on the roster tonight. (Hint: there's only one reason why, and if you want to buy a vowel, its s_ll t_ck_ts). I can think of 5 reasons he shouldn't be:

1. That 4th rounder the Giants offered us? Will be of far more use to us 3 years from now, when this team is hopefully in contention, than Tony Gonzalez will.

2. The Tight End position is the single most overrated position in football. We're not getting a 1st rounder for Tony. Or a 2nd. A 3rd was a pipe dream. Hell, the fact that Carl was AIMING for a 3rd should tell you how unrealistic that was, Carl NEVER aims for fair compensation, he always aims to win in every negotiation!

3. A rebuilding team has zero, zip, nada, no use for a whiny malcontent who puts getting 3 yards ahead of sealing a victory. Sorry, Chiefs fans. Tony G lost me forever with his b*tch fest after the denver win. I will not be standing and applauding his "record" on Sunday.

4. For all his record-setting accomplishment ... Tony has played on 3 playoff teams in 11 years (soon to be 3 in 12). He has never won in the postseason. Obviously, that's not entirely on him, or even a majority on him ... but the bottom line is, he's never won a postseason game. But worst of all:

5. I'm sorry, but the only reason you keep Tony G at this point ... is to preserve the "precious" sellout streak. The ONLY justifiable reason to NOT get ANYTHING you can for someone who doesn't want to be here ... is to sell tickets.

Sorry fellow Chiefs fans, but there's no other way to put it. Carl kept Tony to milk as many ticket sales as he could. He put profit ahead of ultimate on-field success. He put greed ahead of the good of the franchise.

Hopefully for the final time.

Because if Carl Peterson is back next year ... well, I'm about one more retarded decision away from reaching my Gordon Memorial Breaking Point with this franchise. In the last three years, we have endured a 15% ticket hike. We have endured the worst season in a generation. We have endured loyal fans in the club level being kicked to the curb in the name of greed. And now, we endure this, the ultimate slap in the face: a general manager who puts selling that one extra ticket, ahead of the long term good of the franchise.

If Carl had any dignity, he'd resign today. He has clearly lost all touch with the reality of what is good for the franchise. Of course, he doesn't have any dignity, so he won't resign.

But something tells me that while he has no clue what reality is for the franchise he dominates ... he does have a grasp on the reality of his status with Arrowhead Nation. Which is why he won't be on the field Sunday, to honor Emmitt Thomas, to honor Curley Culp, and to honor Tony G. He has no problems telling us fans what he thinks of us, via ridiculous rate hikes, mistreatment of club level season ticket holders, and a sh*tty ass on field product that is arguably worse than anything else in the league. But he's got enough grasp on reality to not put himself on that field Sunday, to let us know what we think of him ...

(steve sighing in frustration ...) 11 more dark, frustrating weeks to go. On the bright side, the shady Apple Market going out of business means I loaded up on the heavily discounted liquor ...


Anonymous said...

Even worse, GB offered us a 3rd rounder for TG and Carl stood firm hoping for a 2nd. Idiot.

steve! said...

74 days left, pal. Hang in there champ. And show up Sunday to let Carl know how real Chiefs fans feel about him ...

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