Wednesday, October 12, 2011

why suck for luck pisses me off so much

My buddy Heath, a prolific writer in his own right when he actually posts, notes in his latest post that "we can't even do suck for luck right".

I'd argue we're doing it EXACTLY right.

I, for one, am glad as hell that the Chiefs didn't throw in the towel, didn't tank it like the Dolphins are doing (and the Colts are about to), all to chase a 50/50 proposition at best.

And yes, contrary to what every so-called expert analyst would have you believe, drafting a quarterback in the first round is a 50/50 guess, at best. For every Peyton Manning, you have a Ryan Leaf (top two picks in 1998). For every Donovan McNabb*, you get a Tim Couch, Akili Smith, and Cade McNown (all top 12 picks in 1999). For every Eli Manning, you get a Phyllis Rivers (top 4 picks in 2004). OK, that one worked out ok. But still, it's a 50/50 prop bet, at best.

(*: spare me the "Donovan was overrated" bullshit. Because that's what it is, bullshit. Is Donovan on the downside of his career? Sure. But, tell me Chiefs fans, would you take his 1999-2008 (7 playoff berths, 5 NFC Title Games, 1 Super Bowl) over ANYTHING we've had since 1969? I rest my case.)

You simply do NOT tank a season 1/8th of the way through, as the Suck for Luckers wanted us to do. Now, a moment of reason. Do I believe that my preseason prediction of the Chiefs finally breaking the proverbial glass ceiling and reaching the Super Bowl is going to occur? To be honest ... no. Too much to overcome, too many injuries. But, do I believe the team I've seen the last three weeks can win ten games, win a wildcard round game, and put the fear of God in New England or Baltimore in the divisional round? Yes, yes I do. And you know what? I'd take that at this point. And I'd take it every day, and twice on gameday, over tanking games for a 50/50 prop bet.

Any Chiefs fan who prefers losing for a 50/50 prop bet, over at least attempting to salvage the season, needs their head examined. Especially at this point of the season. Now, if the Chiefs lose their next two games? I'll join you in calling for Tankapalooza 2011. But if the Chiefs do what I expect them to do -- beat the raiders in oakland for a 9th time in 10 tries, and ride the emotion of the crowd to a Monday Night win over San Diego -- will you at least concede that, at 4-3, with winless Miami and god-awful denver on tap at home, this season isn't over yet?

I don't get you Suck for Luckers. I truly don't. I probably should, because you should be the mascot for the greater Kansas City region. You think we're inferior. You think we can't aspire to greatness. Better to get our ass whipped by the competition, rather than stand up and see how great we can be. But again, I don't get this defeatist mentality. I don't get this belief that the current team isn't good enough to at least make a run at a title. Crazier shit has happened -- see the 2008 Arizona "Super" Cardinals for God's sake if you need a reason to hope. Or, across the state, the 1999 Rams.

My favorite movie of all time is "Saturday Night Fever". (The next post on this site, actually, is going to be an explanation of why I love that movie so much, since my favorite TV critic posted a similar "why I love this movie so much" post this morning. Well, ok, it's one of the next two, I still have the week six awful prognostications to post too.) I've written and said this before, but it bears repeating I guess. I HATE the ending to "Fever". I HATE it. I don't mean "dislike", I mean "I chuck empty beer cans at the flat screen in rage" HATE the final scene. For just about any other movie, that final scene would convince me to never watch it again. And yet ... I forgive that movie it's final, completely unrealistic scene, because the first 144 minutes are that effing good.

In many regards, that's how I approach the Chiefs. We all know how the ending is going to be scripted, and it's going to result in shit flying at the wall and/or television screen. And yet, we're so emotionally invested in this team, that we forgive it, because the ride to get to the ending was that much fun.

You Suck for Luckers, in the words of our inept Vice President, "God Love Ya". Because I sure as hell don't. This season is NOT over! Not by a wide country mile. Until the Chiefs are kaput, officially, tanking the season should NEVER be a consideration. Not to any legitimate fan.

If you disagree with me, hit up the comments. You should -- I just called you illegitimate fans for Christ's sake. Which you are. Until and unless this season is mathematically finished, you ALWAYS play to win. I learned my lesson in that regard in 2006, when I wanted us to tank the last two games of the season. Maybe the Chiefs should have. But I'll tell you this -- I will NEVER forget a moment from December 31, 2006 as long as I live ... and have my mental faculties intact. Call it an accident, call it a fluke, I don't care. That day will ALWAYS be special to me. And I wouldn't trade those two wins, that kept us from picking in the teens instead of 21st, for anything.

Oh, and the 21st pick we wound up with, as a result of trying to win and (successfully) make the playoffs, instead of tank and try to get better draft position? Some kid named Dwayne Bowe. Sometimes, playing to win has its perks. God forbid you Suck for Luckers realize that ...

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