Thursday, September 6, 2012

the dnc night three: live ... thoughts

One last time, let's do this.

I thought last night went about as badly as any convention night I've ever seen could go.  Every speech other than Clinton's was either so chock full of lies that it offended everyone, or it was so negative regarding where this country is that I found myself asking "wait, they WANT me to vote for re-election?"  And Clinton's speech was so good, so impressive, that there's no way either Barry or Biden can top it tonight.

Not sure how long I'll go tonight.  The goal is to stick with it through Dr. Biden to open the 8pm CT hour and decide from there.

The setup is CSPAN on the laptop, MSNBC on the TV.  As always, I'm logged into Yahoo! IM as teamtito15 if you want to comment or question.  Or there's a comments section on this thing too.

Here we go ...

We begin with a PSA video on the auto bailout.

What's up with this unhealthy obsession with playing "We Are Family" before each segment?

Dear God, this is getting worse than post 9/11 calling anyone in uniform a "hero".  Sorry chica, a factory employee is not a "hero", they're a "citizen", a "worker", possibly a "family person", probably a "good friend" to someone.  But hero?  Hell no.

Whoa!  A clean energy business that's still in business!  Who knew!

Well that segment was a downer.  What's next?

Mayor of Los Angeles.  Not even gonna try to spell it.  Poor guy's had a rough week, right down to staring in shock as God was booed.  I love the DNC!

Beau Biden to nominate Joey for the Veep slot.

Shamelessly plugging veterans for the cheap applause line.  Are we sure Beau isn't a Republican?

No really -- not even your garden variety Republican so shamelessly plugs the military for the cheap applause line like Beau is doing right now.

VP Biden wipes away a tear after that speech.  The water works have opened.

I'm gonna call it right now, at 6:15 CT -- Joe Biden will give the best speech tonight.  He looks ready.

I can't believe it took this long to air a total anti-Republican PSA ... but they're doing it.  And it's a doozy.

Actually a really effective PSA.  I'd have saved this for the intro for Obama at 9:10ish.

Foo Fighters live performance up next.  Bathroom break time.  Back in (chuck woolery voice) 2 and 2 ...

And we're back for song two by the Foo Fighters, they did "Hero" first.

Today's frightening thought of the day: I took the break to fix another beyond addictive Country Time Lemonade and Polar Ice vodka cocktail.  Care to guess how many empty handles of Polar Ice are currently on my counter?  Here's a hint: I last cleaned up / took trash out on Saturday afternoon.

And ... time.  Three.  Three 1.75ml handles of vodka, bone dry, and a fourth one nearly half gone.  And the home opener on tap come Sunday.  I am gonna be going through serious withdrawals early next week.

"Learning to Fly" is the current song they're performing.  I really wish they'd done "Miracle", its the only song by them I truly love.

Since I got asked earlier today, these live thoughts weren't done on Cover It Live! like in the past, because they charge you by the reader now if you attract more than something like ten page hits during your chat session.  Screw that.  We're kicking it old school, trusting the people reading this / following along are smart enough to hit the damned F5 button to update the view.

Foo Fighters are done.  Huge ovation.  Well deserved, solid performance by those guys.

How on earth can the party that unleashed the pure hell that is the Great Society on this country even pretend for 2/1000ths of a second to be FOR work, FOR advancement through the ranks, FOR a large middle and upper class?  This latest PSA is insane.  61 days to go Stevo, calm down.  61 days to go ...

Uuh, sir?  NOBODY has EVER raised taxes on the middle class like Barack Hussein Obama Soetero Whatever-the-hell-his-Blackhawk-tribe-Indian-name-is.  The ACA is the largest tax increase in recorded human history for Christ's sake!

WHOA!  No Reverend Al on MSNBC's panel tonight!  What the hell?

James Clyburn up next.  Comes out to "Holiday" by Madonna.  Thanks for finally changing up the playlist, DNC.

He's going off on candles for some reason.  I swear.  You can't make this shit up.

How can anyone in Columbia, South Carolina vote for this guy?  You can barely understand him.

Every speaker so far has focused pretty much solely on foreign policy.  Which is probably a smart idea, because if Obama tries to defend his economic record, he'll lose 70-30.

If I took a drink for every time that guy said "candles", I'd be in the ER right now with alcohol poisoning.

Kerry Washington up next.

