Tuesday, October 21, 2008

why i'm single, i guess ...

and no, it has nothing to do with frequenting a "reputable singles site" known by most of you as a three letter acronym ...

I got home today early, because we're moving floors at my job, so they let us leave at lunch. (I'd say "hooray me", but work conditions are pretty crappy right now, I probably should have stayed to work it through).

Anyways, I get home, I'm online for a while, then figure "I'm paying for TV, let's see what's on".

The last time I had NBA TV activated on my setup ... was (I believe) April 17th. It was sometime in the middle of April when "former roommate's failure to pay DirecTV caught up with us".

Anyways, I noticed they not only had a fantasy preview, but a replay of Game 6 of Boston / LA from the Finals last year. I had yet to see a second of the game live; I was listening to it driving home from the College World Series.

I haven't had NBA TV in 6 months. Last year's clinching game is on. And the season starts a week from tonight.

As I used to text when the Chiefs saved their season every year ...

Season! F*cking! On!!!

So I called up my friendly Time Warner Cable representative (since their TiVo box is still in the 1980s and you can't order from your remote ...) and after about 25 punches of the buttons, encountered a wonderfully pleasant woman named Sarah who was supposed to handle my "programming needs".

Only, she didn't.

After realizing my "phone number" for the account wasn't a Time Warner issued number (why pay for home phone if you don't have to ...), she shipped me off to the "customer service" department.

After literally spending 25 friggin minutes on hold ... seriously 25 minutes? To GIVE you $169 of my dollars?!?! And to think basic cable wonders why they're going under ... anyways, I finally reach Rhonda.

Allow me, to say, for the record ... Rhonda is too good to work for Time Warner Cable.

Within literally 20 seconds, she not only signed me up for the NBA League Pass (my one winter splurge ...), she not only confirmed with me that "NBA TV is working, right Steve? You do have a picture?" ... she backlogged me into the "Early Bird" pass to save me a friggin payment on the League Pass!

Rhonda ... whoever you are ... on behalf of me, this site, Dusty, Damien, my brother, Mark, Mickey, God knows how many others will spend a "got nothing else to do" night over here this fall watching the package and, uuh, "losing their mind" watching professional hoops ... thank you.

Season. F*cking. On!!! (In a week!!!)

The NBA! Its STILL Fan ... Tastic!!!

(Even if the Knicks aren't even anything remotely approaching that ...)

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