Saturday, August 18, 2012

the original prior post

After sleeping on it, I deleted last night's post.

I stand behind what I typed.  I just think that it should have been said directly to the champ and the chica, and not sent second hand through a blog.  It is something I will be saying to their face Friday night, and they know it's coming, so in the words of The Cars, "let the good times roll".

(So you're saying this could be the tailgate of the decade?)  Quite possibly so.  Because after all, even a brutal murderer has the courtesy to remove the dagger from his victim's back and wipe the blade clean to try to get away with it.  The champ and the chica did it, with the knife, and I'm lying face down in the lounge as I type this*, with said knife still sticking out of my spine.

(*: today's random "Clue" reference.)

Coming later this weekend: my 2012 NFL season predictions.  I'm running the schedules this afternoon.  So far, only one divisional outcome has stunned me, and if you're a fan of the Tennessee Titans, that's a very good thing for you ...

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