Monday, August 13, 2012

fourteen days from tonight

To paraphrase (or, considering he's an expert at it), to plagarize Vice President Biden, "yes.  Yes, I accept your request to live blog the upcoming national conventions!"  (cue raucous crowd cheering!!!!!)

Look it, for the first time in 12 years, I know who I'm voting for entering the Conventions.  In 2000, I was strongly in Vice President Gore's corner, and I still consider his acceptance speech to be the strongest, most coherent defense of my liberal viewpoints I've ever heard.

But this current President?  Is so far off the capitalist reservation, that no person who believes in the idea of "an honest wage for an honest day's work" can back him, let alone vote for him.  Having said that?  The DNC is always more entertaining than the RNC.

So yes, I will be live blogging (at least) the first couple nights of the RNC, as well as the DNC a week later.  But like four and eight years ago, I'll probably end the live blog entering the last hour each night, so that I can watch the keynote speeches as they occur, and then post my reaction to said keynote speeches the following day.  I'll also probably employ the same approach as the last two election cycles, and have CSPAN on the primary feed, while rotating between the three major news networks on the second feed, and eventually settling on ABC for the final hour each night (because ABC is just about the last balanced news division left in this country).

So that's the plan two weeks from tonight.  Regardless of my feelings about this election (and I believe it is the most important in the history of the country), both Conventions deserve my smart ass, relatively biased coverage.  And you deserve to read it, and participate along if you so choose.

Until then, come on people -- "The Closer" finale starts in 2 minutes.  Stop reading this and watch the best first-run series on television's finest hour ...

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