Friday, September 5, 2014

week one: "the constant"

“How I can convince you,
What you see is real?
Who am I to blame you,
For doubting what you feel?

I was always reaching;
You were just a girl I knew.
I took for granted,
The friend I have in you.

I was living for a dream!
Looking for a moment!
Taking on the world –
That was just my style.

Now I look into your eyes?
I can see forever.
The search is over –
You were with me all the while.


Wow, another season of pigskin prognosticating (anything but) greatness is here!  Woo!  (Fist pump!)  Woo!

So let’s start, with one of the few times this season, these figures aren’t highly likely to be ugly.

Last Week ATS: not applicable.
Season To Date ATS: not applicable.

Last Week SU: not applicable.
Season To Date SU: not applicable.

Mr. Reason Last Week ATS: not applicable.
Mr. Reason Season To Date ATS: not applicable.
(Note: Mr. Reason does not pick straight-up winners.)

Last Week “Screw You Pete King*” Upset / Week: not applicable.
Season To Date “Screw You Pete King” Upset / Week: not applicable.
This Week’s “Screw You Pete King” Upset / Week: I'll stay conservative week one, although in the picks below, you can identify via my comments the gigantic upset, I am 100% convinced is happening on Sunday.  So I'll choose Cowboys (+4) over the 49ers.  #DefendTheStar


(*: for the newbies, welcome!  Make yourself at home!  Grab a frosty cold Coors Light out of the fridge, burn one down, and enjoy!  The “Screw You Pete King” Upset O’ The Week is named after and columnist Peter King, who ranked the San Diego “Super” Chargers ahead of the Chiefs every single week in the 2010 season in his “Fine Fifteen” section of his weekly column, despite the fact that the Chargers never once spent even a day in first place … and the Chiefs never once failed, to spend a day in first place.  Screw your bigotry, sir.  Screw your bigotry, intolerance, and abject hatred, of all things Kansas City.)


And as a quick refresher, let’s look at how this post will (usually) flow each week.

* The Non-Jets, Non-Chiefs best guesses.  Seems pretty self-explanatory: my predictions, both straight up and against the spread, for every NFL matchup that doesn’t involve the Jets or the Chiefs.  I usually try to pick a semi-funny theme, if only to create a Shecky Greene-esque buildup, to the final section of the post.

This week?  No theme; just some rambling thoughts.

* The “Good Times Game O’ The Week!”  The worst matchup on the board.  So named because any person with an IQ above room temperature in an igloo, would rather watch a three-hour “Good Times” marathon, than a second of this designated game.

* The “Gordon Shumway Game O’ The Week!”  The second worst matchup on the board.  So named because any person with an IQ above that of a corpse, would rather watch a three hour “ALF” marathon, than a second of this designated game.

* The “Webster Game O’ The Week!”  You pray to God kids – every God there ever was, is, or ever will be, and the universe entire – that we never have three games so awful, that a three hour marathon of “Webster”, is in play.

* The “One Day At A Time Game O’ The Week!”  Has only happened twice that I can recall, in nearly fifteen years of doing this.  If we have a “ODAAT” matchup on the board?  Hide the women and children.  Make your peace with your higher power.  Because the end of western civilization is in sight.

* The Tale O’ The Tape.  Where I break down a matchup of great significance that (probably) has absolutely nothing to do with football, but I find interesting.  Usually appears in the non-Jets, non-Chiefs section, of these (poorly) prepared remarks.

(Note: there is no "Tale O' The Tape" this week.)

* The “Klassy” Kevin Keitzman Tweet O’ The Week.  Again, pretty self-explanatory: I find something the Klassy One – the self-proclaimed “Family Man” himself – has posted on Twitter that I feel illustrates what a liar and hypocrite he is, and continue my determined effort to expose his lies and rank, stank hypocrisy, to the masses of our fine metropolitan area.

* The Voice of Reason’s, Uuh, Reason.  Whenever Stevo’s Site Numero Dos’ Official Voice of Reason feels like chiming in with his predictions and/or commentary, he gets his own section, unedited, save for font and text size.

