Thursday, September 11, 2008

(tony pena voice) believe it!

Last night, as we've done the last few Wednesday nights ... a group of us headed up to Hooters for Trivia Night.

Two weeks ago, it was myself, Brent, Mallory, Dusty, and Damien. Things started well for Damien and Mallory, which is what counts ... because we finished a disappointing third. 10 freaking wings for our effort.

Fired up, I decided last week that it was time for the "Dream Team" of trivia to unite. Gregg! Steve! Combined, I guaranteed victory. There's no way, simply no way, the self-described "Kings of Useless Trivia" were going down.

So, last week, it was me, Gregg, Brent, Mallory, Damien and Dusty. Team "point ocho cinco", which some claim was named for my projected BAC after the event, but I contend is for the group's.

(Even if I make up 50% of the total).

We were in for a fight. There's another team there, Team Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (way to steal from "Real World: Hollywood" guys ...), that is pretty solid. Both in trivia talent, and size. And not just body size ... hair size. Disgusting stuff.

(We call them the Rhinos, because they obviously mosey on down from the Zoo for this deal. That, and the hair ... scary stuff).

Anyways, the "Dream Team" delivered for nearly the entire night. Mallory and Damien continued to, uuh, hit it off as well. And true to my prediction, we entered the final round with the lead. Entered the final question with the lead. And then, the brain fart of a lifetime.

(question) who performed this song, and what year did she perform it, on "American Idol"?
(sound clip) (chick singing journey's "faithfully")

(steve) carrie underwood! season four! that'd be ... 2005!
(brent) are you sure?
(steve) of course I'm sure, its "American Idol" you dumb ass!
(gregg) (doubting it himself) ok ...

Needless to say, it was not Carrie Underwood from 2005, it was Kristy Lee Cook from this past season.

Game, set, match. Not for us.

For the effing Rhinos.

But the light at the end of the tunnel ... the guy hosting this thing felt bad enough for us that he invited us back for the Championship First Round last night.

After debating all week, debating all day, knowing we'd be missing Damien at least ... screw it, we're in.

I headed home to prep. (aka "enjoy a couple Coors Lights, and get fired up by watching OMSNBC to get me mean and angry). Gregg called the wife, and the lovely Ashley was in. Brent called Mallory, she was in. Damien sadly has a life and couldn't waste a night at a restaurant with scantily clad chicks with IQs lower than my BAC. (Actually he was in LA, but we're countin' on Doc for ... whoops, almost gave it away ...) Dusty ... well, he did what he does best, came home, grabbed a "cigar", and mowed the yard. But after agreeing to front his tab, he was in.

It was on. It was on like Donkey Kong. It was on like Donkey Kong on a freaking bong!

I got to Hooters about 6:35pm. I was determined to get us a close up spot because the last two weeks, sitting further back, you can't hear the sound clips.

Really there was only one option available, only one "eff you touchdown" to throw.

I took the Rhino's table.

Only ... there was no electrical outlet for the laptop there. So we had to move a couple tables over against the wall.

Gregg arrived shortly after the first pitcher arrived. The lovely Ashley shortly after that. Brent and Mallory after that. And Dusty checked in right before the flag was dropped on the competition.

After some great one liners ("Steve, you don't need an arrow pointing anywhere!!!"), some difficult questions, some setbacks (we trailed after 6 rounds to the Rhinos) ... Team Safari Bushwhackers came roaring back.

I contend the moment it turned, was right here:

(question) what TV show was this the theme song for. Again, name the TV show for which this was the theme song.
(gregg) everybody shut up! This is Steve's category.
(sound clip) Set in my ways ...
(steve) (pounds table) Webster!!!
(everyone) (laughs all around)
(gregg) (still laughing) google it.
(steve) no, seriously, its Webster!!!
(brent) (scanning laptop) holy sh*t he's right! It is Webster!
(steve) its on! (looking at rhinos) its f*cking on!

From that point on, there was no turning back.

We entered the final round with a 150 point cushion. Feeling confident, considering its the musical free for all, 11 song clips worth 50 points each. At our table, we all have different music tastes. Dusty likes rap and hip hop. Gregg, country. Mallory, apparently country and alternative. Brent, rap and pretty much anything. Me? Alternative ... and late 70s / early 80s.

The category? "Retro".

10 correct answers later (still can't believe we missed that first one), it was official.

Sunday night. Championship Round Two! There's 5 teams left standing. We're one of 'em. ("harry doyle" voice) Come on, join in out there wherever you are, let me hear you!!!

8pm. Hooters. 435 and Metcalf. Come cheer us on to victory.

(And $1000 cash ...)

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