Sunday, October 30, 2011

30 some odd hours away ...

OK, here's the info for tomorrow, in case you want to join us in premature celebration for the biggest regular season win the Chiefs have had in a long, long time.

I am actually doing the unthinkable tomorrow -- I'm working on a gameday.  I have a damned good reason for this: if I work 4 hours and 1 minute, I don't have to burn a PTO day.  OK, I also have a legitimately damned good reason for this -- I'm an accountant, and good luck getting the last day, or the first day, of the month off if you are said accountant.  But I plan on leaving the office by noon.

The Bus should be at the gates by 1pm.  I know the email to us season ticket holders said gates open at 3pm, but this site has spoken to a "high level source on the condition of anonymity" (Jesus, I've ALWAYS wanted to type that, and it actually feels as awesome as you think it would), and said "high level source" raised a valid point -- because the 435 North to 70 East exit is currently Stadium Drive (thanks to the re-design of the interchange), they can't let Stadium Drive get backed up like it normally does on a gameday.  So ... expect gates to open by 2ish.  

We'll be in our same Bat spot, at the same Bat time, on the same Bat channel.  (That's the grass pad to the north of the G30 sign, for those directionally challenged.)  The menu tomorrow consists of:

* mamossas.  Or just champagne on ice, why water it down with OJ if you don't have to.
* Bloody Mary's.  
* margaritas.
* my rapidly-growing-in-popularity Gatorade and vodka concoction.
* beer.  Or pardon me, given the menu, "cerveza".
* and whatever you bring to add to the menu.

* various Mexican side dishes.
* various desserts.
* and whatever you bring to add to the menu.

Main Course:
* "six thousand chicken fajinas!" (but no saw-suage mcbiscuits)
* steak fajitas
* can always turn those tortillas into a quesadilla.

If you need us to save you a parking spot, let me know.  I assume between our group, Phil and his crew, and Roger and his folks, it's gonna get a little cramped in there, but we'll find a way to make it work.

If you're coming tomorrow, please do us all a favor, and show up ONLY if you believe (as I do) that the Chiefs WILL win this game.  If you have even 2/1000ths of an ounce of doubt, stay home.  Give your ticket to someone who knows how huge, how ridiculously important, this game is to not just this Chiefs season, put potentially the next two or three to come.  A win Monday night, the Chiefs are in the drivers seat to repeat as AFC West champs.  A loss Monday night, and we're staring wholesale change in the face come January 2nd.

I was reminded last night of the last time I argued the Chiefs were in this spot: week 4 2002, as a reeling Chiefs team came home at 1-2 to face the 3-0 Miami Dolphins.  Where one game in the first half of the season literally would set the tone for what was to come.  Nobody (outside of the two most biased Chiefs fans you'll ever meet, me and "The Voice of Reason") gave the Chiefs a chance to save the season that awesome late September Sunday.  It inspired what to many people (including myself), is my "finest hour":

The Week Four Plea.

(Believe it or not ... I literally typed this in 20 minutes.  I simply sat, and typed.  I was motivated that night, what can I say.  When I believe in something, I believe in it.  And if there's one thing I completely and totally believe in right now, its that the Chiefs are winning this game, are winning the AFC West, are going to boat-race some hapless wildcard team, and put the fear of God, Jesus, Satan, Mohammad, Buddha, and any and all other revered dieties into the Patriots in the divisional round.)

If you're coming tomorrow, re-read the "Plea".  Get fired up.  Get your drink on.  Make sure your vocal chords are fully rested and completely operational.  We are winning this game.  Believe it.

If you can't make it tomorrow for whatever reason, find a watching party somewhere.  Be loud.  Make your mark.  Because come about 11pm tomorrow night, it's season epically on!

One final note: I mentioned earlier this week about the funeral I attended last weekend, and the picture that had our 132 Grouping in tears.  Chris was gracious enough to send the pic on to us this week, to have and cherish.  Rest in peace, champ.  Rest in peace.  Between you and Randy, we've got two pretty big supporters looking down on us tomorrow night ...

(from l to r: nancy, me, mona, the late great greg, chris, russ.  i have no idea how i look even hotter as hell five years later than i did then, but somehow, i've pulled it off (rimshot!) photo: no clue, but taken september 2006.)

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