* The Poem.  Only utilized for games I attend (which at this point, appears to be only home games this season).  A nod to nostalgia, from the late 1990s / early 2000s, when I’d crank out a The Poem for the walk to the players’ entrance.

* The Tailgating Plans.  Only utilized for games I attend.  It is exactly what it sounds like: the tailgating plans for that week’s game.

* The Watching Party Plans.  Only utilized for games I don’t attend in person.  And it too is exactly what it sounds like: the plans for the Chiefs game watching party, usually at The Second Parents.

* The Jets “Fling It And Pray It Sticks” Wild Hair.  My pick for the Jets game.

* The Chiefs Prognostication and Rambling, Incoherent, What the F*ck Is He Trying To Say Inspirational Commentary.  My pick, and thoughts and/or comments, for the Chiefs game.

Plus, whatever else I feel like testing out.  

(Note: nothing new this week.)

I try to have fun with this.  I hope you enjoy it.


The Non-Jets, Non-Chiefs Best Guesses:

* at Seahawks (-6) 49, Packers 20.  As posted on Twitter last night, before kickoff.  Holy crap, I’m 1-0 already!

* Saints (-3) 31, at Falcons 27.  This is going to be a push.  Saints are going to win 31-28.  But I have to pick an ATS winner.  And I think New Orleans is a better bet to cover minus three, than Atlanta is to cover plus three.  If that makes sense.  And given that it’s me typing this, it probably doesn’t.

* Vikings (+3) 31, at Rams 3.  Your “Good Times Game O’ The Week!”  This game is about as attractive from a distance, as the horrific “Zombie Ad” that (I forget which) DirecTV or Dish Network or AT&T aired all summer on your radios.  I mean, for the love of Christ himself, you’re “breaking” up with cable, on the advice of a zombie?  And who the hell thinks zombies are lovable, adorable creatures?  Even my four year old nieces can tell you, zombies are terrible things to be feared.  They’ve learned at least that much, from watching Scooby Doo!  If a couple of four year olds (love ya girls!) are smarter than a radio commercial programmer, is there any hope left for this nation?  (Pause).  Wait, I think that means there is hope left for this nation.  

So boo zombies!  You suck!

* at Steelers (-7) 31, Browns 10.  If Brian Hoyer is the answer, I don’t want to know the question … unless said question, is if this is the “Gordon Shumway Game O’ The Week”.  And the answer to that question, is an emphatic “hell yes”.

* at Eagles 28, Jaguars (+10 ½) 21.  Jags are better than you think.  And yes, we’re in “Webster Game O’ The Week” territory.  My God.  Only five games – out of sixteen – in, two of which are guaranteed to never get “I’d rather watch a three hour marathon of (insert sh*tty show here) than watch that game” status, and we’ve already reached Defcon 4, with “One Day At A Time” on deck?  Oh my.  Someone screwed the proverbial pooch, with the Week One scheduling.  At least for the early games.

* at Ravens (-1) 24, Bengals 20.  Hang on, let me haul out a voice here.  (john madden voice) Now HERE’S a game, I’d pay to watch!

* at Bears 27, Bills (+7) 21.  And since I have nothing to add to this game, allow me to make a request for tailgating on Sunday.

Just once – just once! – can we turn the beer pong table, into a vodka tonic pong table?  It’s not that I don’t like, love, and enjoy beer.  It’s as vital and necessary a part of life as sex and food are.  But for God’s sake, just once, can I face someone without having to chug five or six solo cups of Miller Lite, and instead, let me fill those twenty bad boys with a Stevo style vodka tonic?  Is that really asking too much?

* Redskins (+3) 31, at Texans 20.  Ryan Fitzpatrick on the field.  Ryan Fitzpatrick on the field.  Also, kudos to the Texans for making their first smart move in … uuh … well, quite a while, by trading for Ryan Mallett.  He’ll be starting by week six.  He’ll still be starting there, six years from now.

