Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the "eyes" have it ...

If you missed tonight's debate, please, do yourself a favor, and watch it. Either online, on demand, on something.

And focus on Barry's eyes.

As someone that has had to tell a tale or two in his life, I know this much. When someone is outright lying to you ... their eyes can't focus on you.

Watch Barry's eyes.

He can't focus. On McCain. On Bob Scheiffer (who did an incredible job tonight). On anything other than the desk he's sitting at, or some distant object in the audience.

McCain won tonight convincingly. Its the win he, and this nation, needed. I'll just wrap up my thoughts with an actual conversation between me and mom as the debate ended (and again ... we do not agree politically on just about anything ...)

(phone) "it comes from a long line ... of sinners like me"
(steve) (notices its "'rents home")
(steve) (sighs) why not. hello?
(steve's mom) hey!
(steve) hey to you! how was ayden today?
(steve's mom) (sighs in frustration) I thought I'd retired! I guess not! I'm telling you, that kid is gonna crawl out of the house and I'm not gonna be able to find him!
(laughs all around)
(steve's mom) listen, did you watch tonight?
(steve) yup.
(steve's mom) (anticipation ...) and?
(steve) (resigned to fate) I asked this question earlier and I'll ask it again.
(steve's mom) (hopeful ...) ok?
(steve) where did you get the McCain sign in the yard?
(steve's mom) from Bill (last name deleted). (pauses) Why?
(steve) (resigned to fate) I want one.
(steve's mom) wait. (excited ...) You're ...?
(steve) (exhaling ...) yup. For the first time ever, I believe. We agree! We're backing the same guy. Go Johnny Go!
(steve's mom) wow. Just ... wow. (yelling at my dad) Al? Steve's back in the will!

Just watch the last 30 minutes of the debate. If you have a conscience, if you have any semblance of a moral foundation, of a semblance of right and wrong, just watch the abortion question answer.

(And again, to Bob Scheiffer's credit, he let both candidates state their position).

And if after watching that, you can vote for Barry ... then may God have mercy on your soul. Because whatever your position on abortion ... to vote "no" on a bill to protect the lives of kids born after botched abortions, and to vote "present" on another bill authorizing the same act ...

Well, "as you do unto the least of these, you do unto me". Here's hoping the American electorate does to Barry Obama what he'd do to the special needs among us, and aborts his mother f*cking campaign 19 days from now ...

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