Saturday, December 7, 2013

quick week 14 picks

Sorry for the crappy post, but I'm tied up all weekend with a major project for work -- a "get this right or else" kind of project.  So since I have no desire to become one of Barack Hussein Obama's permanent underclass, and live off of the 53% ... and because I've already seen not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six co-workers let go in the last three months?  I want to keep my job.  Hence focusing on work, instead of the picks.

I'll figure up YTD figures next week.

The Week 14 Picks:

* I would have taken at Jaguars (+3) 24, Texans 14, as Mr. Reason can confirm.
* Vikings (+6) 23, at Ravens 20.  Upset of the Week.
* at Patriots (-10) 45, Browns 3.  Good Times Game O' The Week.
* Colts (+6 1/2) 31, at Bengals 21.  Loser is where the Chiefs are likely to open the postseason.
* at Eagles (-2 1/2) 31, Lions 27.  Best early game on the board.
* at Steelers (-3 1/2) 31, Dolphins 20.  I still think Pittsburgh gets the six seed.
* at Packers (-3) 24, Falcons 10.  Gordon Shumway Game O' The Week.
* at Bucs (-2 1/2) 23, Bills 3.  I still think Doug Marrone is a damned good coach and hire.
* at broncos 31, Titans (+11) 28.  Has to be a letdown after KC / at NE / at KC, with the short week vs SD on deck.
* at Cardinals (-6) 34, Rams 20.  49ers at Cardinals definitely the leader in the clubhouse, to be flexed into primetime in week 17.
* Giants (+3) 34, at Chargers 21.  I love the wacky, wacky NFC East.
* at 49ers (-2 1/2) 31, Seahawks 20.  Like it matters; the road to the swamps of Jersey for the NFC, runs through Seattle.
* Panthers (+3 1/2) 34, at Saints 31.  Might be the best game of the season ... and I LOVE the Panthers in this game.
* at Bears (+1) 34, Cowboys 33.  Damn -- two rock solid prime time games this week!  So much for getting some sleep catch-up.

* at Jets (-2 1/2) 23, raiders 20.  Just to keep the c*ck tease that is the 2013 Jets season, going one more week.

* Chiefs (-3) 31, at Redskins 20.  Allow me to say this: the Texans fired Gary Kubiak after they lost to Jacksonville on Thursday night.  There are very, very few things in life, that would lead me to buy a round of shots for anyone who asks me to ... but if the Redskins fire Shanarat after losing to the Chiefs on Sunday?  If (jimmy buffett voice) "Come Monday", Mike "The Rat" Shanahan has to take his nasty overbite and rat tail to the unemployment line?

All you have to say, when you see me, is "we got Shanarat fired!", and I'm buying the round.

I'll do better next week.  I hope.

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