(In case you’ve forgotten?  I defy you to find one thing in this post, that isn’t still true, three years later.)

* Patriots (+4) 49, at Dolphins 2.  I don’t get the love for the mammals entering this season.  Dan Marino ain’t walking through that door.  And Ryan Tannehill is no Dan Marino.  (To say nothing of the fact, that Joe “Regis” Philbin is no Don Shula, no Jimmy Johnson – hell, he’s not even a Dave Wannstedt at this point.)

* Panthers (+2 ½) 30, at Bucs 27.  I forget what season it was – for some reason, I’m thinking 2005 – but the Panthers at Bucs season opener ended with a safety … and later that night, some Panther cheerleaders were busted at a Tampa area strip club for getting their freak on in said adult entertainment establishment’s bathroom.  Let’s all hope and pray, at least one of those two events, happen again.

* at Cowboys (+4) 38, 49ers 31.  And since I have nothing else to add, allow me to say a very fond farewell to the comedic genius known as Joan Rivers, who passed away yesterday at the age of 81.  From everything I’ve read, she went through the same ordeal my dad did last October, over this past week.  Sadly, it didn’t work for her.  The one thing I loved about Ms. Rivers above all others – she never apologized for a single joke she told.  She was always – always! – brutally honest about her emotions and feelings.  She will be greatly missed.

* at donkeys  27, Colts (+8) 24.  I actually think Indy is going to win this game.  I just don’t have the balls to pick it outright.  This donkeys team reminds me of the 2004 Chiefs.  They’re loaded … but something just isn’t right.

* Giants (+6) 34, at Lions 3.  Jim Caldwell on the sideline.  Jim Caldwell on the sideline.

I mean, seriously, what did Lions fans do, to deserve the last fifteen years of that team?  From the moment Bob Ross walked off the job, to today, it’s been a debacle.  You never should have fired Ol’ Buck, Ford family. 

* at “Super” Cardinals (-3) 27, “Super” Chargers 21.  Two “super” teams meeting up where the Super Bowl will occur in four months!  (peter griffin seeing ernie the giant fighting chicken voice) OH CRAP!


The Voice of Reason’s, Uuh, Reason:

I had seattle last night as part of a teaser with the under, so both hit.

Atl +3
StL -3
Cle +7
Jax +10.5
NYJ -5.5
Balt Pick
Buf +7
Hou -3
Ten +3
Mia +4
TB -2.5
Dal +4
Indy +7.5
Det -6
Arz -3


The “Klassy” Kevin Keitzman Tweet O’ The Week:

From The Klassy One’s Twitter account:

(image credit: me, via the Snag-It 10 tool on my laptop.)

I mean, really?  I have to be the one to say it?  OK!

“You can pull your pants down now, Mr. Keitzman.  Please put your ball back inside them.”

I mean, good God, what the hell kind of a selfie is that?  Is he worshipping his “ball” on the surface of the water?  Is he sending a subliminal message about how big his “ball” is? 

And don’t even get me started on his rant Monday, about how he despises Bobby Petrino, for his philandering ways.  Kev?  Ol’ “K”KK?  Ol’ Buddy?  Ol’ Pal?  Ol’ Descomisado?  Ol’ “I was there when “K”KK (allegedly) passed out drunk at a Harrah’s blackjack table, and fell to the floor out of his chair” Dude?

People who live in glass houses, shouldn’t be throwing stones.

There is nothing in life I despise more, than intolerant people.  People who discriminate based on their differences.  (Most people would call them "racists"; I choose to say semi-classy.)  But a close second?  Is rank, stank hypocrites.  

And I could make a solid argument, the only people in life, that are more rank, stank hypocritical than Ol’ Klassy?

Is noone.


The Tailgating Plans:

So here’s what we’ve got, as of Friday.

