Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bucks party, roadie thoughts?

I thought last Friday was a solid success. I hope all my fellow Buck You's! (unofficial nickname at this point) felt the same.

So, looking at the schedule, I figure we'll have 6 to 8 more of these things. We can do party two over here after work again in a couple weeks (options upcoming), or we can host elsewhere with a Time Warner hookup (my customer service provider I spoke to tonight, swears if I just plug one of our boxes in, it'll work with your cable line).

Party three, I'd like to host here while the lovely, beautiful, "every person in the 9330 misses her", when the incredible Megan is home for Christmas. I know she's met Brent and Meagan (at 311 and Snoop) ... but Ashley and Gregg, you'd love her. Hell, I love her ... wait, that's (newsweek's evan thomas describing obama today) that's "creepy". I mean, I love her as a friend. There, that's not as "creepy". :) Seriously, y'all'd get along really great. I hope we can make that happen in later December.

(Hope all is good in Germany. And hope you're still here somehow, someway, on January 21st at 8CT when "Lost" premieres, it'll never be the same without downing the Skyy Vodka bottle without ya ...)

So, here goes.

For party number two, I see three solid dates:

1. Wed Nov 26th vs Atlanta, 6pm. Day before Thanksgiving Holiday. Drawback is that some folks are likely going out of town, although I know I'm not, my brother is hosting the holiday this year (poor guy, no wonder I'm on the hook for "a case of beer and a couple boxes of wine please").

2. Sat Nov 29th vs Cleveland, 8pm. Its KU/MU Day at Arrowhead, so we'll already be linked up. (Although at least half of us will be p*ssed off when that game is done). Since KU/MU kicks off early, this is doable ... especially since we live 10 minutes from the Sports Complex.

3. Fri Dec 5th vs Charlotte. Awful game, but its the last doable game in the next couple weeks if you build in for the alcohol to be consumed.

Let me know your thoughts.

For party number three, with hopefully Megan in attendance, we'll work that out when she's home. There are a few dates that we can make this work on the schedule.

For the proposed roadie ... there's only one date / weekend I'm looking at right now, and Gregg signed off on it.

(My way of saying, at least a true "old school" road trip will occur for the first time since ... uuh ... I'm thinking Jayhawks / Cyclones hoops in early 2006 ...)

President's Day Weekend! Bucks! Cavs! Ridnour! LBJ! Only in ... Milwaukee!!!

We'd leave Thursday Feb 19th after work. Probably find a cheap ass motel in Des Moines or the Quad Cities to crash in overnight. Get going that Friday morning ... to catch the Bucks vs Cavaliers that Friday Night at 7:30. I'd have to build in a round or two with the family Saturday ... plus build in a tour of a couple local breweries (Lakefront, Point, possibly Miller).

(steve note: if we want to build in the 90 some odd minutes to Green Bay, and 90 some odd minutes back, into the Saturday schedule ... I'm perfectly cool with that ... I got screwed out of my Lambeau experience earlier this year, I'm willing to forego putting the glove on the Lakefront conveyor belt and singing the "Laverne and Shirley" theme song to do a Lambeau Leap ...)

Then we head back home Sunday (its an 8 1/2 hour drive if you go the speed limit and only stop to pee and gas up ... and I made it in 7:42 last January. Just sayin'. Give Dusty the wheel). And you'll still have Monday off as a holiday to recover.

Again, post or let me know your thoughts. Tough game tonight at "The Q", Bucks hung tough, but when Bogut got his 5th foul late in the 4th, LBJ just abused Alexander to put the game away. Huge game tomorrow night at the Bradley Center against reeling San Antonio, who'll be flying in from Texas late tonight after facing the Knicks. Win this one, then a very winnable roadie at Memphis on Friday, and you're back to .500 at 5-5 before hosting Boston Saturday night.

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Megan Kensinger said...

I feel honored that you are wanting to host another party when I am home. What are the dates that are possible? It would be best to figure it out soon, because I am going to be super busy while home. And dont worry about LOST. You're right it wont be the same, without you, but I found a way to watch it over here, so we can chat about it. I'm excited for the new season to start!!!

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