Thursday, November 20, 2008

the week twelve predictions

"Hey girl, you know you drive me crazy!
One look puts the rhythm in my hand.
Still I'll never understand why you hang around,
I see what's going down.

Cover up with makeup in the mirror,
Tell yourself it's never gonna happen again,
You cry alone,
And then he swears he loves you ...

Do you feel like a man,
When you push her around?
Do you feel better now,
As she falls to the ground?
Well I tell you my friend,
One day this world's gonna end,
As your lies crumble down,
A new life she has found ..."

-- "Face Down" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. And yes, I am flat out saying being one of the last die hard season ticket holders for this franchise is the direct equivalent of having the person you love take a freaking fist to you every night in a drunken stupor ...


Last Week SU: 9-6-1
Season to Date SU: 84-73-1

Last Week ATS: 5-11-0
Season to Date ATS: 75-82-1

Last Week Upset / Week: looked good entering the fourth quarter.
Season to Date Upset / Week: 3-8-0
This Week's Upset / Week:

The Non-Chiefs Predictions:

* at Steelers (-11) 27, Bengals 3.
* at Browns (-3) 31, Texans 24.
* Jets (+5 1/2) 31, at Titans 27.
* Patriots (+1 1/2) 16, at Dolphins 9.
* at Cowboys (-10 1/2) 41, 49ers 0.
* Buccaneers (-9) 24, at Lions 14.
* at Ravens (-1) 26, Eagles 21.
* Bears (-9) 34, at Rams 3.
* at Jaguars (-2 1/2) 24, Vikings 20.
* Panthers (+1) 17, at Falcons 13.
* Redskins (-3) 24, at Seahawks 20.
* at Cardinals (+3) 34, Giants 30.
* at Chargers (-3) 41, Colts 20.
* at Saints (-2 1/2) 27, Packers 24.

The "Steve roots solely for deaths, paralysis, career-ending injuries, and terrorist strikes" showdown:

* at broncos (-10) 51, raiders 0. Words cannot describe how much I hate both franchises. Especially the home team. Again, if the terrorists strike during this game, and blow fake mile high up, is it actually a national tragedy? I continue to say no. God above, I f*cking hate these two teams ...

The Chiefs Prediction:

It wasn't that long ago, that Buffalo / Kansas City was a huge game. Or at least memorable. Consider the last few times these teams have tangled:

* 2005 at "The Ralph": a bad Bills team beat the Chiefs, a defeat that ultimately cost the Chiefs a playoff berth.

* 2003 at Arrowhead: a Sunday Night Football blowout victory by the Chiefs.

* 2002 at Arrowhead: a shocking defensive masterpiece by the "32 Defense", as the Chiefs completely shut down the Bills in the second half, and an Eric Warfield interception sealed a one point win.

* 2000 at Arrowhead: the game that I think ultimately did Gunther in. Both squads entered at 5-5, in the thick of the wildcard race. Bills won on a fake punt, called by the punter ... because the Chiefs only had 9 guys on the field for the return. BOTH gunners were uncovered. God I miss Mike Stock.

* 1997 at Arrowhead: one of Gunther's finest moments. Chiefs led 23-17 in the home opener. Bills had goal to go with :26 to go. First down, Gun sent 7, incomplete. Second down, Gun brought 8, incomplete. Arrowhead rocking. Third down, Gun sent 8 again, another incompletion. On fourth down, Gun literally sent every defender on the field. Collins had no chance. Chiefs hold on to win.

* 1996 at "The Ralph": the season finale. The loss gave the AFC East title to Buffalo, and cost the Chiefs the final wildcard spot.

And that doesn't even address the two playoff games (both won by Buffalo), the 1993 showdown at Arrowhead that was an incredible game to witness, as Montana and Kelly both just put on a clinic, and of course, the 1991 game that put the Chiefs on the national map.

This year, doesn't figure to be memorable. The Chiefs enter at 1-9, in last place, losers of 18 of 19. The Bills enter at 5-5, in last place, losers of 4 straight. Something has to give.

The Bills need this one badly to keep their fading playoff hopes alive. Sadly ... they'll get it.

Bills (-3) 24, at Chiefs 21, in front of maybe 35,000 people who have nothing better to do. If you go Sunday, you know where I sit. (And if you don't, feel free to ask). There were at least 5 empties immediately around me last Sunday. Here's guessing there will be more this week. (My way of saying, if you're going to witness the latest Carl Peterson induced abortion in person, at least witness it with one of the last die-hards still standing ...)

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