The primary menu item is “Titan Tenderloin”, and we’re doing three types of them – beef, pork, and tri-tip.  The core tailgating members are committed to bringing at least one side dish, and a few have been asked to bring two.  (As always, I’m responsible for the alcohol department when it comes to The Tailgate, because I don’t want to kill anyone with my cooking.  (Pause).  Yes, I know, the rank hypocrisy in that statement – a Stevo Style Libation could kill Gary Busey, yet I’m still chugging along.  Thanks, mom and dad?)

The side dishes are of a potato variety for the most part, so if you’re coming out and want to contribute, keep that in mind.

My contribution?  I’m coming out of retirement on Jello shot duty.  And if I can find a match for the Jello packs Mona found on Saturday?  You aren’t gonna want to miss it.  (And even if I can’t?  It’s me, making Jello shots.  You’re guaranteed to be feeling spectacular, after two of them..)

The Bus leaves for Terrorhead at 6:30ish.  The early in pass gets us in as soon as we arrive, and we’ll be in our usual spot: the grassy knoll north of the G30 sign.  If you arrive before 8:30, and want to park by us to tailgate?  Then come in Gate 6 (off Stadium Drive), and according to the STM email I got, it should be business as usual to get you parked on the grassy knoll north of G30.  (All gates, save the early-in Gate 7, should open at 8am, per the email.)  

If you want to park by us to tailgate, don’t have a Red Reserve pass, and won’t be there before 8:30, please let me know (ideally) before 6:30ish Sunday morning, so I can give you Anthony’s number to text when you’re five minutes out.  We’ve figured a way around the new parking regulations.  I’d say text me when you’re five minutes out, but we use my iPhone for the Mixology Playlist, and I prefer to (shannon voice) let the music play, rather than deal with texts and/or calls.

We’re expecting a solid 25 people; we know 14 are riding The Bus (and rising; it was 10 yesterday).  As always, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.  I despise people who discriminate and are intolerant and uninclusive; I refuse to be that guy. 

Hope to see ya Sunday!


The Poem*:

The season is here!
Hip Hop Hooray!
Let’s hope this opener’s a laugher,
Where we can all get some rays!

Kickoff is high noon,
Between the Chiefs and Tennessee.
Arrowhead Stadium?
Is the place to be.

Come out and tailgate,
G30’s grass is the place to be!
I’ll even let you hang a new noose,
On Triple Noose donkey!

No The Poem is complete,
Without a few key lines.
Let’s knock those things out,
Because I need a beer. ©

“But then I stop,
Because I spot a car,
That might contain,
My special little star!” ©

“Then I open the program,
To see who our referee will be,
And I shout out in horror,
Sweet Jesus!  Ed Hochuli!” ©

Chiefs fans?  Unite!
Show up en mass!
And if you see a Titans fan?
Be rude!  Be crude!  Be crass!

Because when the tailgate breaks down,
To the stadium we will head.
Where the Titans await;
We’re gonna slay them dead!

Be loud on Sunday!
Do your part!
Cheer every Titan,
Who leaves the field on a cart!

Because come 3:30,
I have a feeling,
There’s gonna be some dancing,
On a thing called a ceiling!

© 2014, Stevo Productions.  No rights reserved, and any and all portions of The Poem may be distributed and/or reproduced, without the expressed, written consent, of Major League Baseball.


(for the newbies: the first © is my tribute to Jenni, because I always stuck one stanza in The Poem that didn’t come close to rhyming, and it never failed to make her laugh.  The second © is in tribute to the “special friendship” between The Voice of Reason and Donnie Edwards – number 59 in your programs … and number 59, on the old Honda Accord licence plate.  The third and final © is in tribute to Ed Hochuli – and it’s true story time!

The Week 5 Monday Nighter against Seattle in 2000.  We do the traditional walk, head down to the players entrance, and Ed and his gang come rolling out of a limo.  (Note: I started The Poem in 1999, so the “Sweet Jesus, Ed Hochuli!” line had been around for over a year, at that point.  Gregg shouts it to Ed, who stops, looks up, and simply deadpans “is that a problem?”

