Tuesday, September 30, 2008

quick updates

I've added some pics to the 2008 Tailgating Glossary. I chose not to post the, uuh, "Steve is beyond smashed" photos available to me. But let's just say, after viewing the beer gut in a couple of those pics ... I am firmly committed to Operation Exercise 2009. Come January 1st, I am getting in shape even if it kills me. (Obviously, I'm counting on the roommate to hold me to this, he's the one in this house that is, uuh, "physically fit" ...)

Again, if you have pics you are willing to add, or stories / key moments / miscellaneous sh*t you want to see in the glossary, please, send it on to me. If you've ever tailgated with us, you're eligible for inclusion. Let's make this thing a true glossary. (That, and my favorite pic, which I had to webcam snap to get posted ... its hurting. Stupid water damage from multiple floods in the basement). Anyways, it's supposed to be "all inclusive", like a Wikipedia of Chiefs football if you will. So do your part. (And I know at least a couple people have to have solid pics and/or stories from road trips to add, their initials being, oh, I don't know ... "gdg" and "bts" ... and possibly "jew" ... on second thought, probably not "jew", I'm not too complimentary of his other half in that glossary ...)

I also added links to the 5 "blogs" I check on a daily basis:

1. Heath's (pretty much dormant) site, KC Sports Report.

2. Rany of "Rob and Rany on the Royals" site on the KC Royals.

3. Bob Gretz' awesome, unbelievable site giving us inside info on the Chiefs.

4. Awful Announcing, which pretty much agrees with my take on crappy announcers across the board. (Even if I still bleed the blue and orange of the Knicks, and he's a die hard Wizards backer). And ...

5. Megan's site. Dusty's former significant other who is teaching in Germany the next couple years. Really cool site to check out. She's always been an incredible person to know, and, uuh, at the risk of winding up like "Chandler in a box in the living room" when "current roommate" reads this ... (and come on, lay off me man, you know I always had a crush on her ...) seriously, check her site out, she's worth it. Can't wait to see her again when she's home at Christmas. I mean, how can you top a chick who holds a beer pong tournament in her garage? (You can't. I mean ... you can't. That's as good as it gets). Seriously, her site is pretty cool to follow along with, be sure to link to it in your favorites menu, its an amazing learning experience.

Finally, I am planning to live blog the VP debate Thursday night. I have already made my decision; I am voting McCain/Palin, and I encourage every reader of this site to do the same thing. But I love Joe Biden. I always have, I always will. I'll log into Windows Live Messenger before it begins at 8pm on Thursday so you can chat along with me.

Here's hoping Biden delivers his usual "Oh! God Love You. What am I talking about?!?!" incredible gaffe that tilts this election permanently in the direction of McCain ...

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