Thursday, June 9, 2016

#imwithher ... the opening reason why

"Once?  I was seven years old ..."

-- Lukas Graham, "Seven Years".


We live in a nation in which a worthless piece of sh*t who rapes a drunk girl is defended, by his father regretting that "20 minutes of his life" ruined his future.

We live in a nation in which OJ Simpson is once again glorified and honored, for the horrific ultimate evil (times dos!) in our time, he committed.

We live in a nation in which this story is the lead story, at the KC Star's website, as I post this.

We live in a nation in which this worthless piece of crap ... trumps Secretary Clinton becoming the first female nominee for President, of a major party, in my lifetime ... and ANY person reading this', lifetime? ... on the Drudge Report.


We live in a nation, in which a "no doubt about it" gay dude who sells exercise videos transgendering to (s)he's natural state?

Trumps nominating the first woman on a major party ticket, to assume the command of all of our lives.

We live in a nation ...

That about sums it up.

We live in a nation, on the verge, of changing our name to TMZ.  Because that seems to be all that matters, to all of us.

Enough?  Is enough.

At least to me.

At some point, the Kardashians don't matter.  At some point, Caitlyn Jenner has to be revealed to be the fraud that (s)he is -- either you're a woman or a man.  Pick a side.  It's not that difficult.

At some point, Tyga don't matter.  (Which, I freely admit, asks the question, when did Tyga ever matter?)

At some point ...



I want this election to not be about who can send out the meanest Tweet ... I want it to be about who can elevate us into the economic superpower we once were.

I have no desire to deny to anyone their right to live life as the person they choose to be.  I don't give a sh*t if you're gay, straight, transgendered, cross-dressing, or wearing diapers as a 38 year old.  I don't give a crap.

I do desire to allow every person -- irregardless of their sexual preference -- to be treated as the equal they are.

Provided it is with a consenting adult.

I don't give a damn if you're gay, straight, or bi.  You are who God made you.

There is only one candidate in this race to lead us, who gets that fact.


Because we are a nation, that produces this:

I wonder how Donald J. Trump "House of Wings", feels about that.

Because I know how I feel.

And that is godd*mned proud, that we as a nation, raised an incredible, amazing person linked above.

Again -- I wonder how Donald J. Trump "House of Wings" and his supporters feel about that link above.

Because this girl?  Is going to save someone's life someday.

Because we as Americans embraced her, supported her, and gave her a pathway to greatness.

Which makes me ask once again:

I wonder how Donald J. Trump "House of Wings" and his supporters feel about that link above.

Answer to your conscience, if you think this incredible talent doesn't reflect the greatness that is America.

I'll more than crystal clearly answer to mine, for why the DREAM Act, matters.

Because once?

We were all seven years old ...

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