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all time classic: "the week four plea"

sk: I argue this was my finest hour as a "motivational speaker". If this inspires you to show up this week and do your part as a fan of THE greatest franchise in the world, and will this team to its first victory that counts in 329 days, then it still gets the job done, 6 years later ...

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sk: this gets a little long, but read it through. I don't criticize any fans, I don't bash your habits -- its a plea. Please, the Chiefs need you on Sunday. Usually I leave the pep talks to Gregg, but dammit, I'm sick of everything being so negative here this week. THIS IS YOUR TEAM! Come out and support it! See ya Sunday!

ok, here goes.

Sunday, at high noon, at the most beautiful stadium in the NFL, the Chiefs host the Miami Dolphins. While the 4th game can hardly be termed as "must win", this is a "must win" game for our Chiefs.

With a win on Sunday, the Chiefs crawl back to 2-2, and gain momentum, confidence, and a purpose before heading out for 2 very winnable road games (at Jets, at Chargers). A loss on Sunday, and suddenly that game in New York looks a lot more intimidating, and that first matchup with Marty looks a lot scarier.

Throw in the fact that our defense is pathetic, most fans hate our quarterback, and NASCAR drops the checkered flag at the same time as kickoff, and its makes for a scary thought: a non-quite-filled-up Arrowhead Stadium.

So, this is my attempt to do Carl's job. Please, don't stay home on Sunday. Your team needs you.

If you have ever cheered for the Chiefs, at any point in time, we need you Sunday at Arrowhead, doing what comes naturally to you.

I realize that, given the past two weeks, you might need some "encouragement" to come out on Sunday morning. So think back to why you love this team.

Think of the finest linebacker the NFL has ever seen, Derrick Thomas. Remember the 7 sack game, nearly 8 before Dave Kreig slipped out and stole a game. Remember how Bill Grigsby perfectly summed it up: "I'm too old to cry, I'm too sick to puke".

Remember the night that all of America found out about the Arrowhead Experience, that magical October night against the Buffalo Bills. Remember the pride and excitement you felt 6 days later, when the 5-0 Bills and 6-0 Dolphins left losers by a 75-13 score.

Remember Kevin Harlan's magical voice, exclaiming with glee "Not even Santa Claus can save the Denver Broncos Today!"

Do you remember the excitement of Montana to Barnett, on 4th and goal, to tie that playoff game against the Steelers? Remember the love we all felt for Keith Cash a week later, when he chucked that football off Buddy Ryan's likeness?

Maybe what does it for you is remembering the greatest Monday Night game ever played. Montana vs Elway. Joe to Willie Davis to exercise every demon that Mile High held. As a jubilant Dan Dierdorf said, "Lord, you can take me now, I have seen it all!"

Perhaps it was that well-placed back judge, hitting Tim Brown, as James Hasty stepped in to return the first of 4 overtime miracles into Amen Corner.

If you cried tears of joy right along with Tamarick Vanover 3 weeks later, after the single most electrifying punt return in NFL history ...

If you ran around like a crazed banshee after Rison caught Grbac's pass in Oakland. Remember Dan Dierdorf expressing with joy the looks of Joe Bugle ...

If you cried like a newborn baby when Pete Stoyanovich, from 54 yards away, into a stiff cold wind, somehow, someway willed that wounded duck of a kick across the crossbar ... and then cried again when Andre Rison, on behalf of a grateful Chiefs Nation, stood beaming with pride through Jim Gray's postgame interview, then hugged our new hero and screamed "I LOVE YOU MAN!"

If you chucked a beer at John Elway, being carted from the field in the "Hugh Millenated" game ...

If you saw the anger and rage in Cris Carter's eyes as a young lad asked him "Where's the ring Cris?"

If you've ever heard or read the words: "But then I stop, Because I spot a Car, That Might Contain, My Special Little Star"

If you've ever told an NFL Hall of Fame receiver "I Hate You FRED!" Or called the Broncos owner a "classless jackass" to his face. Or booed as an injured Mitch Lyons, leg snapped in two, was carted off the field.

If you remember the pride, the sense of accomplishment at the spanking of the 6-0 high-flying Rams. If you came home and imitated Michael Cloud blocking that punt, or did the "bob and weave" to make fun of the Lou ...

If you have ever done anything like this, we need you Sunday in a seat at Arrowhead Stadium. Because if you've ever done anything like this, or even thought about it, then you're a fan.

Not just any fan -- you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan. You are a fan of the finest organization in the National Football League. YOU are what makes Arrowhead the loudest, toughest, most feared place to play in all the land.

On Sunday, the team you love needs you. The Chiefs need 79,000 plus die-hard, loud, proud, and (if need be) boozed up yahoos to scare the living hell out of the Dolphins. We need you to be what a "fan" is -- a fanatic.