Brought the house down.  Ed came back out, signed some autographs, posed for a pic or three.  One of the coolest, most down to earth dudes you’ll ever meet.

Two weeks later, at the home game against the raiders, Johnny Greer was the ref.  Gregg’s comment to Mr. Greer?  “Thank God!  You’re not Ed Hochuli!”  I’ve never seen a NFL referee laugh as hard, or as long, as Johnny Greer did, hearing that.

(Pause).  Oh, and the answer to the obvious question is “why yes, Jenni captured our insanity in a thesis for some class she was taking”.  You’re damned right she got an A on that thing.)


The Watching Party Plans:

There is no The Watching Party Plans this week, due to this being a home game.


The Jets “Fling It And Pray It Sticks” Wild Hair:

A pissed off Packers team awaits next week.  In the words of Stevo’s Site Numero Dos’ Official Color Commentator (Emeritus), Dan Dierdorf, it would “behoove” the Jets, to beat the raiders.

They will.  Barely.

* at Jets 13, raiders (+6) 10.

And as an early PSA for next week: the NFL record margin of victory in a game, is 74.  The NFL record for points scored in a game, is 77.  Both are in serious, serious jeopardy next Sunday at Lambeau.


The Chiefs Prediction (and Commentary):

As summer draws to a close, it’s been a bittersweet one for me.  “The Family” has imploded, probably once and for all.  That sucks.  It really f*cking sucks. 

But then, there was that magical Tuesday night last month, when one of the bravest people you’ll ever meet, gave cancer the two middle fingers it deserves, by sweating out a nearly one hundred degree evening at Starlight, to experience Earth Wind and Fire, for what is likely to be the final time, but if so?  What a way to go out:

(image credit: random, via my iPhone.)

I suppose what the Summer of 2014 taught me, is that you can’t predict life.  Shit happens.  Friends come into your life, friends exit your life.  You can’t control what life deals you.  The highs, the lows, the ups and downs.  But – but! – there’s one thing that not even life, can alter.

There’s one thing that never changes.  Even if it takes you a while, to figure it out, there’s always “the constant”.

There’s always?

"The constant".


As I type this, the Kansas City Royals sit in first place, potentially two clear of the field for the division, three clear of the field for the second wildcard, when this post eventually goes up.  (Royals won 1-0; Tigers trail 0-6 in a rain delay in the 3rd.)

My favorite sport growing up, was baseball.  The first wager I ever made that I can recall, was betting my Dad on the 1986 World Series.  I took the Mets.  After all, that 1986 Mets team is the team that made me fall in love with baseball.  (As the 1986 Chiefs were the team, that made me fall in love with football.  Again, I do NOT believe in coincidence.)

Like so many of you, I too have gotten caught up in the pennant chase, and I offer no apologies for it.  I had the honor and privilege of living in the Metroplex during the Rangers runs in 1995, 1996, and 1998, and was there for a chunk of the playoff run in 1999.  I made all three playoff games in my time down there (all losses to the Yankees), and I even ran up over $300 in “emergency charges” to the “Texas Rangers Baseball Club” on my dad’s credit card, for that 1998 stretch drive, to witness it all live.

I’ve only experienced one season like those late 90s runs here in KC the last twenty years, prior to this year: 2003.  And go figure – the most successful Royals season of the decade, was also the Chiefs, as they went 13-3, and won the AFC West for the first time since “Pete Stoyanovich for President” was a valid campaign slogan.  And go figure – the Chiefs, like the Royals, collapsed down the stretch, failing to make a dent in the playoffs, after they (just like the Royals) opened 9-0 to the season.

(Again, I do NOT believe in coincidence.)

I fell hook, line, and sinker for those Boyz N Blue, ponying up with The Voice of Reason* to buy a full season ticket package for the Royals.  To go with my season tickets for the Chiefs.  To go with attending every KU Football game.

2004?  Opened as the most optimistic year of my sports fandom life.

2004?  Confirmed who my one true love in sports is, and why I’ll never turn my back on it.


