Monday, October 24, 2011

stevo rambles a bit ... and it might be a good thing ...

“Wash away my troubles, wash away my pain,
With the rain in Shambala.
Wash away my sorrows, wash away my shame,
With the rain in Shambala.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!”

-- “Shambala” by Three Dog Night.


(sawyer) “Are you nuts? You’re not gonna drive down that!”
(hurley) “I’m gonna jump-start it. You guys are gonna push it, and then on the way down, I’m gonna pop the clutch and get it started.”
(sawyer) “You see those rocks? All you’re gonna do is crash into those real fast – IF you don’t roll over first.”
(jin) “Hurley. No.”
(hurley) “Dudes. I know how to drive. Now come on, just push me. This will work, I know it.”
(sawyer) (looks at charlie) “Well what are you out here for? To watch him crash and burn?”
(charlie) (assesses the grim situation)
(charlie) “I’m going to ride shotgun.”

I’ve written before about my love of the show “Lost”. And why I loved it so much, well, there’s many reasons for that. What might surprise you … is that virtually NONE of my regular readers watched the show.

“The Voice of Reason” didn’t tune in. Between “The Crush” and me, we drug Dusty in for a season, but once Megan left for Germany*, Dusty was gonzo on the viewing experience. “The Ex” would stare at me with a “are you f*cking kidding me!?!?!?” look every week at bowling, when I’d bow out of staying late at the bar so that I could catch a new episode live.

(*: I cannot put into words how much I miss the “original Couch” grouping. I know some things in life are designed to be for a short period of time … but godd*mmit, I miss me, DJ, and “The Crush” on any given morning “lighting” said Couch, wherever it was, in for the day. Or afternoon. Or evening. I know, it’s a part of life long, long gone … but you can still miss it, at least in my book.)

But truth be told … there was a point in time when even I doubted the greatness of that show. And it was for most of the first half of season three.

Then came the 10th episode of that season, “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”. If you were a fan of the show, you get where I’m going with this … but since virtually everyone who regularly reads me has no clue what the hell the 10th episode of the 3rd season of a show they didn’t watch has to do with what we witnessed at the yesterday, let me explain.

Hurley … to be honest, is one of my least favorite characters of “Lost”. I know, I know, its sacrilege to not like the guy, and I did like him. But he never grew on me the way other characters did. Still, Hurley is the “lovable loser” on the show. The fat guy with the big heart. The guy who simply wanted to be liked, and did his damndest to make that happen.

He was the guy who everyone learned how NOT to live their life from, so to speak. He won the Lottery, over $150 million dollars … and nobody on the Island believed him. And that was fine by him, because his life had been one catastrophe after another since he hit the jackpot, culminating with Asian reporter Trisha Takanawa being killed at one of his restaurants as a meteor fell to earth. (You “Family Guy” fans will notice the name and think, “hey, isn’t that …” Yes. Yes it is. This was the “Lost” creators shout out to “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarland. It’s not the only time they do this – the techie fried in the season six classic “Happily Ever After” was named Simmons, after the Sports Guy.)

So now, with the Losties in shambles, their tribe splintering into warring factions, the “lovable loser”, the guy who looks like a homeless hobo, comes up with an ingenious idea to reunite everyone, and bring a little hope into a dark, dreary world. After stumbling upon an old VW van, Hurley decides it’s time to take a joyride.

And as you can tell from the scene, quoted and linked above, virtually everyone present thinks he’s lost his f*cking mind. Save for Charlie.

“I’m going to ride shotgun”.

I mention this, because Chiefs fans? We’ve seen the hill. We’ve seen the rocky cliff that awaits us at the bottom of it. We know the chances of salvaging an 0 and 3 start into something truly epic.

Chiefs fans? I’ve been riding shotgun. And all I’m asking is that, like Sawyer, Jin, and Vincent the Wonder Dog, that you hop in the back seat now that the freaking van is firing on all cylinders.

Normally, this is where I’d recap yesterday … but I have so much to say … I’m saving it for tomorrow. Until then …

“How does your light shine?
In the halls of Shambala? Tell me,
How does your light shine?
In the halls of Shambala …”

That ... and SEASON! EPICALLY! ON!!! Who'dve thunk I'd find an adjective that isn't profane to describe exactly where this team is at ...

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