We need you because you ARE the best. YOU are the most knowledgeable fans in the NFL. You know when to cheer, you know when to stay silent.

You know to NOT PANIC OVER THE EXPECTED. You know, going in, that our defense will yield at least 5 big plays. You know, going in, that Trent Green will throw at least 2 horrible ill-advised passes.

Yet you also know that, late in the 4th quarter, the Chiefs will have the ball with a shot to win. And it will only happen because of you and your support of this team.

I know I will be there, when those gates open, ready to root on the best team in the world. I know Gregg will be there, more than willing to reserve as many spots as it takes to get your cars parked. I know Jerry will be there, the quiet stoic figure that he is. I know Jenni will be there, shaking her head in disgust at our insanity.

I know Jason will be there, fresh off a long night policing the crime-riddled streets of Prairie Village.

I know Gordon will be there. The poor man will drive 6 hours, endure a horrid diet (dude, the Boca dogs ... not even Priest will sniff at them), and drive 6 hours home that night. Because he loves this team. His team. OUR team.

I know that at 9am we'll all head down to the Arrowhead Overlook, ready to welcome the pot-smoking, cop-fleeing, SUV-stealing-and-wrecking Miami Dolphins to town. Share the Love.

I know that when we get that program, to see who our referee will be, we'll shout out with joy (hopefully), Sweet Jesus, Ed Hochuli!

I know Nancy will, as always, make the finest tailgating food known to man. I know the Hooters wings will be hot, I know the Dr. Pepper will be cold, and I know the port-a-potty line will be filled with drunks.

I know when the TD Pack Band plays that opening to "Fanfare for the Common Man", with Tony DiParto's solo sounding like it came straight from heaven, I'll shed a tear.

I know what when I hear "Right Here, Right Now", and see the spinning stadium, and hear Dan Roberts welcome me to the "LOUDEST Stadium in the NFL", I'll smile.

I know that when KC Wolf beats "Snowflake" into the ground, I'll cheer like Mack Brown has been fired.

I know that when Marcus Spears grabs that Chiefs flag, runs through the line of the Red Coaters, taps the top of the banner, all while "Kickstart My Heart" revs in the background, I'll start pounding a chair, feeling the excitement rise higher and higher.

I know that when (hopefully) Patti DiParto-Livergood, the finest singer of the national anthem ever, asks us "O say does that Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave? O'er the Land of the Free", that 79,000 plus will yell back "And the home of the CHIEFS!"

I know that when the opening program plays, and the ArrowVision shows the weather map turning into an arrowhead, I'll shed another tear.

I know that when (hopefully) "Start Me Up" plays, as the teams line up for the kickoff, that the guy behind Jason will yell out "Start Us UP!", and 79,000 plus will stand as one and root with every ounce of energy they have for the only thing in this city worth cheering for.

I know that when Priest Holmes scores his first, his second, his third TDs of the day, as the red-and-yellow streamers explode from the upper deck, that I'll be pointing a middle finger at the visitors bench chanting "We're gonna beat the hell out of you!"

If none of this can inspire you to come out and help will YOUR team to a must-win victory, I give up.

Come out. Be loud. Be Proud. Do NOT let the lack of a ticket stop you. Buy one out there, there's always plenty available. Never forget that you ARE the best fans in the NFL. This IS the single toughest place in the world for a visiting team to win.

You ARE allowed to stand on big plays. On that 3rd and 3, let YOUR defense know that you support them. Stand, yell, cheer. Give them some hope, give them some encouragement.

If someone around you yells at you to sit down during that big play, tell them, as Carl Peterson would, to "Shut the F*** Up!". Grab their jersey, yank them up. Make them cheer. If someone tries to sneak out before the outcome is decided, pull them back. Some things are more important than beating the rush home.

In my opinion, this is the single biggest game the Chiefs have played since the loss to Oakland to end the 1999 season. The fate of this season, and perhaps of this entire Vermiel regime, hangs in the balance. We need your help to win it.

Whether you're employed or a student, whether you live in Topeka, or Omaha, or Canton, or Blue Springs, or Shawnee, or Timbuktu, come out and support YOUR team. Be loud, be proud. Its your team. Its your town. (Its your Tony Bruno!) Make Sunday the day that we will one day point to as the "turning point to that Super Bowl season". Make Sunday a day that will be remembered as fondly as the games mentioned above.

You can't argue that the Chiefs aren't "exciting" enough to watch. This WILL be a fun, high scoring, up and down game. The final score will probably make the Patriots game look like an exhibition. This is also a very winnable game, though ... IF THE FAN SUPPORT IS THERE!

Please, feel free to send this on to anyone else you know who needs a little Chiefs encouragement. We NEED the best fans in the NFL to come out on Sunday like they never have before. I'll do my part. This team needs you to do yours.

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