(*: you can argue, and I think Mr. Reason would agree with me, that that purchase?  Was the single most unreasonable thing he’s ever done in his life.  Sadly, it probably doesn’t even crack my top five hundred.  Hence my need for a “Voice of Reason”.)


2004 ruined Royals baseball for me.  I know I’ve told this story before, but there was a weekend in the winter of 2006-2007, when I was clearing out the kitchen before I moved out of the Shawnee house, when I came across that season ticket book.

The last ticket used?  Was July 17th.

2004 could have ruined KU Football for me … but let’s just be honest here.  Nobody attends KU football games expecting to win (save for 2007, and possibly 2008).  In the words of Luke Bryan – “go on and take your ass back home, if you ain’t here to party!”

2004 … was also the most bitterly disappointing Chiefs season of my lifetime.  An 0-3 start.  A five game losing streak after getting back to 3-4, visiting a horrific Saints team.  And the most bitter loss of them all, the loss of the man who never failed to note our parking nazis “majored in Asshole 101”.

I honestly hadn’t been as angry, bitter, broken, disappointed, or hurt over a Chiefs season as badly as I was over 2004, until my birthday weekend in Indianapolis, nine months ago.


Nine months ago yesterday, I stood in section 451, row 3, … I forget the seat … and stood with two gigantic arms outstretched as high as I could reach, double fist pumping, screaming and cheering like I rarely ever have in life.

The reason?  Simple.

38 to 10.  Only one NFL team in the postseason, had ever made up a greater deficit.  And considering Frank Reich, Kenneth Davis, Andre Reed, Steve Tasker, Marv Levy, and Cornelius Bennett weren’t in the building that day, I was supremely confident the Chiefs would hold on to win.

I couldn’t have been more wrong, as the last painful 28 ½ minutes of that game, sadly proved.

But that game?  Just hammers home, that while you can’t control life?

There’s one thing life, can’t affect in any way, shape, or form.



My one true (sports) love, is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Hell, I spelled it all out last year, entering our roadie at denver.  Why this team matters to me.

2004 didn’t ruin my love for them, like it did the Royals.  It only strengthened it.

And January 4, 2014, isn’t going to ruin my love for them, like I am sure it did some fans.

“You can never (turn your back) on your one true love.  You’ll always come back to her.”

Sunday, I – and many of you – come back, to my one true (sports) love.

We return to the First Church of Arrowhead, for Sunday services.

And the Tennessee Titans, are going to need a priest on hand, to deliver last rites, by the time we’re done with them.

Because I think Sunday?

To quote my dad – my hero in life, who we lost twice in an hour last year during (again, I don’t believe in coincidence) the game at the Titans – I think this one is going to be “an ass kicking of Biblical proportions”.


My favorite type of regular season game, is what I think Sunday will be.  And it’s been a damned long time, since we had one of these.

It’s a high 70s / low 80s day, sun shining bright.  The Chiefs get a seventeen to twenty four point lead at the half.  And then, with the game all but put away, I can do what I do best.

(stevo) (taking the shirt off)
(stevo) (kicking the birkenstocks under the seat)
(stevo) (propping his feet up on the empty chair in front of him)
(stevo) (using the zac brown voice) Life is good today.  Life is good today!


The Chiefs are going to win on Sunday, and it is not going to be remotely competitive.

I urge you all to enjoy the Royals run to the playoffs.  God knows I intend to.  Just as I did Sporting KC’s championship last fall, just as I do every KU season on the gridiron and the hardwood.

Just as I do every playoff team, for “Forty Games in Forty Nights” every May, with my favorite sports league.  (That’s the NBA, for those of you who don’t care or don’t pay attention.)

I might even contemplate the unthinkable on Sunday – have my radio tuned in to 610 Sports, instead of 101 the FOX, for the three some odd hours I’ll be standing inside the hallowed walls of Arrowhead Stadium.

