Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Every non-Chiefs week 11 prediction, and possibly the Chiefs / Patriots prediction.  I have to be honest -- common sense says we lose 44-3.

And yet, I can't shake the fact that every time we play these guys, it is far, far closer than it has any right to be.  Consider the last six times we've played each other:

1. The opener in 2008, when we lost on the last play of the game.

2. The Chiefs win on Thanksgiving weekend in 2005, when it took 3 INTs by "Cut" greg wesley to pull it off.

3. The Monday Nighter in 2004, when we should have lost by 50, and had the ball with a chance to tie at the two minute warning.

4. The great "What If" of the Vermeil era, when Priest scored as time expired in 2002, and we opted to go for one and overtime, instead of two and the win.  (For what it's worth ... I still agree with that decision.)

5. The Monday Nighter in 2000, when Grbac's final throw into the end zone was dropped by Tony G as time expired.

6. The "Holy Sh*t, What the F*ck Just Happened Here?!?!" moment of a lifetime in 1999, when Adam Vinatieri had a 23 yard field goal as time expired to win ... and SHANKED it left.  I sat in section 109 that day.  I had a perfect view of the kick.  To this day, I have no damned idea how he missed it.

There is not one logical reason to believe the Chiefs can win this game.

Which is probably why I honestly believe we can.  But no matter what, if our "good friends" from the NFC North take care of business at home?  We still control our own destiny after this game.

You gotta love the worst division in NFL history.  Congrats: you're off the hook, 2010 NFC West and 1989 AFC Central ...

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