Thursday, April 5, 2012

greatness at its greatest

Last July (the 15th, according to Youtube!, where I was trying to grab a video of the performance), I was privileged enough to grab a front (railing) standing spot to see the "anthem of my life" performed live.  Trust me -- it was worth the $0.00 I paid to be there.

"I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin DeGraw, at KC Live down in the Power and Light District.  Literally moved me to tears, that song so gets to me.  (When you get to the 2:30 mark in the inbed clip below, you'll get it ...)

Last night, my favorite guilty pleasure signed off the air.  I (threaten) you, a recap of why I loved "One Tree Hill" is coming.  Until then ... damn I love this song ...

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