WHEW!  We have a Reverend Al sighting.  He's live in Charlotte with Matthews.  I guess that epic "Clinton would know how to get it on with a Martian" blast last night finally convinced MSNBC brass that Chris has lost his marbles.  Although how sending Reverend Al to reign him in helps, I have no idea.

That was a really funny line: "the other side wants to imagine we are invisible.  But we are NOT invisible!"

We got a solid protestor infiltration going right now.

Scarlett Johansson up next.

Smart move there for her -- say "you know who I'm voting for", but not saying who it is, and urging people to "just vote, for whoever you want".  Helps keep the quack far right from not turning out for your movies.

"Sweet" Caroline Kennedy at the top of the hour.  Chuck Crist and John "Vietnam Veteran" Kerry at the bottom of the hour.  Then the Bidens, then Obama.

"Shining Star" by Earth Wind and Fire on right now.  Safe bet it's on the finalized Mixology list for the home opener.

Man, half these delegates are worse dancers than me.  That ain't good.

Does this dolt of a delegate holding an Abraham Lincoln poster head not realize Lincoln was a Republican?

Aretha now playing.

Per CNN, Gabby Giffords is actually next?  I thought she went earlier?  I knew I should have left work early and blogged the whole damned day.  And yes, I am still FUMING mad that I missed The Honorable Barney Frank earlier.

And spare me the "what's on FOX Stevo?" comeback.  I like FOX about as much as I like "The Kid" right now, and we're currently in week four of "Pissing Match 2012", so that outta tell you something.

Here comes Gabby!  This is awesome.  Seriously.  Good for her!

HUGE ovation from the floor.  She's doing the Pledge of Allegiance.

THAT was cool!  That was REALLY cool!

I trust the President or the Vice President has her in the Executive Box tonight, on the front row, next to Dr. Biden or the First Lady.

The applause is still going.

You can barely hear "Born In the USA" playing in the background, it's that loud.

And here's Caroline Kennedy.

And she still hasn't learned how to give a decent speech.

When was the last time a Democrat gave a speech in which women and minority rights WEREN'T "on the line"?

"Forward".  (stevo taking a drink).

Hey, we're an hour into this thing, and nobody's mentioned a damned road or bridge yet.  What the hell?

If she doesn't exit after this to "Sweet Caroline", the DNC Mixologist should be fired on the spot.  Even I know you HAVE to play "Sweet Caroline" when the object of the song is speaking.

The Reverend Jackson heading down to the Illinois delegation.

Gloria Allred in the house.

Oh for Christ's sake Caroline, Barack Obama is only president because (a) Bush was that awful, and (b) he's black.  If Barack Obama was as white as Joe Biden, he'd be down 25 points right now.

Nope, it's the same rip on "Don't Stop Believing" Julian Castro came out to on night one.  I need to find that song.  Note to self: search iTunes for it by Sunday morning.

Xavier Beccera is speaking, LA's rep to the House.  I actually like this guy.

Sorry folks, I wasn't kidding -- I HAVE to find who does this sampling of Journey.  Bear with me.

And we're back without an answer ... because it's Left.  Liberal.  Granholm!!!

She is en fuego!

This is the best speech so far at either convention.  This is awesome!

USA! chants breaking out!

"Forward".  "Forward".  Chug, chug.

THAT was epic!  Is it too late to sub her in for Biden?

Eva Longoria up next.

"Forward".  Chug.

Governor Schweitzer of Montana up next.  He was great four years ago in Denver.

My mommy's calling, gotta take the call.  I'm guessing its over the gratuitous use of the phrase "what the hell?" tonight on this live blog.

Charlie Crist now speaking.  Still talking to my mom.  Back in 2 and 2 ...

And we're back.  Chuck Crist looks awesome with that fake tan.  Somewhere, John Boehner is heading for a tanning booth as I type ...

Flashback video to Geraldine Ferraro's acceptance speech in 1984.

Looks like we're in hurry up and wait mode again.

Nope, John "I Served in Vietnam" Kerry!

Please, dear God, let him "report for duty" again.

Damn.  (florida evans voice) damn, damn, damn!

His "I'm John Kerry, and I'm reporting for duty" opening in 2004 is still the damned funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Wow, did we dodge a bullet with Kerry / Edwards or what?  (kurt warner voice) thank you Jesus!

If the last 44 months is "America leading like America again", then my God, we are more fucked than a porn star on her 10,000th shoot.

"Our heroes have come home".  Did they chuck their medals over the White House fence as you did, sir?

