Sunday, November 16, 2008

the week eleven chiefs prediction

"The stars will cry,
The blackest tears tonight.
This is the moment that I live for!
I can smell the ocean air!

Here I am!
Pouring my heart onto these rooftops!
Just a ghost to the world,
That's exactly, exactly what I need --

From up here the city lights burn,
Like a thousand miles of fire,
And I'm here to sing this anthem,
Of our dying day ..."

-- Story of the Year, "Anthem of Our Dying Day"


November 16th is a day that has some historical significance attached to it when it comes to the Red and Gold recently.

The last three times we have taken the field on November 16th, it has been memorable:

* November 16, 2003. at Bengals 24, Chiefs 19. The Chiefs entered this game at 9-0. I entered this game with a handsome, impressive, "every girl dreams about waking up next to this" face. Both left the game beat up and bloodied. Although my favorite moment (because let's face it, getting decked by drunk Bengals fan is not a "favorite" moment), my favorite moment was leaving that game, as Bengals fans are celebrating in the streets in front of the Underground Railroad Museum, when some of them start taunting me and Gregg as "bandwagon Chiefs fans". That moment just kills me. Yeah. Of ALL the people in this life to be accused of being "bandwagon Chiefs fans", me and G are at the top of the list. (peter griffin voice) Cracked Magazine. Really.

(Note: this entire road trip deserves a separate "classic" recap, now that I think of it ... although the recap of Matt Nathanson takes priority later today ...)

* November 16, 1998. at Chiefs 7, donkeys 30. The "Monday Night Meltdown" as some like to call it. The "shannon sharpe should have been f*cking killed on the field" game, as I like to call it. I did not come home for this one. The Chiefs entered at 4-5, the donkeys were 9-0. It was in essence Marty's last stand. And I had a friggin exam at 8am the next day. So I did the next best thing: I convinced Frank to join me in the house of the enemy, and watch this thing at the official broncos watching party ... at the Hooters in Arlington. From the "yup, Steve's a f*cking idiot" department ...

* November 16, 1997. at Chiefs 24, donkeys 22. I still tear up just thinking about this ending. To this day. (mitch holtgus voice, fighting back tears of joy) Pete ... Pete Stoyanovich! (losing it on air) Pete for President! Or the moment that will always resonate with any fan of this team:

(jim gray) do you think your kick saved the season?
(pete stoyanovich) I don't think (the kick) saved the season -- I don't think this season needed to be saved! (huge ovation from the 79,625, none of whom had left yet ...)
(jim gray) ok, Dick back to you.
(andre rison) I LOVE YOU MAN!!! (hugs Pete)
(dick enberg) I love you man! The feelings of nearly 80,000 here in Kansas City ...

Today's prediction is simple, really. Either we're going to lose in spectacular fashion, or win in spectacular fashion.

And I'm probably getting taken to the woodshed by Saints fans.

at Chiefs (+5 1/2) 24, Saints 22. I embrace the greatness, the potential, that this day holds. I believe the last three weeks, all close, heart breaking, last moment defeats, have built to this breakthrough victory.

And to any Saints fans thinking about throwing down with a face every hot chick visualizes in her most private of moments ... flash back to 30 some odd hours ago at the Bottleneck ...

(matt nathanson) Say after me! Better to be safe than sorry --
(right side of audience) Take On Me!
(left side of audience) Take On Me!
(right side of audience) Take Me On!
(left side of audience) Take On Me!
(whole audience) I'll Be Gone ...

(Sweet f*cking Jesus, I need a girl that loves me for what I am ... or at least a friend with benefits ...)

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