Thursday, June 13, 2013

a few previews ... and one "go dude go!" ...

"Aw, the hell with all the small town, small talk --
I've had enough!
It ain't their place to judge!
And man, I'm giving up.

And I said, if you can't live it down?
Might as well live it up!
You live and you learn!
Man, the world's gonna turn --
It ain't gonna stop for you!

Hell -- and I said, if you can't live it down?
Might as well live it up!
Because forgiveness is yours,
In the hands of the Lord,
Ain't nothing they can do!

Hell -- live it up! ..."

-- "Live It Up" by Brantley Gilbert ... whose last two albums are long, long, long overdue a Stevo's Site Numero Dos Official Review for ...


Whoa!  Five! -- not one, not two, not three, not even four, but FIVE! -- posts in three days!  You'd think it was 2008 again or something!

Just a few quick updates, as I'm not sure how "on the grid" I'll be this weekend ...

* I am dogsitting for my brother this weekend ... and taking Monday and Tuesday off to get the hell out of the office, away from the crap we're enduring in my department.  My goal is to knock out numbers fifteen and twenty three on the "best episodes ever" rewatch list ... but I make no promises.

* For the record, the next five I'm looking at doing: 15 ("I Dream of Jesus"), 23 ("Two Cathedrals"), 26 ("The Accident" ... which I've already started, before Youtube! yanked the link, so all the timing is effed up now ...), 12 ("Happily Ever After"), and 6 ("Chuckles Bites the Dust").  Of those five?  I'm most looking forward to the last one.  Trust me -- "Chuckles Bites the Dust" is amongst the best thirty minutes of television sitcom history ... if not the best thirty minutes of television sitcom history.

* Sadly, looks like I'm not making Omaha this year, for the second straight year.  And that sucks.  If you've ever been to the CWS, especially at Rosenblatt, you understand why I feel as I do.

And if not?  Well, here's the link to the last time I made it up there, two years ago.

* The Royals are blowing the Rays out of Tropicana as I type this (it's 9-1, top 7).  In the words of Blackstreet: "play on playa!"

* While I was not a fan (to put it mildly) ... my condolences to Jason Leffler's family, friends, and fans.  What a sad, tragic loss.

* Oh, and to "The Voice of Reason" ... have I got a birthday gift (hopefully) lined up for you, come late July. You (and possibly "bts"), might be the only ones who get the hilarity of it ... ok, fine -- Brett and Heath will too -- but of all things, provided I can save it from the throw-away pile at RussMart ... well, you're gonna laugh your ass off.

And (hopefully) have one helluva addition to the downstairs memorabilia collection.

* It's early ... but Sunday (or worst case, Monday) night is planned.  Me.  My mom.  A back deck table.  A couple BLT sandwiches with Durkee sauce subbed for the mayo.  And a couple bottles of Relax Riesling.  If I fail to make the pool on Sunday?  You'll know why.

* Finally, I'd be wrong to not acknowledge the obvious: my favorite golfer, leads the US Open, an event he has finished second in not once (1995), not twice (1999), not three times (2004), not four times (2006), but five times (2009).  Phil Mickelson is two clear of the field, with the first round yet to finalize.

If he pulls this off?

It ain't gonna be Relax Riesling on my folks' deck Sunday night.  I'm springing for the Austi ...

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