Saturday, April 12, 2014

new design ... and masters moving day ...

No theme today.

I changed the layout design, because ... I wanted to.  It's been four, five years; at some point, even the prettiest of designs, needs a renovation.

As for the Masters?  How epic is Sunday shaping up to be?  Twenty players within five shots, including ... hang on, I'm trying to hold off "The Voice of Reason" and "bts" from making this official ... and I held them off.  Including Topeka and Shawnee Heights' own, Gary Woodland, the immaculately dressed Ian Poulter, and Stevo's Site Numero Dos' Official Fashion Coordinator, Rickie Fowler.  (Seriously, nobody -- and I mean nobody! -- rocks orange, like Rickie Fowler.)

Tomorrow's gonna be one of those days, you look back on five years from now, and are grateful, the television was tuned to your local CBS station.  Trust me on this.

Signing out for Saturday ... while wishing Bill Raftery, was joining Verne Lundquist, on the 16th hole coverage, tomorrow ...

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Anonymous said...

Spieth, Fowler, Furyk, Woodland, or Poulter cash tickets. Let's do this!