Thursday, August 28, 2008

the dnc: day four ... live blog

Well here we are. No matter what you think of the ticket, of the nomination process, there is no denying, tonight is a historical night.

A non-white male atop a national party ticket.


I intend to go at this for a little while tonight, but I will not blog Obama's speech, I intend to watch that in its entirety, uninterrupted, and will post my reactions either later tonight or (more likely) tomorrow morning.

Here we go.

7:23pm: Governor Richardson just finished. The man who should be coming off a two term Presidency is up next apparently.

Wow, fake mile high is jammed packed. I think it would be so incredible to be there tonight. Again, regardless of your opinions of Senator Obama, what a historic, nation-altering moment this is. For the first time, ANYONE truly can become President. Just awe inspiring.

(I'm still undecided, for those keeping score at home. Biden really, really had me in last night. But that's the problem with this Convention. Each speaker who has effectively spoken on voting for Obama ... is 25 times more qualified than him for the job. Yup, its my party).

Yikes, Dick Durbin is introducing Obama. Not a Dick Durbin fan. Then again, if Hillary was the nominee, that likely means Chucky Schumer would be introducing her. And I hate Chucky Schumer, the man who caused IndyMac to fail overnight by inciting a needless, criminal in nature panic on the bank.

Music stops. Must mean Gore is up.

Nope, its Stevie Wonder! And Take 6! This has potential.

This is ok. Its actually pretty decent, but compared to Melissa Etheridge last night, and the incredible John Legend performance on Monday, its missing something.

I gotta say, the stage looks immaculate. I thought, based on the coverage and preliminary pics, that it would come off as too much ... but it works. Whoever came up with this, smart designer. It actually looks really similar to the RNC stage from 2004. Except with blue instead of red carpet. Because blue rocks.

Yes! "Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!" Awesome.

The scene is really, really neat. The stadium is just about filled up, American flags waving everywhere. Team Obama nailed this ... so far.

That was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

And of course, we follow it up, and kill the positive vibe ... with a sob story. Yup, its my party.

Here's Al!

(steve applauding!)

He looks good.

Applause still going, both at fake mile high and in a computer room in south KC.

"Its not a guarantee, its only an opportunity". Good line.

If Gore had spoken like this more often in 2000, he'd be a two term incumbent.

"The same policies? All over again? Hey, I believe in recycling, but that's ridiculous". Great line.

Its got to be killing Al Gore right now. He is 2,500,000,000,000 times more qualified for this than Obama is.

I agree, Biden did give a great speech last night. Although apparently only Al and I think that.

"I know something about close elections ..." Sadly, we all do.

"The forces of the status quo are desperately afraid of the change Barack Obama represents". Good line.

I might be nuts ... ok, I am nuts ... but I swear, Al's wearing the same freaking outfit he wore 8 years ago when he accepted the nomination. I might need to rewatch that speech for a confirmation.

And he's wandering off on the fight against global warming. Or pardon me, the "climate crisis". Really, if "climate crisis" means its 95 and sunny in KC in November, is that a bad thing? (I say no).

"This administration, and the special interests that control it lock, stock, and barrel after barrel after barrel ..." Another good line.

50 years from now, we as a nation will view Bush v Gore with the disgust and embarrassment that we view Dred Scott and Plessy v Ferguson. Hell, I already view Bush v Gore with the disgust I view Dred Scott and Plessy v Ferguson with.

"When as many as 3 Supreme Court justices could be appointed in the first term of the next President ..." Wow. That's the single strongest argument I've heard yet in favor of Obama. And it took 4 days to deliver it.

"He (Obama) represents a clean break from the politics of partisanship and division". Uuh, no he doesn't Al. He is partisanship and division, according to his Senate voting record.

"There are times in the history of our nation when the very fate of our nation depends on rising up to face the challenge in front of us". True.

Comparing Obama's experience to Lincoln's. Very, very effective. (Obama has more experience, actually).

I'd forgotten Lincoln opposed the Mexican War on moral grounds (a war fought entirely for one reason, to acquire territory to expand slavery). I should have remembered that, I do have a US History minor with an emphasis in the Civil War era.

Of course, noone will mention the dirty little secret that the Emancipation Proclamation is the single greatest political document in American history, in that it actually freed 0 slaves. Lincoln was a genius.

Michelle won't be nearly as great a First Lady as Tipper would have been.

Obama scheduled to speak at 9:15. Seems late, actually. Gore went for 50 something minutes in his acceptance. Clinton went over an hour in each of his. Kerry pushed an hour last year.

The scene when you go to the side camera, after a huge applause line, is just jaw dropping inspiring. It makes you want to rush to your local military recruiter, its that pro America. Its just ... awesome. The overhead, not so much, but the side from the base of the podium, just incredible. Great, great job by Team Obama so far setting this thing up.

Now, can he deliver? Remember Barry, KISS. Keep is simple, stupid. Speak to the guy in flyover country sitting on his couch drinking a Coors Light.

Its nice to see a full house at fake mile high not dressed in bright orange.

Wow, there has to be more than 80k there. This place is jammed packed. Just incredible to see.

(And yes, I'd have paid the $1000 price to get a scalped ticket if I was there. This is arguably the most historic day in American political history since ... uuh ... its been a while.)

Alternating English and Spanish "Yes We Can!" chants. Neat.

Si Se Puede! Yes We Can! The true genius, greatness of America. "E Plurubus Unum". Out of many, one.

Crowd cheering for some rason, but I can't figure it out. Looks like a keyboard going up?

