Sunday, September 25, 2011

full thoughts coming tomorrow but ...

If any Chiefs fan can still defend Matt Cassel after today, then you are a mother f*cking idiot.

I am totally willing to grant you, that the offensive game plan, if you can even call it that, in the first half, was, uuh, "offensive".

I am totally willing to grant you, that when Brandon Flowers left in the second quarter with yet another knee injury, that I threw my Jets hat onto the concrete and screamed "God F*cking D*mmit!"

And I am even willing to concede, that Todd Haley and/or Jim Zorn taking over the play calling in the second half (because one of them clearly did), gave us a chance to win.

But that final pass? That final, game-tying and/or winning drive killing pass? Is COMPLETELY and TOTALLY on Matt Cassel.

Matt, buddy, you are DEAD to me. With the revolver, in the conservatory, and you can bet your mother f*cking ass I pulled the trigger. DEAD! to me.

The Chiefs should be 1-2 right now. (Ryan Succup, I'd check your windows and/or locks this week champ. You're on the "it" list as well. Missing from 38 is an unforgivable crime. DEAD! to me, champ. DEAD!) Instead, we're 0-3, hosting another 0-3 squad.

The good news is ,,, our next six games, we figure to either be favored, or have a very reasonable shot to win them. The bad news is ... that was also true for the previous three, and we haven't won a game since Jesus' last birthday ...

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