Sunday, December 9, 2012

laziness! my 27 favorite blog postings ...

"Where did all the people go?
They got scared when the lights went low.
I'll get you through it nice and slow,
When the world's spinning out of control.

Afraid of what they might lose.
They might get scraped, they might get bruised.
You could beg them, but what's the use?
That's why it's called a moment of truth.

I'll get it, if you need it.
I'll search, if you don't see it.
If you're thirsty?  I'll be rain.
You get hurt?  I'll take your pain.

I know you don't believe it,
But I said it, and I still mean it.
When you heard what I told you?
When you get worried?
I'll be your soldier ..."

-- "Soldier" by Gavin DeGraw, which is rapidly becoming my second favorite song by him.  Sorry, but seeing him nail to (reggie jackson voice) "second f*cking base" his epic performance of "I Don't Wanna Be" last year at Power and Light, is amongst the ten best moments of my life ...


Believe it or not, I've only done one "best of" post before to pad the number of posts.

Since I'm bored out of my freaking mind*, I figured it's time to post a second "best of", these being my 27ish favorite posts I've ever typed out and posted.

(*: thanks to all of you, and God knows, there have been many, many, many of you who have been far, far, far too kind, for your words of sympathy and support for my ongoing battle with my, uuh, mental issues.  I appreciate y'all more than you could ever know.)

Here we go:

27. My 27 favorite episodes of my favorite TV show ever.  As much as I love "Friday Night Lights", as much as I love "Lost", as much as I love "Good Times" ... nothing holds a candle to "NYPD Blue".

26. "With Eyes Wide Open".  The single funnest Sunday I've ever had at Arrowhead ... and I nailed it at 4:26 in the morning.

25. Why "Saturday Night Fever" is my favorite movie ever.  And for the record, I actually rewatched this movie yesterday evening.  I still think the final scene is the most ridiculous, "not a chance in hell this happens!" finale to a movie I like, that has ever been filmed ... and I still cry every time Stephanie takes Tony's hand in the windowsill of the brownstone, as "How Deep Is Your Love" starts to play.  Good God, I need professional help.  Oh.  Wait.  I'm receiving it.  Never mind (rimshot!)

24. The first "annual column".  I think I'm most thankful, that I still count every person in that column, as a friend.  I hope they feel the same about me.

23. The first fake mailbag.  It's still my best one.

22. My reactions to my favorite day ever spent at Arrowhead.  I have living, breathing blood relatives that have never lived a day in their life, where the Chiefs hold the upper hand over denver at Arrowhead.  I am beyond offended by that.

21. Floatapalooza Uno, from last summer.  One of the funnest, if not the funnest, weekends of my life.

20. "The Cigar Box".  A fun trip down memory lane.

19. The look back at the eight best months of my life.  I am so, so, so tardy on the "best of" columns for the last decade.  Need to get back on the horsie there.

18. My 2010 NCAA tournament picks.  Hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day.  And good God, I had (had?!?!?!) a ridiculous man crush on Jon Scheyer ...

17. My look back at the best moments of "Lost".  Enough said.

16. The Ultimate Stevo Quiz, and the Answers to said Quiz.  Sadly, I don't think a single answer has changed in five years.

15. My tribute to the best new show of the last five years, "Swingtown".  Yeah, like there's even four shows currently on network TV better than "Swingtown" was.

14. The "What If" Game post.  Number one still haunts me to this day.

13. The "Sur"render of a Century.  Or the "Spirit of 76".  A beatdown literally a generation in the making.  God, I miss "Sur" William Callahan. (Not.)

12. My finest hour as a blogger.  "The Week Four Plea", week four 2002.  Yes, people in my tailgating group literally showed up with this post (back then, email) printed out, because they were so amazed at the passion involved in it.  Blame them for reading this; what can I say, they inspired me to keep going.

11. My recap of the Matt Nathanson concert.  Still in my top five all time concert experiences.

10. My look back at 2006.  Still the funnest year of my life.  And that roadie to Indy with Dusty?  Is still the funnest 72 hours of my life that didn't involve a member of the opposite sex.

9. Double Header Day defined.  I probably wouldn't survive a third one of these ... but I'd love to try.  If only to see the tin cup again.

8. Floatapalooza Dos, from last summer.  If that was "The Family"'s last gasp?  We went out strong.

7. The first recap / original post, my review of the 311 / Snoop Dogg concert.  It's been nearly five years ... and I'll still waiting for the picture of bts in the t-shirt turban.  And yes, it's that damned funny.

6. Remembering a dear, departed friend four years after his passing.  Sadly, it's now eight.

5. Post 500.  Sadly, 2012 didn't play out as I hoped it would ... but blame the dumb f*ck optimist in me guys: I STILL think we got one, last great summer in us.

4. "A Great Show Gets Cancelled".  My reflections on my last day at Stubbs.  I still mean every word written in that post.  And I'm glad my wish for my "Champ" came true.

3. Nebraskapalooza!  So fun of a weekend getaway, you get four parts!

Part Uno.
Part Dos.
Part Tres.
Part Quatro.

And since I somehow haven't had one yet, the "Honorable Mention":

The trip to Omaha for the College World Series last summer.

2. The Chiefs / Panthers recap.  The most read post on this site, and no other post is within 734 clicks and counting as of this post.

1. "Sometimes, You Walk Into a Bowling Alley".  And your life changes forever.  Without question, my finest hour as a blogger.

Feel free to click away and enjoy what's been.  And I promise you: I'll do better in December to update this place, than I did in November.  It's not like I can do worse ...

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