Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the week four predictions

"Last year's wishes are this year's apologies,
Every last time I come home;
I take my last chance, to burn a bridge or two --
I only keep myself this sick in the head,
'Cause I know how the words get to you ...

We're the new face of failure!
Prettier and younger, but not any better off!
Bulletproof from loneliness! At best, at best ..."

-- Fall Out Boy, "Me n U"

This week's picks are going back to the typical, classic, "nobody else matters, give us a reason to show up Sunday!" motivational style.

They're also coming a couple days early; I have stuff going on the next couple days so I wanted to make sure they got posted.

As always, all lines from today's USA Today.
As always, all (NL) picks will count as both ATS and SU.

Last Week SU: 9-7-0
Season to Date SU: 25-22-0

Last Week ATS: 9-7-0
Season to Date ATS: 26-20-1

Last Week Upset / Week: another Texans whiff.
Season to Date Upset / Week: 0-3-0.
This Week's Upset / Week: (steve's gameday voice) take a mother f*cking guess.

The Non-Chiefs Predictions:

* Browns (+3) 27, at Bengals 20.
* at Jaguars 13, Texans (+7 1/2) 10.
* at Jets (-1 1/2) 34, Cardinals 20.
* at Saints 24, 49ers (+6) 20.
* at Panthers (-7 1/2) 38, Falcons 10.
* Vikings (+3) 22, at Titans 17.
* at Bucs (-1 1/2) 17, Packers 13.
* Bills (-8 1/2) 55, at Rams 0.
* Chargers 24, at Raiders (+7) 23.
* at Cowboys 27, Redskins (+11) 24.
* at Bears (NL) 16, Eagles 14.
* Ravens (NL) 20, at Steelers 10.

The Chiefs Prediction:

I debated how to do the plea this week.

I could join the many countless other Chiefs fans, followers, even die-hards, who look at the fact that we're 0-3, that denver is 3-0, and just wave the white flag of surrender.

But that's not my style.

My message this week is very simple.

Take it. To the limit.

One more time.

Anyone can abandon a ship when its sinking. Anyone can criticize a bad team from afar. Anyone can point out the failed drafts under Carl Peterson, the wretched free agent signings under Carl Peterson, hell, just the fact that Carl Peterson is still in charge, means this team isn't going anywhere in the immediate future.

That takes the guts, the sheer guts, the balls ... of Barack Obama, to point those obvious facts out.

If you're one of those folks ... I'm not sure we need you on Sunday. I hope you show up, and support your team ... but again, if you enter with no faith, why bother?

Anyone can be "that guy", point out the flaws, the negatives, the long odds the Chiefs face on Sunday.

You look at the Limit ... and turn the car around.

A real fan, would look at all that, and say "ok, so what? Its my team, I'm showing up!" Those fans? I welcome you. We need you. In a seat. Doing what you do best, rooting this team, our team, on to their first victory in 344 days.

You take it to the limit. But no further.

But a die hard? A die hard fan, looks at all the negative, looks at all the problems, the issues facing this team, our team ... and says "screw it, gates open when? I'm in!" Those fans? I love you. I f*cking love you.

Because I'm one of you.

We take it to the limit. One more time.

I refuse to believe that a fanbase that has sold this stadium out for 142 games and counting ... nearly 120 games of which have occurred since our last postseason victory ... I refuse to believe a stadium of fans like that, is filled with a bunch of quitters now. Is filled with a bunch of pussy ass fans who need to borrow Hillary's pair, just as our (ok, my) biggest rival rolls into town.

Take it to the limit. One more time.

You know where we'll be. (Lot G, grassy knoll at the back, red bus with yellow top). Again, anyone can puss out, stay at home, and say "see I told you so" if the so-called experts are right, and this game is a blowout. A real fan shows up and at least witnesses it.

But a die hard EXPERIENCES the day.

Takes it to the limit. One more time.

What do you want to be? A pussy? A real fan?

Or a die hard!

I opt for the latter.

I opt to take it. To the limit.

One more time.

Or as the Eagles so perfectly put it ...

"You know I've always been a dreamer!
Spent my life running around
And its so hard to change!
Can't seem to settle down
But the dreams I've seen lately ...
Keep on turning out, and burning out, and turning out the same ...

"So put me on a highway!
And show me sign!
And take it to the limit one more time ...


And when you're looking for your freedom
Nobody seems to care
And you can't find the door ...
Can't find it anywhere
And there's nothing to believe in ...
Still you're coming back, you're running back, you're coming back for more ...

So put me on a highway!
And show me a sign!
And take it to the limit one more time ..."

Sunday, we fans, this team, we "take it to the limit" ... one more time. If this is the last gasp of the Carl Peterson era, of the Herm Edwards regime, if this is the last chance the 2008 Chiefs have of mounting anything close to a competitive charge, then goddammit, let it be now! Let it be Sunday! Don't miss it! Don't be the pussy who sits on his couch and wishes he was there, as the streamers are exploding out of the upper deck! As LJ is pounding the donkeys for 145 and two touches! As Tony G sets the last remaining tight end records he doesn't hold!

Who cares if there's nothing to believe in? Who cares if this makes you a dreamer? You're Chiefs fans! Show up! Be Loud! Do your part! Make Arrowhead Rock! That's what makes us dreamers! That's what makes us believers! We don't quit in the face of insurmountable odds! We stand our f*cking ground and fight! (Or in this case, "get loud"!)

Don't be the real fan, who shows up, and wishes he'd arrived three hours earlier, to soak in the entire day. Don't be the guy who decides at 10am to witness the end of the losing streak.

Be a die hard! Be one of Arrowhead Nation! Be a fan!

Take it to the enemy! Be there when the gates open! Show up! Be loud! Do your part! We are CHIEFS fans! We don't quit! We are the loudest stadium in the NFL for a reason! We don't half ass it! We don't abandon ship when things look dark -- we find a f*cking flashlight and right the ship! We don't roll over and take it! We don't bend over and ask for more! We fight! We don't quit! The word surrender is not an option! We will protect this house! We will defeat the damned dirty donkeys!

We will take it ... to the limit ... one more time!

(can you guess what I'm listening to right now ...)

at Chiefs (+9 1/2) 24, broncos 20.

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