Thursday, July 11, 2013

deletion and edit

Hello everybody.

I have deleted the post from 5/6/13, detailing my issues with a couple friends, and I have edited the post from 6/11/13, to remove the closing, out of respect for those two friends.

I want to state -- I was 100 percent wrong to take our issues public, and I apologize to Dustin, to Kellie, and to any of their or our friends who read this site on a regular basis.  I repeat -- I was 100 percent wrong to take my issues with them public, and I cannot apologize to them enough, to make up for my mistakes.

To anyone who knows all of us who reads this, please know, our issues are my fault, not theirs.  And I accept the full blame, responsibility, and accountability, for our issues.

I once again apologize to my Champ and my Chica, and I can only hope that someday, we rise above all this ugliness.

-- Stevo

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