Sunday, October 9, 2011

a brief moment of joy before the full recap

(10:20ish, this morning, at mass)
(stevo) (assumes his seat in the pew)
(stevo) (somehow remembers how to properly cross himself)
(stevo's mom) hey! (hugs all around.) what took you so long?
(stevo) i lit some candles!
(stevo's mom) (in a complete state of shock) oh. for who?
(stevo) well, for greg. and for my boss' husband.
(stevo's mom) (faking sincerity) aw, that's nice. and what's this?
(stevo's mom) (sees stevo's chiefs bracelet on his left arm)
(stevo) that was candle number three!
(stevo's mom) (apoplectic) really? you lit a candle for a football team? Really? For a 1 and 3 football team playing somewhere we have never won before?
(stevo) yes! (pauses in shock) your point?
(stevo's mom) i'm (pauses) i'm so damned proud of you! you are DEFINITELY my kid!
(stevo) (in shock) what?!?!
(stevo's mom) (stevo's mom fighting off tears) i KNEW you'd never give up on this team! (reaches for a hug)
(stevo) uuh, ok ...

OK, ok, so mom didn't fight off tears. But every other part of that intro, was absolute truth this morning at Mass. I not only showed up ... Mom signed off on me lighting a candle to save the season! And you know what?


And what else needs to be said? On a day when I actually attended Mass (because my cousin's daughter was being baptised, and "stevo's brother", aka Drew, you owe me BIG TIME for representing our part of the family ... on a day when I actually step foot in Church and said Church doesn't immediately blow up in flames and/or destruction ... you know what? Today feels DAMNED good!

OUR team trailed 17-0 when I left brunch. It was 24-7 when I headed towards The Deck to watch the second half. And as I texted DJ and Kellie at the Speedway when it was finally over:

"21 Straight! Chiefs rally! Chiefs win! SEASON! FUCKING! ON!"

Season fucking on. What more needs to be said. Well, lots needs to be, beginning tomorrow, not the least of which is the fact that I started Matt Cassel on my primary fantasy team today. I had faith. (OK, that's an abject lie -- I had nobody else to play.) But Matthew, take a long, deserved bow.

SEASON! FUCKING! ON!!!!! And you're god damned right I ain't editing "fucking" in that statement ...

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