Wednesday, October 19, 2011

coming manana ...

The Week Seven Predictions. Gotta be honest -- I'm still debating the opening theme for this week, and whichever one I choose, dictates the next two Chiefs predictions posts. There's two songs I want to use, and both apply, no matter which week, no matter said result on Sunday. (Which ... hell, spoil it early: Chiefs 29, raiders 13. This is the blowout we've been waiting 300 some odd days for ...)

But before I post my official thoughts tomorrow, I just want to record for history's sake the conversation that went down in the second game of bowling tonight:

(stevo) so, y'all coming Sunday?
(kellie) i think so! depends on how he feels though.
(stevo) (in shock) really? No. Really?
(kellie) we'll be there.
(stevo) you better be! We're united in hatred twice a year, godd*mmit!
(kellie) (offers high five!)
(stevo) (returns high five!)

So to all of you who bailed after week two, do yourself a favor. Look at the standings. Look at this week's schedule. Look at next week's schedule. And do the mother f*cking math. We're six hours of quality football away from playing for first place, with the eyes of the nation upon us. I'm gonna guess that other than myself and the (always) "Voice of Reason", NOBODY saw this coming ...

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Heath said...

I love the positivity Steve, and I'll be rooting along with you

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