WHAT sane person "advised" Mr. Obama to NOT kill bin Ladin?

Now THAT'S THE LINE of the convention: "ask Osama bin Ladin if he's better off than four years ago!"  Awesome.

Wow, they must REALLY be catching flack of the Jerusalem debacle last night.

Wait, so getting rid of one dictator who kills his own people (Quadafi) is good ... but getting rid of another one (Hussein) isn't?  I'm bat shit confused.

And where do we stand on that thug killing his people in Syria?

John Kerry references "flip flopping".  (john candy voice) what a moron!

At least he got in a good cheap shot at himself.  I love people who can make fun of themselves.  And nobody does it better than me.

If John Kerry had been even 2/1000ths this effective in his acceptance speech, we'd have been spared four horrific years of George W. Bush.

We have a new nominee for best line: "Folks, Sarah Palin talked about how she could see Russia from her porch.  Romney acts like he's only seen Russia in Rocky IV!"

Uh oh.  Here we go.

Oh.  I thought he was gonna unload on the Swift Boaters.

And he SHOULD unload on the Swift Boaters.  What they did to Mr. Kerry is unconscionable.

Yes, Mr. Kerry, Mr. Obama cares so much for our troops coming home that he can't even sign the damned form letter that go to the fallen heroes families.

If that was his audition to replace Hillary, he passed.  Too bad for Senator Kerry that it'll be Mitt Romney choosing Hillary's replacement.

Jesus, another shameless "pimp the troops" moment.  Give it a rest guys, we get it.

Tom Hanks narrating this PSA.

Actually I take back two sentences ago, this is pretty cool.

Whoa.  This is BEYOND cool as it hits act 2.

I gotta admit: act 2 of this PSA made me cry.  USA!  USA!  USA!

I believe Dr. Biden is next, then Vice President Biden, then Sen. Durbin, then President Obama, and then ... four years until the insanity returns.  I might have to make a quick trip to QuikTrip to buy a 40oz Colt 45 to pour out for my DNC homie ...

Also, kudos to NBC, for airing the last two hours tonight, the only free network to do so.  CBS, ABC, and FOX will not air Vice President Biden.  That's a disgrace.

Whoops -- military tribute up first.  Retired admiral on the stage.

Awesome camera pan on CSPAN to former Rep. Giffords.  God bless you chica.

And kudos, by the way, to MSNBC, which has aired next to no commentary tonight, and has chosen to basically air the night uninterrupted.  I hope CNN and FOX are doing the same, but I haven't had to leave MSNBC to miss anything yet.

And spare the "well of course they are, its the DNC".  To MSNBC's credit, they did the same damned thing on night three of the RNC as well.

I'm gonna fix a quick cocktail before Dr. and Vice President Biden are up.  Back in a second.

HA!  IM from someone reading this: "only three empty bottles of vodka?  Saturday was five days ago!"  Uuh, yeah.  Good point.  I'm slacking (rimshot!)

Great tribute.  I believe Dr. Biden is next.

MSNBC to commercial, and I'm guessing it's their last one for awhile.

USA! chants drowning out any other noise.  Awesome.

Whoa!  Barry White!  "First, Last, Everything!"

And some chica named Angie Flores, a student at Miami-Dade College.

"I am not a statistic!"  Whoa!  Are we SURE this isn't the RNC?

Oh for God's sake, who has lemonade sitting on their porch?  Well, other than me, but mine has vodka in it.

She's introducing Dr. Biden.

Michelle Obama is on the convention floor.  Not in the Executive Box.  Color me impressed.

Wow.  Our Second Lady is ... wow.  Absolutely breath taking.

"Tonight, thanks to the leadership of President Obama and my husband Joe, the war in Iraq is over!"  Halle-fucking-luhah!

I'll give the Democrat ticket this, and I know my Republican friends (and again, I'm ON YOUR SIDE in this election!) won't admit this, but I'll give the ticket this: these are two honorable fathers who deserve respect simply for being quality fathers, husbands, and citizens.  As much as I like President Clinton, "honorable" is not a word that can be used to describe him.

"Fast" Eddie Rendell in the house!  I LOVE that guy!

And with that, I'm out ... for now.  Might resume later, but probably not.  I want to watch the Vice President and President with the freedom to boo or cheer as I want.

I hope you'll vote AGAINST this ticket, and FOR Romney / Ryan.  However you decide, please -- VOTE.

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