Tuesday, November 8, 2011

a few classic donkeys posts

I hope to get my 25 favorite donkeys / Chiefs clashes posted tomorrow, like I did with the raiders / Chiefs earlier this year.  (If only to encourage a shut out ass whipping victory on Sunday.)  I hope to get the picks up by Thursday, since the League has given us a huge, absolutely hu-yuge, Thursday night opener if you're a fan of the Red and Gold ... or the blue and orange.

Until then, here's a look back at the last few "Days I Live For", and wow.  Let's just say, if you'd told me the day after the defeat in 2009 that I'd not only be ok with Coach Asshat still running the show, but that if one of the two has to go after this 2011 season because the tension reaches its breaking point, I'd opt to fire Scott Pioli?  Not sure the oddsmakers could have set the line on that occurring high enough ... and yet, it has.

Sadly, I don't have any recaps prior to 2006, since I did them by email back in the day, and I haven't worked at former employer since the spring of that year.  But here's all the ones I could find since that magical Thanksgiving Night ...

* 2006 Thanksgiving Night win over denver that ultimately gave the Chiefs the final tiebreaker, and kept denver out of the postseason.  Also the final NFL game jake "the fake" plummer ever played in.  I take pride in the fact that we essentially ended that thing's career.

* 2008 week four, eight hours before kickoff.  One of my finest hours as a writer.

* 2008 victory recap, part one.  Without question my favorite home game of the last few years.

* 2008 victory recap, part two.  Beating that team never gets old.

* The loss to denver in 2009.  Without question, the second angriest I've ever been leaving Arrowhead (behind only the defeat to denver in 2002, a defeat so crushing to me that I literally locked myself in my room and drank for the next three days.)

* The defeat to denver in 2010.  Let's pretend like that didn't happen.

* The win over denver in 2010.  Also, the final game in josh mcdaniels' head coaching career.

I'm not sure what Sunday has in store ... but I'm glad I'll be there to witness it.  And of course, to report back on the good, the bad, and the ugly afterwards.

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