I’ve been “joking” for three weeks now, that they’re gonna need armed riot cops and a few backhoes, to get some of us out of the parking lot after the Patriots game, if the Royals open the playoffs the following day, at Kauffman.  Those of you who know me – and know you who are great friends of mine?

Know it’s not a joke.

When the Chiefs (and you know he’s going to) PA dude announces that the Royals lead the Yankees?  Cheer like your firstborn kid was just born.  

Hell, cry like your firstborn kid, was just born.  God knows I might.


Fine -- God knows I will.

But please – don’t fail to remember why you’re in Arrowhead in the first place.

Remember your true (sports) love.

You ALWAYS come back to her.



2004?  Couldn’t destroy how I feel about these guys, the Right 53.

And January 4, 2014?  Only makes me double down, on having this team’s back, no matter what.

Just like – sadly, pathetically – December 2, 2012, did.

* at Chiefs (-3) 41, Titans 13.


So allow me to close, by simply taking a moment, to thank you -- my readers, my friends, my family, my "family", my random "Google searched this stoned and stumbled on this place" view page earner -- for making my life what it is.  

Is my life perfect?  Hell no … to the outsider.

But to me?

Hell yes it is.  Because of all of you.

And today?  Six of you, made this one amazing day.


I'm on a few committees at my job, where we deal with various charities and/or team building activities.  When it comes to the Spirit Days, I never get to do what the event is designed to do: build relationships with your co-workers, because my buddy Geoff and I run the Games Committee, so we get stuck for three hours running the various teams through the "Minute to Win It" games chosen for the event.  It's fun ... but it isn't what I hoped for.

Today, another committee I'm on, the Make a Wish folks, we held a Red Friday tailgate for our department.  We've committed to a pretty aggressive goal this year -- as a department, a mere 61 people strong -- we're raising $15,000 to grant three terminally ill kids, their wish.

We're talking $173.00 plus a person.

What does it say about how awesome a work family I have?

That every person on the planning committee, was pissed we didn't aim for $20,000?


Today, I told our committee chair, that I'd help with set-up and clean-up, but I was spending the actual event, with my friends, my co-workers.  Thankfully, she was cool with it.

Because today?  This happened:

(image credit: Heather, via her iPhone.  (She's not pictured.  (chicken voice) Bawk Bawk!)  L to R: Dusti, Dale, Joe, me, Diana.  Also not pictured, Kimberly -- our seventh -- and our boss, Kathy.)

My work family.  I thought it was cool.  I thought I'd share it.

Hey, it's my site.  If you don't like it?  

To quote someone who used to be "family": deal with it!

Or to quote Sam Malone -- "I'm the luckiest son of a bitch in the world", to have the friends, that I do.


Because that?  Is truly what "The Constant" in life, is.

The people you'd take a bullet for.

My Chiefs family.  “The Blog” family.  My friends, my actual family.  I don’t deserve any of you.  (Pause).  And yes, I know, the smart-ass in the peanut gallery could (correctly) argue you did nothing, to deserve me – and that’s not a positive reflection, of me.

I try every year, to honor you all as best I can, with "The Annual Post".  I know it's not nearly enough, to express how I feel, about "The Constant".

But please know, you matter -- at least to me. 

I irrationally love the Chiefs.  I make no apologies for it.

But to anyone I am honored enough to be considered a friend of?

I am irrationally indebted to you.

I don't take any of you for granted.

My search ended, a long time ago.

After all -- you've been with me all the while.


So here's the true close:

Sunday, the team we all love, is going to matter to us all again, for the first time in nearly nine months, in a lot of our cases.  

I may be the only person on the “denver is the most overrated team since the 2004 Chiefs” bandwagon … but I’m driving it.  At least until someone sober pushes me into the passenger’s seat.

Because Sunday?  Is Season On.

And because next Sunday?  I might have to add, a nice seven letter expletive, the four letter root word of which, is the only word in the English language, that can be used as all eight parts of speech, by the time we're done dealing with satan's squad, squarely inside the gates of hell itself …

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