Beach balls flying in the delegates section. As a College World Series fan that drives up for at least a couple days every year, I can sum that up in two words. Freaking awesome!

We got multiple keyboards going up. Michael McDonald your performer! And somebody named Ray Chu? Ray Choo?

Doing "America the Beautiful". This should kick ass.

He's going for the Ray Charles version. And he's nailing it. This is just awesome. Sometimes, I am proud to be a Democrat.

Not just a youtube! moment, its a "when the hell is ITunes making this available" performance. Absolutely amazing. Yay America!!! (kazoo voice) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tribute to Retired Generals up next apparently. Dick Durbin at the top of the hour. Senator Obama at 9:15. My liver waves the white flag of surrender somewhere in there I'm sure.

The "Reverend Jackson" is in the house! And Reverend Al was on MSNBC a couple hours ago. I want to once again register my official outrage that Reverend Al was not given a speaking slot at this convention. Let us resolve, not just as Democrats, but as people who love fun, to NEVER again deny Reverend Al a speaking slot. At any party's convention.

(I'm guessing he still wants his 40 acre and a mule).

Ike's daughter talking. Pardon me, Eisenhower's granddaughter. Wait, wasn't Ike a Republican?

No female speakers or performers have worn pearls yet tonight in the part that I've watched. (tony bruno voice) that's an outrage. Although in Sheryl Crow's case, she can wear any damned thing she wants. My God, to be mid 40s and look like that ... (beavis and butthead voice) uuh, hey baby. I'm single ...

So she's in the tank for Barry too. Nice.

Seriously, there is not an empty seat in the house. Except at the very, very top behind the podium. And I'm guessing those will be filled in by speech time, I hear the security to get in today was nuts.

How the hell are this many military folks Democrats? If you listen to Rush, Hannity and other conservative pundits, we Democrats hate the military and want to lose the war on terror? (The lesson, as always: you give anyone a microphone, they'll make an ass out of themselves. Even if, in Rush's case at least, I usually laugh right along with him at the asses in my party ...)

Hey, we got a Wes Clark sighting! Yet another former candidate more qualified for the Presidency than Barry ...

Uh oh, this guy just said "let me tell you how I made it to mile high". It ain't mile high no more, pal. The Real Mile High bit the dust 8 years ago.

And yes, despite the fact that I capitalize nothing affilitated with the denver broncos football operation, I will capitalize Real Mile High. Greatest home field advantage ever. The freaking stadium shook from noise and people stomping. Their fans abused visiting fans. That's the NFL baybee! Real Mile High had my respect. Other than that and barrel man, I hate everything about denver. I won't capitalize barrel man, but any guy who shows up for 40 plus years in nothing but a freaking barrel, also has my respect. Even if he supports the "enemy".

Oh my God. Here is what follows America's heroes. "America's Voices Program". I will simply type the description of each speaker:

* Michigan teamster car transport driver affected by decline in car manufacturing.
* New to campaigning, this Akron mother and grandmother is an Obama volunteer.
* Struggling small business owner in Melbourne, FL, with health issues.
* Albuquerque, NM public school worker concerned about economy.

And there's 4 more of those. I might slit my wrists before they're done.

Joe Biden on stage! He effing rocked last night, in Steve's opinion!

His wife is such a MILF.

I think Biden's hit the sauce tonight. Or as Gregg's old neighbor at Arrowhead used to put it, he's "on his medicine".

Either the glare is awful on stage ... or Biden is visibly struggling to keep his eyes open.

I love Joe Biden. Anyone who pokes fun not once, but twice, at "Dingy" Harry Reid in his brief remarks, I love.

Oh Christ, we lead off with the Teamster. Michael Strahan tooth gap. He looks familiar. I'm guessing he was in "Roger and Me".

The Bush administration has nothing to do with Detroit's downfall sir. The incompetence of GM, as so visibly and forcefully exposed in "Roger and Me", and the utter incompetence of Ford, as exposed daily in the Detroit Lions, that's why Detroit had its downfall. Bush might be incompetent, and I might not care much for him ... but you can't fault him for your own companies stupidity.

Glenne Headly look-alike. Going off about the Muslim email against Obama. I agree with her on this, its ridiculous the depths religious right quacks will go to, to see "their guy" elected. (Only the joke's on them; they don't have a friend in this race. (kurt warner voice) Thank you Jesus!!!!!!! Nothing puts a smile on my face like seeing the religious right tore a new a-hole ...)

Ohio ... is a state Barry lost by 10 plus to HRC after Super Tuesday. The definition of insanity is nominating a man who lost by double digits to a candidate with NO shot to win the nomination at that point. (steve bashing head on desk in frustration ...)

We need President Hillary Rodham Clinton lady.

"I don't tell this story to get sympathy ..." Sure you don't. Here's a thought lady: if you can't make it in your current job ... find a new one! Jesus, how tough is it to understand that? If you're failing in your current position ... find a new one!

(My God, I sound more like a Republican every day. Hang on ... yup, I still favor equal gay rights in every aspect of the word "equal". So I'm still a Dem. Whew.)

OK, that's it for night four. I will post my thoughts on Obama's speech once I compose them. I'll also probably post my recap on the DNC itself.

And yes ... for the two rabid fans out there ... I will live blog the RNC as well. All four nights, not sure. But at least a couple of them.

I leave this live blog still on the fence. As I posted earlier today, Barry needs to not only lay out specifics tonight ... he needs to come off as an average joe. If he tries to perpetuate this Messiah crap the right wing has assigned to him ... as my relatives would say, fuhgedaboudit.

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