Thursday, November 6, 2008

a couple thoughts ...

1. I'll take Cleveland to win outright, or cover if they're favorites, tonight. I have no idea what the line is; I won't have picks until tomorrow or Saturday.

2. If you're a reader and want to spread the word ... and I don't mean "about the bird" ... about this site, go ahead. I won't pimp it beyond who I know, but since at least 3 of you think I need to sell out and hype this thing like its the greatest thing since Ridnour's 4th free throw clinched last night's OT win, go for it.

3. I loved Obama's pick of Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff. Brilliant. In one fell swoop, he announces to Republicans that he'll take them on ... and tells our foes in the Middle East who we unquestionably will support no matter what. Brilliant selection, yet again, by (arguably) the most brilliant politican in my lifetime.

4. Finally ... there will be a different kind of "plea" for the Saints / Chiefs game next week. And not just because its coming out ultra-early, as in "no later than Monday". (Note: if you know what I'm going to say / announce (and at least one loyal reader does) ... vote away. But keep the damned mouth shut. I know how I want to phrase my thoughts, just let me do it in my own way ...)

How's that for "what the f*ck does steve mean by that?!?!" suspense ...
(And Go Bucks GO!!! Tomorrow night in Boston ... the chicken is cooling in the fridge, the 'shrooms are ready to be hosed down with butter and garlic, its the first Buck-a-Roos Party!!! Tomorrow! Casa de Dusty y Steve!)

(oh, and the answer to last week's poll was "none of the above". The moment I shed the most happy tears over, was the birth of my nephew. I'm not a parent ... at least, as far as I know ... and I honestly have no desire to be one ... but to hold someone so special, so precious, so incredibly amazing, literally moments after they, uuh, pop out ... my mom has the pic of me crying as I'm holding him, and he's holding my pinky finger, framed up in the 'rents family room. Still gets me every time I walk by it ...)

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